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Penile Desensitization: Can Masturbation Reduce Penis Sensitivity?

Recent research studies indicate that some 47% of men suffer varying degrees of penile desensitization from the age of 28 onwards. Although in some cases this loss in sensitivity can be noticed as early as the teenage years. Experiencing a loss of sensation in the penis can be tough, so naturally many guys want to know why this happens and if the feeling can somehow be restored. A lot of causes and treatments for this condition exist, and they may be linked to other health problems, like: heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

However, the cause for most men is a little less complicated or dangerous than you would think. Frequent masturbation can sometimes reduce penile sensitivity over time. While there is some cause for concern here, there are a couple of ways this can potentially be reversed. Let’s go over the subject of over-masturbation, signs of desensitization, and the ways that this condition can be prevented and reversed.

Penis Sensitivity

Masturbation and Penile Desensitization

A lot of men don’t use any type of lubricant when masturbating. The friction caused by this dry rubbing can cause damage to the outer layers of the skin and nerves. This can go unnoticed or ignored, often being presented as very temporary, mild redness or soreness.

When this skin damage heals the new cells may form much thicker, building up an additional barrier between the nerves. This often means that more friction is necessary to receive the same kind of pleasure you once did, thereby leading to a crippling cycle. For those men who never use any lubrication or don’t take the time to nourish the skin of the penis, a loss in sensitivity may be experienced to the glans and frenulum.

This is much more important for those men who are circumcised, because the absence of a foreskin naturally makes the more sensitive parts of the penis prone to dryness, which in turn may reduce sensation and pleasurable feedback during sex.

There is a very intricate, delicate network of nerves located in the skin of the penis. This is what transmits feeling of pleasure to your brain during sexual contact. Constant rough friction caused during masturbation, sexual intercourse, or wearing tight clothing can wear down these nerve endings over time.

While these can naturally be repaired by your body, most men are not receiving enough nutrients in their diets to encourage this repair to happen correctly. The damage can start to outpace the generation of new nerve tissues, and make it hard to become aroused or satisfied normally. This can sometimes have the knock on effect in seeking out more extreme forms of sexual activity, and can eventually make it very difficult to continue your sex life without some medical help.

Signs of Lost Penile Sensitivity

The most obvious sign of this condition is the need for a much greater amount of stimulation or friction to feel any sort of sexual pleasure. This can come in varying degrees and generally will progress over time. This may happen more quickly with some men, with loss of sensation being noticed in the teenage years. This condition can be limited to a specific area or affect the entirety of the penis. Most often is will just result in taking much longer to climax, but can also lead to symptoms of erectile dysfunction. In some ways, this loss of feeling can be more of a benefit than a curse for those individuals who suffer with premature ejaculation. If nothing else, they’re able to stimulate their partners for longer before rolling over and falling asleep.

Preventing Penile Desensitization

As previously stated, most of the damage that leads to a reduction in penile sensitivity can be naturally repaired by your body. However, you need to receive proper nutrition for your body to do this properly. You can also prevent most of this by sometimes applying lubrication when you masturbate. Men underestimate the amount of dryness that can occur here, especially if you are circumcised.

Circumcised men are missing the natural barrier design to protect the sensitive skin on the head of the penis. Even things like soaps, shower gels, and even the detergent on your clothes can dry out the skin and make masturbation much more damaging. Moisturize the penis with hypoallergenic moisturizing creams, eat more fresh foods, and add a multivitamin to your daily routine to prevent this condition.

Since changing your diet can be challenging and supplements may be used by your body in other places, you might want to consider trying topical medicines made specifically for this condition. Specialized formulas allow you to apply vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids for direct absorption to ensure that it will benefit the penis. Ingredients like Shea butter and Vitamin E also provides an ample amount of moisture to keep the skin of the penis healthy.

All penises whether circumcised or uncircumcised can experience the same level of pleasure, when steps are taken to ensure adequate penis health is maintained. Be kind to your penis, and your penis will continue giving you pleasure for many more years to come.

5 Responses to “ Penile Desensitization: Can Masturbation Reduce Penis Sensitivity? ”

Tim C. says:

All men should read this post. At the rate I was going in my teenage years, it’s possible I’ve lost some sensation or am on the path to doing so. I guess it’s so gradual that you don’t really notice until it’s almost too late. Time to start taking care better. Great info here.

Cabby4 says:

Can this have something to do with the loss of sensitivity or function in men as they get older? All those years of friction and desensitization… It’s good to know there is some solutions for it. More penile sensation is always good.

proven male enlargement says:

Hello! This is my first visit to your blog! Your enhancement blog for men has provided me beneficial information about Penile Desensitization and the problems I’ve experienced lately. You have done an outstanding job with this article!

Joe says:

I suffered from this especially during Steroid Cycles and found that Caborgoline helps tremendously, even bringing back ultra sensitivity to my Member!

This is a very complex issue and ceasing any masturbatory practices for a few weeks helps. During cycles, one becomes ape like and it’s easy to masturbate frequently, but what happens is the inability to ejaculate and eventual flaccidity. Curbing Masturbatory practices allows the already diminished sperm count from T therapy, build up to an effective level. Flaccid episodes happen more frequently when you reach into the 40’s. Improved dieting, supplementation (Zinc, Nitric Oxide, Magnesium) herbal remedies such as Horny Goat Weed, Nettle Root, Ashwaganda help along with ceasing the above practice. Some of these herbal formulas have the same effective chemicals that is in Viagra and other prescription synthetic based drugs.

MikeH says:

Fellas… if you have lost some sensitivity down there, start using a penis creme that contains acetyl L carnitine. This is an amino acid that has been proven to enhance penis sensitivity. These cremes benefit the penis in other ways as well. Check ’em out.


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