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Does Jelqing Work? Does Size Matter? Clamping For Girth – Your Penis FAQ’s

Penis enlargement is one of the most widely discussed, debated and divisive topics on the internet. There’s an overabundance of data floating around online. Conflicting and confusing and potentially dangerous to beginners looking for that easy fix. The problem with too much information, is that the average guy doesn’t know how to filter out the good information from the bad. This list of frequently asked questions about penis enlargement will place you on the right track.

Question # 1 – What is the Average Penis Size?

That’s a tricky one to answer, because there are various factors to be taken into account. The most authentic survey ever taken on sizes was the one conducted by LifeStyle Condoms. They arrived at the conclusion that the average length is 5.9 inches with a deviation of 0.8 inches and the average girth is 5 inches with a deviation of 0.5 inches.

Question # 2 – Does Size Really Matter?

Yes and no. If you’ve got hangups about your size, then it could likely interfere with your sexual performance and enjoyment. Sexual intercourse isn’t about your ego, how big and macho you are. Ideally its about giving your partner pleasure and enjoying what you have. Admittedly the more you have, to a certain point, the more your partner can feel you. And that’s not a bad thing.

However, do bare in mind that the female vagina has sensitive nerve endings only at the outer four inches. Hence, even a moderately sized male organ will also provide pleasure, arousal and stimulation. If it is longer, the vagina can expand to accommodate it. But any man with above 4 inches, when leveraging the power of mutually rewarding sexual positions, can experience mucho pleasure.

Question # 3 – Instant Expansion?

Clamp it and Thicken it With a Made to Measure Cock Ring!

Lots of men get hung up on length when it comes to enlargement. And although a long penis may look impressive, girth is arguably more important for satisfying women. Now if you don’t possess a girthy penis and your circumference is a bit on the slim side, here’s a good little tip for thickening your member within minutes. Buy a cock ring that fits at the ‘base’ of your shaft, not the type that goes around the whole package like most conventional cock rings. And within 5-30 minutes of stimulation you’ll be able to expand that puppy by 1/2 inch or more.

You may need to experiment with different size rings to find one that’s just right for you. With time and patience you’ll be able to make your penis thicker permanently through this process, a process known as penile clamping. And contrary to popular belief you don’t need an actual ratcheting type clamp to get the job done. We’ll cover this topic more fully in another article.

Question # 4 – Is it Really Possible to Increase Your size?

Yes, but not all methods are created equally. For this, one must be aware of the biology. The major bulk of the penis is made of two chambers of spongy tissue called the corpora cavernosa and smooth muscle. When these tissues are empty, we say it is flaccid. But when the man is aroused, these tissues get filled with blood. This leads to the erection of the male organ.

In some men, the corpora cavernosa doesn’t fill with blood completely, as some of the tissues may be inaccessible to the blood supply. Hence weak erections and trouble maintaining erections.

Enlargement methods like exercise consistently engorge and over fill these tissues more fully with blood, leading to permanently longer and thicker erections. Certain methods like penile exercises work on stretching the ligaments and pulling out some of the hidden inner penis.

Question # 5 – What Methods are Available for Increasing Your Manhood?

The following methods are widely advertised on the internet for enlargement:-

* Penis Exercises like stretching, clamping and jelqing
* Vacuum pumps
* Penis extenders
* Enlargement pills, creams and other supplements
* Enlargement surgery.

Question # 6 – What is Jelqing? Does it Really Work? Where do I Obtain Information?

Jelqing, sometimes spelt ‘Jelquing’ is a supposed Arabic practice to enlarge penile length as well as girth. In jelqing, the thumb and the forefinger are curved to form a ring, which is placed over the shaft. Holding there firmly, the ring is then moved gradually towards its glans. This is done for several times a week usually as one part of your overall enlargement routine. Some sites suggest it to be done for 5 minutes, whilst others recommend 15, 30 and so on.

There is no specific time that will necessarily produce better or quicker results. What is important though, is starting your jelqing routine slowly and gradually building up intensity. Our members area guides you every step of the way to getting the penis size YOU want.

Question # 7 – What are Vacuum Pumps? Are They Safe?

Enlargement pumps are cylindrical pumps to be placed right over the male organ. These work by creating suction. The pressure they provide causes it to become erect and draws blood into it. Due to the pressure, more blood can enter it than normal, resulting in a better erection.

Many experts advise against the use of enlargement pumps. The harm is in the pressure it creates. If the pressure is too high, it may draw excessive blood into the corpora cavernosa, which could cause some of the tissues to tear and rupture.

Short term impotence is another risk, along with the penis becoming too soft and mushy as a result of over pumping and being filled with too much lymphatic fluid. Also, the pump cylinder sits at the base around the ligaments of the groin area creating a lot of pressure. This could cause desensitization and other injuries in the male genital area. If using an enlargement pump, do so with proper regard to its instruction manual.

Question # 8 – What About Herbal Supplements?

We understand its important for us to be impartial. But honestly, you would be better of doing a good deed by handing over your hard earned money to charity, or a homeless person. No pill can make your penis permanently bigger. These unscrupulous snake oil merchants prey on naivety.

Penile supplements contain some of the same ingredients that breast enlargement products do. They increase the levels of hormones – especially testosterone – into the penile area. Some of them work by allowing more blood to enter into the male organ.

Increasing the hormonal levels in the body can sometimes be a troublesome affair. Since the hormones in the body are in a fixed amount, the increase of one hormone’s activity may cause a decrease in the activity of another hormone. Hence, one should be wary taking these kind of supplements. Pills can certainly offer support for libido enhancement and stronger erections, but look elsewhere for enlargement.

Also some of the herbs found in many of these enlargement type products contain things like Yohimbe. A potentially dangerous product if not taken under medical supervision. The bottom line is these pills won’t make you permanently bigger, just give you a harder, fuller erection.

Question # 9 – Is Penile Surgery Effective?

Enlargement surgery can be an effective method, provided it is done at the hands of an experienced surgeon. Many happy customers exist who paid big bucks for girth enhancement or penile lengthening. Likewise, many starry eyed customers dreaming of extra inches have had their lives ruined by botched surgery.

Surgeons cut the ligaments of the penis so that it appears to hang lower. However, some men have commented that the effects of penile lengthening surgery are more observed in the flaccid state.

Enlargement surgery is very expensive for most men, and like all surgical procedures it comes with a plethora of risks which need to be weighed against the rewards.

If its carried out by an incompetent surgeon, your organ could become infected or distorted in shape, and that could be a more problematic psychological issue for you to deal with than your size. So spend time doing your homework before opting for any surgical procedure.

Manual Ligament Stretching Exercises To Lengthen and Grow Your Penis

Penis enlarging exercises involve a series of stretches that will allow the flaccid and erect penis to grow in size. This natural form of enlargement has been practiced for years by men from all corners of the globe with good results, when performed correctly.

How Do Enlargement Exercises Work?

The penis is mostly composed of a spongy tissue that completely surrounds the urethra, this is known as the Corpora cavernosa. While flaccid the spaces within this tissue are empty, causing it to feel soft and hang downward. Once you become aroused, the corpora cavernosa fills up with blood to create an erection. This causes the penis to grow in size and become hard and stiff to commence with penetrative sex.

The size of an erection varies greatly from man to man. For some, the tissues of the penis will expand up to four times there normal size; increasing length and girth. Of course, other men may not be so lucky, and their erections don’t appear much larger than in their flaccid state.

There can also be discrepancies in the amount of time the penis remains erect, and some may face issues of not becoming erect when aroused. All of these issues can be addressed by using a good penis exercise program, and following a carefully executed routine of daily exercises.

These exercises aim to increase size and erection strength by stretching the spongy tissues that make up the corpora cavernosa. This allows it to accommodate more blood during erection; increasing the length, girth and strength. Many exercises have been devised that increase the size of the penis. Most work with the corpora cavernosa, by stretching the spaces within these tissues, allowing them to hold more blood.

Over time, the repetitive nature of these stretches and girth type massages can show fantastic results. This is especially welcome news for those men with small penises who don’t have the money to pay for expensive and risky penile enlargement surgery. Being better endowed in the penis size department, means many men finally have the chance to overcome their life-long issues of penile inadequacy and fears of rejection.

Knowing you measure up helps to instill an unshakeable level of confidence in any sexual situation. Before we get started on the actual exercise instructions, let’s briefly go over some basic penis enlargement terminology:

Jelqing – This is a technique based on applying consistent pressure in the penis. This involves wrapping the hand around the base of the penis and pulling it forward slowly, with a steady rhythm, while maintaining a sturdy grip. Most penis enlargement routines are based around this technique, which is said to originate from the Middle East.

Squeezing – This of course is referring to the amount of pressure applied while doing the exercise. This action holds the blood within the corpora cavernosa, and forces it to push on the walls. If done consistently, it can actually open up and stretch these open spaces within the tissues. It should be noted that the pressure should be sturdy and consistent, but shouldn’t cause pain.

Stretching – This involves pulling on the penis in different directions to fatigue and lengthen the ligaments and other connective tissues. Jelqing and squeezing the penis primarily targets girth or circumference. Stretching on the other hand focuses mainly on penile length. Depending on what your goals are, you may do more of one exercise than the other to help achieve your desired goal.

Popular Exercises For Getting a Bigger Penis

Here are four of the most common exercises performed to enlarge the penis:

One-handed jelqing

The first step is to massage the penis until it reaches a semi-erect state. Then take the right hand and form the “ok” symbol, or a circle, with the thumb and index finger. Now wrap your hand around the base of the penis in this way. Hold firmly, give just a bit of a squeeze, and start pushing your right hand forward slowly. When you reach the glans at the head of the penis, hold for around 5 seconds and let go. Repeat these movements with the same hand and do this motion for about 20 reps each day.

Two-handed Jelqing

This exercise is performed just like the exercise above, though the left hand is used as well. This means once you’ve done your first rep just mirror the movements with your left hand. Then, repeat this in a steady motion for the same amount of reps. This exercise can be much more effective since ample pressure is applied to both sides of the penis equally.

Circular Jelqing

For this exercise, follow the steps of two-handed jelqing. When you pull forward, also begin pulling the penis upward until it is parallel with the stomach. Rotate the head of the penis gradually in a clockwise motion. Once that is complete, rotate counterclockwise, hold, and release. Do it for 20 reps again. This technique pushes the blood through many different areas throughout the corpora cavernosa that might not be accessible through normal means.

Squeeze Jelq

This exercise is a lot more simple than it sounds. Basically, just do a one-handed jelq and then squeeze firmly when you reach the head. Remember that this should not be done in a manner that causes pain. Forcing more blood into the head of your penis will stretch the tissues that encourage additional length.

Things to Remember:

Penis enlargement exercises seek to augment the erectile tissues and ligaments of the penis, and can in some cases cause injuries if performed incorrectly.

The average erect penis size for men is between 6-7 inches. Genetics and even lifestyle can have an effect on determining penis size whilst going through puberty. However, pleasuring your partner isn’t all about the size of your penis. Good sex is also about good technique and knowing the preferences that are specific to your partner’s needs. In fact, it’s even possible for someone with a large penis to not please their partners if they aren’t paying attention to these things. So, stay safe and consider your goals before starting your enlargement workout routine.

If you’re interested in fast tracking your progress and maximizing your results with penis exercises, join our online program today, and gain complete access to the latest penis enlargement videos and step by step tutorials.

How To Get a Bigger ‘Mushroom’ Penis Head

Two heads are better than one, isn’t this true? Men have a second smaller head, and in reality it’s just the “tip” of the penis, or the glans as it’s called in anatomical terminology. The rest of the penis consists of 3 chambers – two corpora cavernosa on top, and one corpus spongiosum which runs along the bottom length of the center of the penis.

The corpus spongiosum is designed to support the urethra during erection.  However, the corpus spongiosum is also the key to getting a bigger “head” as this is the chamber of the penis which is directly connected to the glans.

If you feel your glans is a little on the small side, it’s possible to make the little head bigger with some simple penis enlargement exercises. The most basic ones target the corpus spongiosum. Also, many exercises typically involve forcing blood into the area that you want enlarged. This will be no different.

After starting with a proper warmup, get the penis to a partially-erect state. Do not attempt this with a full erection. Make an “OK” sign grip with your hand at the base of the penis shaft, then perform a kegel while spending approximately 4 seconds forcing the blood up to the head with your grip.

Once you reach the base of the head, hold the grip there for about 10 seconds. Afterward, release your grip, then repeat the entire procedure with the other hand.

Another variation focuses on just the corpus spongiosum. Take your thumb and forefinger with gentle pressure along the bottom-side of the penis. Add a finger above the forefinger which is resting on the corpus spongiosum area, then add another, and another.

Eventually your fingers will reach the base of the glans. The point of this is to force blood into the glans like toothpaste out of a bottle.

As with any penis enlargement routine, you should always warmup and cool down afterward. This promotes healing and prevents injury. In no time, you will have a penis with an impressive fat mushroom head to impress the ladies with. Join today, and gain access to our advanced exercises  for growing your penis head bigger.

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