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How to Make A Homemade Penis Weight Hanging Device

Weight hanging devices work to lengthen your penis, and they can be made at home fairly easily using materials found around the house. This DIY approach spares you the embarrassment of buying one of these devices in a shop or online. After all, not many guys would want their partners finding their little secret out when the next bank statement arrives.

The main benefit however to building your own homemade device, is that it can save you lots of money. The downside to making your own is that it may not work as well as a shop bought one, or be capable of using very heavy weight. It’s all about experimenting and finding the right kind of hanging system that works best for you.

pile of iron weights ready to be used for a homemade penis weight hanger

When choosing weights as your preferred method for lengthening your penis, there are important things to remember, namely, safety. Do not attempt to hang anything from an erect or semi-erect penis, as you can risk doing significant damage. A small functional penis is much better than a large dysfunctional penis.

To build your own handcrafted device, you’ll need the following items: A clean cotton sock, two lengths of twine measuring at least three feet each in length (shoelaces will do), and some small weightlifting disks, preferably something you know the weight off. Large (sealed) water bottles or containers can be used to function with your homemade hanger. The trick is to fill and weigh it first.

You can use almost anything to achieve the desired weight, providing its small enough to manage between your legs, and light enough not to create too much strain on your penis, especially if you’re a novice that’s never hung before.

Fold the sock over itself until you have an adequate, thick layer of padding and protection, and then place your penis inside the open end of the sock. Next, secure the sock to your penis with the twine, and tie it off fairly tight so that is is able to stay in place on your penis once the weight has been added. In case of emergency, the knot you tie should ideally be some kind of quick release knot that can be undone with speed.

With the other length of twine, you can tie one end to the empty sock and the other end to the weighted object. For beginners, the weight should be hung directly between the legs and at a distance from the ground that feels comfortable. Once your penis becomes stronger and more conditioned, you can experiment stressing different parts of the ligaments by varying the hanging angles.

You should never hang anything without first knowing the weight. The idea is to increase the weight gradually, giving your penis time to grow accustomed to the load. More weight can be added over the following days, weeks and months, stressing the cells within the ligaments to grow longer.

To avoid any type of injury, beginners should avoid hanging weight that exceeds 5 pounds. Whether your hanger can comfortably lift this much or not is immaterial. Your penis has never been exposed to this kind of stress before, which means caution should always prevail over enthusiasm. Failure to observe these basic common sense rules, means you’ll need to work on your story for that pretty nurse when you visit the hospital, should anything go wrong.

It’s foolhardy to believe that as tough as your sexual organ is, it cannot be damaged by hanging too much weight, too early. Always be mindful of numbness and pain; if you feel numb, or sense sharp pains in any way, it is a sign that you are probably hanging too much weight. Inspect your penis regularly for any discoloration. If you see your penis turning red, purple or black, then that’s a good indication that you’ve overdone it. Remove the hanger immediately and cover your penis with a warm cloth or water to restore the blood supply.

It’s also important to remember not to hang your weights for more than 10-15 minutes per set. This can however vary, and depends largely on your level of experience and type of device you use. Vacuum style hanging equipment can often be worn for much longer periods of 30-60 minutes, without the penis being constricted and starved of a fresh oxygenated blood supply.

Always remember to massage your penis after a workout, as this helps to speed recovery time and prepares your penis for the next session. The DreamPenisGuide contains all the information and instructions you need, for building a range of simple and effective home made hanger devices, saving you lots of money. If hanging isn’t right for you, then you can gain full access to our complete penis training program instead.

The Penis Extension Sleeve Device

Penis extension sleeves can be a useful accessory for those smaller endowed men, who wish to go deeper and offer more stimulation for their partner. These extension sleeves are not only safe and durable, they’re also designed to be a comfortable fit when worn over your penis.

3 inch silicone penis extension sleeve for added length

If your partner has ever been curious about how it would feel to have a longer, thicker penis, give one a try.

Penis Extension Benefits

One of the main benefits for using a penis extension, is the simple way of adding extra length and girth to your penis. Plus, unlike a hand held device such as a vibrator, you’re a part of the action. With a good fitting sleeve, it can become a part of you – an extension.

Extension sleeves come in all different shapes and sizes to suit all tastes. You can easily add inches to your current penis size, by increasing either the length or thickness to suit you and your partners mood.

Safe and Natural

Whether your sleeve is made from cyberskin latex or from materials found in the home, these sleeves are all 100% safe and natural to use. You can relax knowing your sex toy won’t cause unwanted side effects, or unleash nasty toxins into your blood stream. The only side effect you’ll likely experience, is one of discomfort from a cheap poorly fitting sleeve.

If you’re unhappy with the size of your penis, or maybe you just want a little extra to please your lover, then these penile extension devices can be a fun way to give your sex life a bit of spice.

Ball Zinger (Ring of Power) – What You Need to Know

The ball zinger or ring of power (rop) as its commonly known, is a device made for stimulating the penis and testicles through electrical current.

These homemade sexual enhancement gadgets for men, are based on the well known Blakoe ring device. A product which was invented and marketed sometime back in the 1930’s – 1950’s, as a sexual energizer and Impotence cure for men. The zingers background claims it has the power to increase a man’s testosterone levels, strengthen his erections, and produce more powerful orgasms.

The idea of passing any form of electrical current over your reproductive organs may sound odd, and rather worrying to many guys. But, according to many forums, this is just what lots of men have been doing in the privacy of their homes for many years, and with good success too.

It’s claimed that just a small amount of electrical current can work wonders for a man’s virility:

* Increases the strength, hardness and frequency of your erections

* Increases fertility, sperm count and low testosterone levels

* Improves your sex drive (libido)

* Enhances your overall sexual health and performance

* Bigger and more forceful ejaculations

* Heavier and lower hanging flaccid penis

* More energy and improved physical well being

The ball zinger is comprised of two metal rods; zinc and copper, and usually connected by a small length of latex hosing. These rods when combined with moisture (sweat) produce small amounts of electrical current which is passed through the testicles, prompting the testicles to work to produce more testosterone.

The ball zinger can be worn either during the day or at night (or both), depending on the individuals needs. It’s said the more consistently you use it, the more you will notice its positive effects on your body.

Ball zinger users say that once you begin wearing it for a day or two, you will completely forget about it. It is small and discreet, and cannot be seen under clothing, so your secret remains safe. This is especially important for those men who are looking to use stealth tactics to increase their sexual potency and testosterone.

The ROP its said, can also double up as a cock ring for those intimate encounters, helping you to maintain firmer erections. Most ball zingers are made to be adjustable, and the tubes stay in place with a dab of glue, so that no matter how active you are they don’t fall off.

Our sexual enhancement program for men, gives you full instructions on how to make a homemade ball zinger device.

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