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Get Bigger Lower Hanging Testicles

A man’s testicles or “balls” are an essential part of his reproductive pleasure package, and the driving force that powers his masculinity and virility. Their functions include the production and storage of semen and sperm, and the manufacturing of the all important male hormone testosterone.

Improving the male genitalia is no longer limited to just increasing the penis size, but now includes enlarging the testicles too. Below, we’ve listed some basic tips to help you get larger testicles to impress the ladies.

Big Balls

Choose Your Underwear Wisely

Men who want to get low hanging testicles are advised to go commando. This is because having no underwear allows gravity and movement to work tension on the scrotum, so the skin can stretch and the testicles can hang low. Sometimes going commando may not be possible, so just wear boxer shorts instead.

Check Your Trousers

You may have opted to wear boxers, but if the trousers you wear most of the time are too tight or have very little room for the balls to move, achieving bigger and lower hanging balls will not be a success. Going with full cut pants rather than standard cut will allow for more room for the growing package.

Stretch Your Balls

There are a variety of advanced stretching exercises which can help men get bigger testicles, but we only need to begin with a simple massage and stretching routine. The “stretching” part is not forceful as the testicles are delicate, but they can be tugged on lightly for the purposes of this exercise.

Begin with a hot wrap (not scalding) around the scrotum, followed with stretching the skin in a downward motion. Next, use the thumb and forefinger around the base of the testicles to push them up on top of the fingers to bring the testicles out and hold them in place.

In essence, you’re tightening up the scrotum to allow easier access to the testicles. Following that, use the other hand to apply slight pressure to the top of the testicles and massage them gently for a few minutes without stopping. To put it simply, you’re pulling down on the scrotum with one hand to push the testicles up top, then using the other hand to massage.

Check the Temperature

Every man knows that cold temperature constricts the balls, turning them into something similar to a hardened prune. Because the primary purpose of the testicles is to produce and store sperm, when the body is colder, the scrotum pulls the balls up to warm them. When the body is warm enough, the testicles hang lower. For this reason, it’s best to stretch your testicles while they are warm and loose.

There’s no doubt that bigger, lower hanging testicles can help to improve your virility and give your sexual performance a boost  between the sheets. Our male enhancement program shows you the best way to get a pair of low hanging testicles.

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