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Jonah Falcon – The Man With the World’s Largest Penis

His name is Jonah Adam Falcon (born July 29, 1970) and he has what most men can only dream of having. He has the world’s largest “recorded” penis, not just the longest, but also one of the thickest. Note: This obviously doesn’t take into account the billions of men who haven’t been officially measured and documented.

Rolling Stone magazine ran a feature story on him in June 2003, measuring Jonah Falcon’s penis at 9.5 inches (24 cm) in length when flaccid and 13.5 inches (34 cm) in length when fully erect. His penis was a staggering 8 inches in length when he was only 10 years old.


Jonah also appeared on a Channel 4 documentary called “The World’s Biggest Penis.” in 2006. Where he spoke candidly about his life growing up and living with his huge record breaking penis.

By comparison, the average size of an adult males erect penis is about 6 inches. Now most men would kill to pack that type of weapon, but Falcon says that it has been both a “blessing and a curse” to have the biggest penis in the world.

The prospect of seeing something that large fascinates people.  Falcon gets numerous requests from people that he has to ignore. As an actor, he worries about losing roles because of his “gift” and the attention that it brings. On July 9, 2012, Falcon was stopped in a San Francisco airport, due to the large bulge in his trousers. “Due to my size, It’s very difficult to conceal” Jonah says.

For some of these men who are blessed or (cursed) with phallic dimensions that boggle the brain, problems can and do frequently arise in the bedroom department.  So much so that large penis support groups exist online. These websites offer guidance and support for men with horse size appendages measuring 10, 11, 12+ inches. Twice as large in length and thickness as the average guys penis.

Now while these penis sizes may sound desirable to some men who yearn to be bigger, the sheer bulk of these sex organs can pose big challenges for their owners. Namely, the basic human need to procreate and give pleasure to the one you love.

The female vagina can expand to accommodate almost any length and width of penis, within reason. However, some opinion polls and sexual health survey’s have shown that women can begin to experience sexual discomfort with penises measuring over 9 inches in length. It’s not necessarily the girth of a penis that can cause discomfort, but more often its the length of a man’s penis.

While it may be true that women may prefer a slightly larger penis over something small, they wouldn’t enjoy something that is constantly pounding against their cervix every time they have sex. And this is the problem that some men with big penises face. The prospect of causing more pain and discomfort than pleasure.

The moral of this story is that unlike most things, you can have a penis that is too large to be enjoyed by others. While most men wouldn’t say no to having an extra inch or two to boost their confidence in the bedroom, the idea is to satisfy and pleasure your lover not frighten them.

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