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Ball Zinger (Ring of Power) – What You Need to Know

The ball zinger or ring of power (rop) as its commonly known, is a device made for stimulating the penis and testicles through electrical current.

These homemade sexual enhancement gadgets for men, are based on the well known Blakoe ring device. A product which was invented and marketed sometime back in the 1930’s – 1950’s, as a sexual energizer and Impotence cure for men. The zingers background claims it has the power to increase a man’s testosterone levels, strengthen his erections, and produce more powerful orgasms.

The idea of passing any form of electrical current over your reproductive organs may sound odd, and rather worrying to many guys. But, according to many forums, this is just what lots of men have been doing in the privacy of their homes for many years, and with good success too.

It’s claimed that just a small amount of electrical current can work wonders for a man’s virility:


* Increases the strength, hardness and frequency of your erections

* Increases fertility, sperm count and low testosterone levels

* Improves your sex drive (libido)

* Enhances your overall sexual health and performance

* Bigger and more forceful ejaculations

* Heavier and lower hanging flaccid penis

* More energy and improved physical well being

The ball zinger is comprised of two metal rods; zinc and copper, and usually connected by a small length of latex hosing. These rods when combined with moisture (sweat) produce small amounts of electrical current which is passed through the testicles, prompting the testicles to work to produce more testosterone.

The ball zinger can be worn either during the day or at night (or both), depending on the individuals needs. It’s said the more consistently you use it, the more you will notice its positive effects on your body.

Ball zinger users say that once you begin wearing it for a day or two, you will completely forget about it. It is small and discreet, and cannot be seen under clothing, so your secret remains safe. This is especially important for those men who are looking to use stealth tactics to increase their sexual potency and testosterone.

The ROP its said, can also double up as a cock ring for those intimate encounters, helping you to maintain firmer erections. Most ball zingers are made to be adjustable, and the tubes stay in place with a dab of glue, so that no matter how active you are they don’t fall off.

Our sexual enhancement program for men, gives you full instructions on how to make a homemade ball zinger device.

10 Responses to “ Ball Zinger (Ring of Power) – What You Need to Know ”

Morris Reisinger says:

I believe this site contains very superb written content for those guys interested in maximizing their sexual well being! Listen, I built my own ball zinger just the other day, and already I’m sure that I’m shooting bigger semen loads and shooting further too, whoohoo! But only time will tell if this is for real, or all in my imagination! Hey another thing was that I woke up the other morning with an excruciatingly hard erection, something that hasn’t happened for years, so maybe this is further evidence these rings of power work! Let the good times roll!!

Ball Zinger dude says:

I’ve been searching for a guide to help me make my own homemade ball Zinger (Ring of Power) for some time now, so am delighted I found this informative tutorial.

JJ Giffords says:

I can definitely confirm that these rings of power work. I’ve built a few now which are similar in design to the ones in the dreampenisguide members area, and they’ve all increased my semen volume. Just stick with their guide and use the other tips they give you, and you’ll be cumming like peter north in no time.

Mr Zinger says:

I built one of these ball zingers using info from your members website, and thus far my ejaculations have nearly doubled in volume. Thanks

Sammy says:

After wearing my homemade zinger for a few months and then doing some penis exercises and kegels, my orgasms and load size has more or less doubled in intensity and volume! Plus at 53 my once jaded libido has been ratcheted up a few notches. It’s worth giving these ideas a try if you’re in your 40’s or 50’s and not enjoying sex like you used too.

Joy says:

My hubby brought a Blakoe ring back in the early 90’s after we saw them being advertised at our local doctors surgery for fertility problems. It seemed to work on and off with varying degrees of success, both for improving his sperm count and other sexual issues. But we both felt that he still needed ‘something’ more.

He joined your penis enlargement site in late 2014 and started doing the exercises every evening and then built a homemade ring of power using the instructions in your members area. He found that after hooking it up to a voltage meter it delivered a much stronger current than the original blakoe ring did. And although he has only been wearing it now for 3 weeks, the results when combined with these enlargement exercises have been nothing short of amazing.

My hubby keeps a journal for tracking and updating his size stats once a month, and since he started his training in November he’s added just a hair over 1 and a half inches to the erect length of his penis and about half inch to the thickness. The difference in size from his old 6 and a half inch penis to his now 8 inch thick penis is truly eye watering to say the least. So for anyone who thinks that 1 inch doesn’t make much of a difference I can assure you that you’ll be most surprised!

M. Contessa says:

I’m sure most men interested in male enhancement issues would agree that this is what you call good solid content. It’s direct and also right to the point. A lot of other natural enhancement sites go on and on about essentially nothing, but this specific posting on the ball zinger is incredibly interesting. I had no idea that such a method to increase testosterone and sperm production actually existed.

Captain Jack says:

From the number of responses, this is definitely a very involved subject on ball zingers. Every time I return to this post there’s an interesting visitor post better than many of the earlier ones. The reason behind my returns is that I’ve been experimenting with my own ball zinger device, so naturally I’m interested in hearing about other peoples experiences.

So far I’ve seen a fairly big increase in both the firmness and frequency of my morning erections and my flaccid hang. Now whether its my new DIY zinger to thank or these exercises for the penis I started doing last week, I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m witnessing promising signs of life down below again.

I haven’t smiled this much since I was in my 40’s and I’m now in my 70’s.

Wolfe says:

Can feel a slight tingling already with my ball zinger and my balls and cock chubbed up immediately, though I am pretty sure that’s just the effect of having something around. It’s a Nice comfortable fit either way.

I will update in a couple days with the results as I plan on wearing it constantly for a few days so as to gauge a proper assessment.

Sexual Enhancement Gadget Man says:

This is simply the best sexual enhancement information I’ve happened on today. It’s not exactly what I was looking for, but it certainly got my attention. Now i’m glad I took the time to look it over, as I’m going to build my own homemade blakoe ball zinger ring!

I’ve built some pretty interesting sexual enhancement gadgets in the past which still give my wife and I lots of pleasure. I’ve heard about and used cock rings before to help strengthen my erections, but I never had any clue these fertility rings existed.

Sounds a bit too good to be true, wearing something that will give you bigger and more powerful ejaculations, boost your sex drive and give you a heavier lower hanging penis. Either way, I shall make one and see for myself whether it really works!


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