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How Edging Works For Building Sexual Stamina and Explosive Orgasms

For any man looking for a natural way to have stronger orgasms and more control with his partner, the edging technique is one of the easiest and most reliable methods available.

This process has been used for years by millions of men in order to increase stamina and even gain length in their penis, without running up costly bills or facing invasive and painful surgical procedures.

Edging is a simple concept that men can utilize in the privacy of their homes, without a visit to a specialist and with no special equipment required.  The fundamental idea behind it is for the participant to manually stimulate the penis to an erection and then bring himself to the edge of an orgasm before stopping himself from ejaculating.

Repeating this exercise on a daily basis for periods of up to a half an hour results in an increased store of testosterone and other sex hormones that are expelled every time a man ejaculates.

At the same time, this practice helps to develop the man’s mental ability to control his own orgasm, ultimately giving him the power to achieve a longer-lasting, stronger climax when he wants it.

Most who advise this technique suggest that when practicing the edging method, men should only allow themselves to ejaculate every 5-7 days, giving the sex hormones a chance to build up in their system.

All this repeated stretching, bulging and self-denial of release can eventually also lead to a bigger penis, a nice side benefit that will surely help any man’s sex life. While the only real commitment to this process is time and self-control, both of these factors are crucial to the success of the edging method.

Practicing these exercises on an inconsistent basis or allowing oneself to orgasm regularly will likely yield nothing more than a small improvement, if that.  Meanwhile, with just a few weeks of dedication to this process, many men see marked increases in their libido, stamina and size.

Every man is different and it’s difficult to quantify how much of an improvement anyone can expect to see by putting the edging method to use. Results can vary based on a wide spectrum of factors, from poor nutrition to a chronically low production of sex hormones.  But with patience and the understanding that this technique is as much of a mental exercise as a physical one, it’s possible for almost anyone to have orgasms that are stronger and more powerful.

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