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How To Build An ADS All Day Stretcher To Keep Your Penis Stretched Out

Enlargement of the penis like any form of self improvement, requires some patience to bear fruit. However, there is a way to make penis enlargement more automatic. Many in the PE community swear by the All Day Stretcher device or ADS.

The ADS helps to stretch the penis all day long with minimal effort involved. The best ADS devices are discreet, comfortable and provide enough tension to the penis to give you the results you want without discomfort or injury.

stretched out

If you don’t want to spend lots of money on buying a fancy penis extender, you can make a DIY home-made ADS version from the comfort of your home.

First, source two pieces of Theraband, ideally 1.5 inches x 18 inches in size, then acquire a cotton cloth strip 1 inch x 20 inches in size. You should also have some (optional) regular tape and a belt you are willing to cut down.

First, begin by wrapping the cloth just below your glans. Wrap down the shaft covering at least 2 inches of it. Use proper tension: too much will cause bunching underneath the Theraband and too much will cut off circulation.

Next, you may (optionally) tape the loose end of the wrapped cloth. Then wrap a strip of Theraband around the cloth section you wrapped around your shaft. After one revolution, take the second strip of Theraband and place it perpendicular to the first one beneath the shaft. In other words, lengthwise in the direction of the penis.

Next, continue wrapping the first Theraband strip around your penis then tape it secure. Next, take the second Theraband hanging from your penis and wrap it around your cut-down belt to give a comfortable amount of tension. You will be wearing this belt secured around your thigh, so you may need to make adjustments. Fasten the belt and make sure you can walk and move comfortably.

Your ADS is done! As with any stretcher device, check on your penis frequently to ensure that your glans is not turning purple from lack of circulation. If this is the case, remove the ADS immediately. Also if you feel any numbness, tingling or other pain, stop using the ADS for at least a day. Otherwise, you may continue.

Start out using the ADS for 20 minutes at a time until you become more familiar with how it works for you. Experienced ADS wearers use their device for up to 8 hours per day after performing their penis exercise workouts. Again, check regularly to make sure circulation is not being cut off!

It’s important to note that its the exercises you perform consistently and correctly, that produce the real gains with natural penis enlargement. Keeping the penis tissues stretched out is believed to have a positive stimulative effect on gains, and can work well in tandem with your daily penis workouts. However, don’t feel like you have to use an ADS, as some men have achieved excellent P.E results without the use of any PE tools.

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