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How To Get a Bigger ‘Mushroom’ Penis Head

Two heads are better than one, isn’t this true? Men have a second smaller head, and in reality it’s just the “tip” of the penis, or the glans as it’s called in anatomical terminology. The rest of the penis consists of 3 chambers – two corpora cavernosa on top, and one corpus spongiosum which runs along the bottom length of the center of the penis.


The corpus spongiosum is designed to support the urethra during erection.  However, the corpus spongiosum is also the key to getting a bigger “head” as this is the chamber of the penis which is directly connected to the glans.

If you feel your glans is a little on the small side, it’s possible to make the little head bigger with some simple penis enlargement exercises. The most basic ones target the corpus spongiosum. Also, many exercises typically involve forcing blood into the area that you want enlarged. This will be no different.

After starting with a proper warmup, get the penis to a partially-erect state. Do not attempt this with a full erection. Make an “OK” sign grip with your hand at the base of the penis shaft, then perform a kegel while spending approximately 4 seconds forcing the blood up to the head with your grip.

Once you reach the base of the head, hold the grip there for about 10 seconds. Afterward, release your grip, then repeat the entire procedure with the other hand.

Another variation focuses on just the corpus spongiosum. Take your thumb and forefinger with gentle pressure along the bottom-side of the penis. Add a finger above the forefinger which is resting on the corpus spongiosum area, then add another, and another.

Eventually your fingers will reach the base of the glans. The point of this is to force blood into the glans like toothpaste out of a bottle.

As with any penis enlargement routine, you should always warmup and cool down afterward. This promotes healing and prevents injury. In no time, you will have a penis with an impressive fat mushroom head to impress the ladies with. Join today, and gain access to our advanced exercises for growing your penis head bigger.

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