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Natural Exercises to Make Your Penis Grow Bigger

The penis contains three chambers of blood holding tissues: The two tubes on top which run parallel to each other are called the corpora cavernosa, and the bottom tube is called the corpora spongiosa. When you become aroused, your brain releases hormones that encourage blood to flow into the penis. This causes these erectile tissues to engorge with blood and create an erection.

The size of your erection will be dependent on the amount of blood that your penis can hold at any given time. There are various penis enlargement methods that focus on improving this capacity, most of which involve the practice of exercises. The goal for most men with a small or average sized penis, is to increase the length beyond 7  inches.

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Once you go beyond 9 inches, many women with smaller vagina’s may begin to experience pain or discomfort. At this point, you should concentrate on making the penis grow thicker.

Natural Exercises

Penile enlargement is possible, when you focus on increasing the amount of blood your penis can hold. The primary way to achieve this is by enlarging the “caverns” or empty spaces within the corpora cavernosa.

Several stretching exercises exist to maximize your potential, opening up these spaces to increase blood flow. This can increase the girth, length, and strength of your erections. Some of these exercises include: stretching, jelqing, kegels, and hanging.

Jelqing – In Arabic, this word means “to milk”, and the motions involved in performing this exercise reflect this action.  This exercise has been in practice for hundreds of years, and thousands have made claims to it’s success. There are various types of jelqing (jelking), but all the exercises use pressure to force more blood into the tissue cells of the corpora cavernosa. This slowly expands the space within the penile tissues to produce a permanent increase in flaccid and erect penis size.

Kegels – This is an exercise that works the pelvic floor muscles, created by Dr. Arnold Kegel. They were actually made to help women with incontinence, but benefits have been shown in men as well. This involves flexing the muscles around the urethra, pelvis, and rectum. The idea here is that strengthening these muscles can increase blood flow, control, and functionality of all organs within this region.

These PC muscle exercises have been proven to correct incontinence and erectile dysfunction in many men. Research shows that it may also increase the size and strength of erections.

Hanging – This involves attaching a weighted object to the penis for a set amount of time daily. While the term exercise is used pretty loosely here, it can involve performing a series of movements with the weight attached. This method has been used for years among African tribes for stretching the ligaments within the penis. This provides much more space for blood to travel and will lead to a longer penis.

Preparation for Penis Enlargement Routine

While these exercises won’t need very much in the way of equipment, there are a few things you can do beforehand that will increase your success. Most of them deal with changing your perceptions to make keeping up with the plan a bit easier. These preparation tips are:

Trimming Pubic Hair – Though a lot of guys may not be interested in performing such a task, it can be very beneficial to your motivation. Removing excessive pubic hair can actually make your penis look larger, it can make measuring your progress more accurate, and it makes it much easier to perform exercises like jelqing. Being free of hair provides a clearer view of starting points and causes your exercise movements to be more fluid.

Measure Your Penis Less – It’s important to measure your progress with any penis enlargement exercise program, but don’t do it too often. It can sometimes take a few months to see the full benefits of an exercise routine. Measuring every day, or even every week, will do very little except make you discouraged. Just keep doing your exercises and then plan to do your measuring once a month. Also, make sure that you’re measuring accurately from the same points each time.

Avoid Sex or Masturbation – Not completely of course, but just not immediately before or after your penis enlargement exercises. Jelqing should be performed while semi-erect, not soft or hard, which may prove difficult if you’ve recently ejaculated. Remember, your penis needs time to repair itself after your exercises.

So, to avoid counteracting the efforts of your whole routine, its advisable to refrain from any sexual activity for 1-2 hours. Just think about the training you do with any other muscles in your body, relaxation and repair is very important to see increases in size and strength.

Depending on how soon you ejaculate after your workout, your penis can maintain this pumped up and enlarged flaccid appearance for much of the day. By keeping your penis fully engorged with blood, the cells stay stretched bigger for longer, which helps you to reach your goals quicker.

Other Things to Know About Penile Exercising

Exercises are not miracle techniques, it still takes some effort, determination and time to grow. You can’t expect to do some jelqing for a few days and see instant benefits, real enlargement will happen over the course of weeks and months.

While these exercises are natural, it doesn’t mean they’re completely safe. You can still face injuries if you don’t follow directions carefully. If you try to rush the process by exercising too much, you can suffer small injuries and setbacks which take time to recover from.

With access to the right information, you can easily add 1 or more inches to your penis permanently without any type of surgery.

6 Responses to “ Natural Exercises to Make Your Penis Grow Bigger ”

Carl says:

Great overview of different methods to both increase penis size and to make it look bigger without actually doing anything. Reducing pubic hair works great, and ladies really rather you trim up down there too. Things just look neater.

DIY Penile Exerciser says:

My personal experience has shown that these penile exercises have been unrivalled in their ability as a natural therapeutic remedy, for treating my impotence and putting an end to my premature ejaculation. For years I was regularly prescribed Cialis by my urologist to treat my impotence. Yes they worked, but who wants to have to rely on meds the rest of their life to get a hard on? Not me! Plus I’d been caught popping these pills by partners which was always embarrassing.

Plus the cherry on the cake for me was gaining a shade over two inches. Incredible but true.

Danny R. says:

I’m 58 and I can honestly say that I’ve never heard about these “Natural Exercises” that can apparently make your knob grow bigger. I’ve read about penis enlargement surgery before, but there’s always that risk of complications and infections. So how long does it take to do? Also how many inches can I add to my cock? Thanks, Danny.

Mr Gains says:

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt..jelqing works..I used to be 5.5 inches and 2.5 around..now I’m nearly 9 inches and around 6.5 girth…sex feels incredibly better..it’s indescribable. It takes a lot of dedication. .you have to commit your self to doing the techniques. .it’s not an overnight thing..but it does 100% work..the question is do you have the time and patience? ??

Measure Sensibly says:

I agree with your point about measuring your penis less. All beginners are interested in knowing whether they are making any progress in their penis enlargement endeavors.

Obviously, the surest way to make sure that you are gaining any traction with your penis enlargement goals is to measure. The question is how often should we measure? When I first started P.E I was impatient and hungry for results and found myself measuring every week. BIG mistake.

When I didn’t see the kind of results I was hoping for I would lose motivation and think about throwing the towel in. I realized some time later that the best time frame to measure in was — once a month.

This is unquestionably the most sensible and efficient way to measure, as it allows our body the time it needs to heal and repair itself. Penis enlargement progress sadly isn’t measured in days, its measured in weeks and months. And from a motivational perspective, this is probably the most important aspect of P.E besides actually training.

johnoscar says:

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