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How Do I Make My Short Flaccid Penis Bigger And Hang Lower

Here’s an email we received from one of our members…

When you were growing up, you may of remembered having a small flaccid penis tucked out of sight between your legs. I know I did, and it provided no end of entertainment on those long restless nights when I couldn’t sleep.

I would look around me in the boys changing rooms after my p.e session, and couldn’t fail to notice how some of the other boys sported bigger flaccid penises!

cartoon sausage

I was green with envy, and was always curious why mine was so tiny in comparison.

Sounds odd, but when I got home after school, I would often run upstairs and start pulling my penis in the shower to make it longer. I was only 12 back then, yet I still desperately wanted to be hung like the other boys in my class.

My father caught me one day in the act of tugging away on my penis. I was so lost in the moment of wrestling with it, that I failed to notice him standing there with a big grin on his face. Talk about being embarrassed! I scooted behind that shower curtain quicker than a scolded cat. My dad just laughed and told me not to worry. He explained to me that having a small flaccid penis was quite normal for my age, and certainly nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about.

He told me that as I grow older, my penis would naturally gain more mass and become larger, possibly even well hung he said, with that big grin returning to his face.

Well, hearing my dad tell me this sort of put my mind at rest a bit. Dad’s are good at making you feel better about your problems. And I felt good knowing that even though my flaccid penis size was shockingly small, the day would soon come when it would grow.

What I later came to learn from my friends was you have two types of flaccid penis.

You’ve got whats commonly referred to as a “grower”. This means that when your penis is in the flaccid state, it has to grow more before it reaches the erect state. Next, you have what’s called a “show-er”. This means exactly what it says, your flaccid penis size is typically always large. There’s very little difference in fact, between your flaccid and your erect size.

Most, if not all guys, would much rather be show-ers, simply because it looks much more manly having something big and floppy down there, as opposed to something that’s tiny and hidden away.

If you’ve ever been in a locker room full of guys, it’s hard not to notice the show-ers, even if you’re a real ladies man. Just a casual glance around the room, and you’ll see the show-ers strutting around, showing off their large flaccid penis size without any embarrassment.

These guys have absolutely no fear of being naked in public places and proudly swinging their stuff around. But it sucks like hell standing there if you’re only a grower. I used to grab my towel and cover myself real quick, just in case anyone spotted my small nub poking out of my bush and mistook me for a girl.

The worst time for me was when I started dating and sleeping with women. I would secretly massage my tiny flaccid penis through my jeans until it became erect, and only then would I let her see it. Things were tough for me back then, and I avoided sexual intimacy on a number of occasions because of my penis size.

The good news is, things have now really improved for me in the penis size department.I started doing these penis enlargement exercises a few years ago, and now my flaccid penis size has grown way beyond its previous size. I’m now a lot more confident when I’m naked around women, and often get compliments about how heavy, thick and muscular my penis looks when its soft.

4 Responses to “ How Do I Make My Short Flaccid Penis Bigger And Hang Lower ”

Lola Burdeshaw says:

Simply wanna state that this is a very beneficial website for guys. My partner has lots of hangups about the way he looks. He was diagnosed with BDD (Body Dysmorphia Disorder) a few years ago. One of the main things that stresses him out is the size of his cock. He’s already looked into surgery, but he can’t afford it. So instead he’s dabbling with different devices like weights, pumps and these penis extension things to see what works the best. When he gets home from work this evening I shall tell him about this “natural penis enlargement” website.

Karl Pilkington says:

Just finished reading the above article, which I must say was very entertaining 🙂 I found this rather unusual website (dream penis guide) after looking for a way to increase the size of my flaccid penis!! I first became concerned over the size of my penis when I was in my late teens. I don’t really have any issues with my erect size, just my flaccid. Would like it to hang lower so I don’t feel so self conscious in the changing rooms or around my girlfriend. I’ll give these penis exercises a try for a few months and see how I get on.

Brian Flasperty says:

I had a partner who once remarked upon how small and shriveled up my penis looked when at rest (flaccid). “Gee really?” I replied, “thanks for pointing this out” I said. Tbh I hadn’t really taken that much notice up until that point. But soon after I started to become very self conscious and would keep myself covered up after sex.

A couple of years later I happened to stumble on your website after looking for ways to lengthen the flaccid penis. Well its been 6 months now since I’ve been using your exercise program, and I’ve added just over 2 inches to my erect and flaccid penis size. My flaccid length before was about 3 inches. Now its a little over the 5 inch mark and quite a bit thicker and meatier. It really does look impressive, and its boosted my self confidence 10 fold.

Anyway, just wanted to let other guys know there is an answer beyond risky surgery if you are feeling insecure about your size.

Burt Henderson says:

After trying your enlargement program for nine months and seeing some good gains 2.3″ (length) and 1.4″ (girth), I feel its time I gave something back to the PE community by sharing some advice of my own. To any newbies out there just starting out on the path of natural penis enlargement, my experience has shown that you’ll achieve better gains with a proper daily routine and realistic goals.

My mindset at first was to save time and just do one or two exercises several times a week when I was in the mood. Although I had some minor success with this haphazard and lazy approach, the gains were fairly insignificant, and reflected my lack of goal setting and enthusiasm.

It was only once I knuckled down with set daily routines during month 3-9 that I made some major gains. Also don’t expect much from isolated exercises like jelqing. Ideally you need to incorporate a range of exercises that are part of a whole program, as it’s likely you will not see much improvement working with stand alone exercises. You need to mix jelqing up with some other length and girth exercises if you want to make some serious big gains.

Lastly, set REALISTIC goals that you can aspire to and be motivated by.


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