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How to Make Your Testicles Bigger, Heavier and Hang Down Lower

You can improve your sperm quality, raise your testosterone levels, maintain stronger erections and get bigger orgasms just by massaging and stretching the testicles. Doing this regularly is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways of maintaining testicular health. Add this to your routine to give yourself a boost in pleasure and treat any sexual or fertility problems you may be facing. Follow these tips for proper testicle massage:


Warming Up for the Massage

Your sexual health benefits greatly from the amount of blood that flows into the penis. This is what allows you to form an erection and stimulates the production of sperm. A simple way to improve circulation and warm up for your massage is to wrap a hot towel around your testicles. Heat the towel to a comfortable temperature and then leave it on for about 5 minutes.

Massaging the Scrotum and Testes

Maintain your sexual health by massaging the scrotum and testes. There are two ways to do this exercise. The first just involves applying oil to both of your hands and rubbing the area in a circular motion for about 10 minutes. The second involves targeting the area between the testicles. Put oil on one of your hands again, place your thumb in the space between the testes, and massage this skin in a circular pattern for 5 minutes.

Stretching the Testicles

Stretching of the testes helps maintain the health of your urinary tract, and it encourages the testicles to hang lower. To safely stretch the testicles, start by gripping them firmly with one hand, then gently pull up and down. Hold in each direction for about 10 seconds. Repeat this motion for up to 10 minutes.

Performing the Pull Down Massage

The pull down message is thought to help stimulate testosterone production. You perform this stretch by wrapping your thumb and index finger around both testicles, pulling down gently, and holding for 20 seconds. Take your other hand and massage the testicles in a circular pattern. Repeat this entire process for up to five minutes.

Massaging the testicles can have many benefits to your sexual health. It can increase sperm and semen production and quality, raise the level of testosterone in your system, and even give you stronger erections. If you are facing problems with fertility, erectile dysfunction, or just want to maintain your health, regularly perform these exercises for bigger and healthier balls.

6 Responses to “ How to Make Your Testicles Bigger, Heavier and Hang Down Lower ”

RobP says:

Getting bigger and increasing testosterone? Sounds like a total win to me. With the increased hormone release, it can help get rid of other problems too. Thanks for these tips for us guys.

Cabby4 says:

I’m curious what the science behind the massage and stretching exercises when it comes to increased testosterone production. Is it just because of the increased blood flow to the area and the general stimulation? Getting bigger and impressing women in the bedroom is great, but I’m interested in long term health too.

Big balls Trey Ichinotsubo says:

Thank you a lot for providing curious individuals such as myself with such a breathtaking chance to discover important secrets about guys sexual health and enhancement from this site. I was quite shocked to discover that a man really could make his testicles bigger and heavier and hang lower like a prize bull.

Mine have always been rather on the small side. My ex commented once about how small they were, a bit like her brain really. Anyhoo, I plan to follow your advice and see if I can make my balls bigger so they slap my girlfriends bum when we have sex. Oh yes, I’m sure she would love that feeling!

Johnny Big Balls says:

I came here looking for sensible information on how to make my balls hang down lower, and it looks like I’ve come to the right place. Like a lot of men I’ve always disliked the look of my tightly shriveled up plums, especially in the colder seasons. But now it seems there’s something I can do about it! Let’s face it, what guy wouldn’t want a pair of bigger and more manlier looking testicles hanging between his thighs!!

Billy Joe Bob says:

The penis and testes (testicles) are designed to be self-supporting. Their circulation is enhanced by their swinging around, bumping the thighs.
Tight pants are absolutely unhealthy for the testes. They pinch them, raise their temperature, which is supposed to be a few degrees below 98.6°F. (37°C.), and impair both blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
So, unless you are going to be running or jumping, your penis and especially your testes should hang free.

Mister David B. says:

I temporarily switched to boxers because I heard briefs aren’t good for your boys. Then my balls hurt from them banging on my thighs from simply walking. Then I read you can get torsion from unsupportive briefs and then I read the temperature difference doesn’t make your sperm any better or worse in quantity or quality. The bottom line it seems wear what you like. So back to boxer briefs for me. Ahhh thats better.


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