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Guide to Love Dolls: The Benefits of a Blow-Up or Lifesize Sex Doll

If you happen to be unfamiliar with the idea, a love doll is simply a sex toy that comes with human-like features. They provide their male owners with the ability to have various sexual experiences that are very close to the real thing, usually featuring a realistic anus, mouth, breasts and vagina. A toy like this can have many uses and benefits that add some spice to your typical routine.

These lifesize love dolls can also be an ideal way for virgins or men who lack skill in the bedroom to practice their lovemaking techniques, and build up sexual confidence before finding a real woman.

Using a Sex Doll

Sex Doll

While most inflatable dolls are made for a more complex and pleasurable form of masturbation, they can also be incorporated into lovemaking sessions with a willing partner. It’s like adding a third person to the sexual feast (menage a trois) but without the typical fears and dangers associated with having another real person present.

The advancement in technology over the last few decades has caused adult play dolls to become so realistic in appearance and feel, that they can nearly take the place of a partner if a living one isn’t available. They allow you to fulfill any of your sexual fantasies like you would with a real woman, and feature many amazing textures and sensations to help you reach mind blowing orgasms.

They also can’t say NO, so the only limits to your kinky sexual exploits rest with your imagination. You can go places and do things that you’ve never done before. Get the blowjob of your dreams or even try anal sex for the first time. In fact, one website published a rather amusing report saying that 1 in 10 men who had their first sexual encounters with these amazing freak dolls, led to them getting an instant divorce!

Love Dolls Offer Variety

These sex dolls can be found in a wide range of styles that offer a variety of interactions and pleasures. You can buy dolls that only contain certain portions of the human body, or it can be a full scale figure with detailed features. You could get the standard blow-up doll, or get one with life-like skin. Get small or large breasts that are soft and supple with nipples that you can fondle, suck, tease, and torture.

You can even find a wide variety of textures for their holes, with a real pussy feel. They can even come with accessories, like: vibrating aids, bondage gear, outfits, and lubricants. They can have various ranges of motion that let you put them in all the positions you’ve ever wanted to try.

Practicing Your Sexual Technique

While sex dolls are great, they shouldn’t pull you completely away from sex with a real woman. However, they can give you a way to improve your love-making techniques with your partner. If you have any problems with premature ejaculation you can use the realistic features of the doll to train yourself to last longer and build up your sexual stamina. You can also test out any complicated positions you’d like to attempt without feeling the pressures of failure. Without these anxieties to hold you back, you can gain more knowledge that will greatly benefit your sex life.

Love Doll Prices and Materials

The price of a love doll will depend on it’s size and the features it includes. The cheapest dolls are made from vinyl, will need to be inflated before use, and won’t feel as realistic to the touch. The high quality and expensive sex dolls are made from silicone or latex, which provides texture that is very similar to human skin. You can actually spend anywhere from $50-$5000 depending on your needs, preferences, and budget. You can even have them hand crafted to resemble anything from your fantasies, just remember not to go overboard here.

Love dolls can provide a lot of benefits to your sex life. They can let you fulfill your greatest fantasies, provide amazing sensation that assist you in masturbation, and they can even be used as a tool to improve your technique with your real-life sex partner.

2 Responses to “ Guide to Love Dolls: The Benefits of a Blow-Up or Lifesize Sex Doll ”

Phillip says:

Nah, so not for me. Nothing can possibly beat sex with a real woman who responds, moans and pants when you do certain special things to her. A love doll could, I suppose, be useful for stamina training or interesting masturbation fantasies, but I can’t imagine how it could replace a real partner. They may not complain, but they can’t compliment you – or beg for more – either.

Cabby4 says:

Even at $5000, it seems like a quality sex doll would still cost less than a woman in the long term. lol I gotta admit I’ve looked into these and it is amazing the variety and realism you can get. It’s definitely not all about those blow up blondies with the red O for a mouth you see in comedy movies and at bachelor parties.


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