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Males and Masturbation Frequency: Effects of Masturbating too Much

How much is too much? and when does masturbation become a problem? These are just some of the questions that people would like the answers too, and this article will attempt to answer some of them. Something as private as masturbation is never going to gain very accurate results in a study. It’s taboo nature prevents many from admitting to the details, but there have been some surveys conducted that have shown some interesting results.


* Teenagers that have recently started going through puberty are likely to masturbate the most. At this particular time, boys are just becoming aware of their sexualities. It’s during this time that they begin genital experimentation and discover a satisfaction that they’ve never known before.

* Once teens reach late adolescence they’ve become accustomed to their bodies and don’t feel urges as strongly as before. This can sometimes result in a decline in the rate of their masturbation activities.

* While influences of such sources are really dependent on the individual, boys who are exposed to pornographic or sexually suggestive media will continue to masturbate at a fairly high rate throughout adolescence.

* Boys who are dealing with the effects of a first love also have a high rate of masturbation. This is said to be due to the new, and extreme feelings of infatuation. The rate is actually higher if they’ve begun dating.

* Boys and men who tend to be more introverted masturbate more often than those that lead more extroverted lives.

* The urge to masturbate can often be increased with the use of addictive substances, like: drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

* Men who are single naturally masturbate more, as it’s the sole means of dealing with sexual urges.

* For those men who are married or dating, masturbation can become non-existent, as their partner becomes their main sexual focus. However, if the male has a high sex drive, this can cause masturbation to continue when spending time away from their partners.

Factors that Influence Frequency

All of the presumed statics above show changes in frequency based on various outside factors, such as:

Hormone levels – Men and boys who display higher levels of testosterone will experience much stronger sexual urges, which could lead to higher than average masturbation rates.

* Lifestyle and Upbringing – Boys who live introverted and/or pampered lifestyles will generally masturbate more often than others. Spending more time at home forces them to look for more sources of entertainment locally. This leads to a higher awareness of their body and their own sexuality. Having a circle of friends, even if none are female, can sometimes reduce this rate greatly, or conversely increase the rate if bisexuality is explored.

* Society – Masturbation rates are higher in societies that consider any sexual activity taboo. In conservative areas, boys may be given any sort of information about sex and will experiment more often to learn things on their own. Men who have grown up in these societies are also less likely to admit to their activities.

* Arousal – Boys who become aroused more often will also masturbate at higher frequencies. This may also be related to spending more time alone, which gives them more opportunities to browse pornographic material online.

Effects of Over Masturbation

There are actually no negative biological side effects to masturbating too frequently. Sperm that’s released during these activities would just be expelled during nocturnal emission or urination. Common myths suggest that excessive masturbation can lower stamina, however it may actually do the opposite. Men who masturbate more often, usually have less sexual frustration and find they’re able to last longer during sexual intercourse as a consequence of building up their stamina levels.

While there are no biological issues with masturbating too much, there can be some negative issues psychologically. Masturbation can be highly addictive, and can interfere with other parts of a woman or man’s life. In some cases it can lead to social withdrawal, to the point where the individual only finds solace in their own company, and avoids social contact with others. Energy levels can also be depleted through excessive masturbation habits, leading to feelings of apathy and a loss of enthusiasm for other activities or finding a mate.

A person who is addicted to masturbation will often display these characteristics:

* Spends a considerable amount of time locked in a bedroom or bathroom.
* Refuses to go out with friends and family much of the time.
* Has a short attention span or frequently appears dazed during social interaction.
* Seems fixated on topics related to sex.
* Maintains a large collection of pornographic materials.
* Adjusts crotch often or has to have a hand near the genital region all the time.

Just like any other form of addiction, counseling will be necessary for successful treatment of the condition.  Over masturbation can only be controlled or lessened by a significant change in lifestyle. Men or boys with this addiction will need to discover and practice other activities that they find enjoyable, like sports.

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Gilley says:

My partner has had a problem with masturbating too much to online porn for several years now. So I decided to finally do some research to see if there was anything I could do to help him. Luckily for me though he has a strong sex drive, so regardless of how often he masturbates, he still likes having sex. But he just spends too much time at his pc watching porn, and I feel its time we addressed this. Thanks for the useful information.


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