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Penis Enlargement Testimonials

George Vale, Tennessee USA


".... also just like to say, brilliant program! It's fair to say that your site is like a breath of fresh air, after trawling through all the crap on the internet! It's organized, well designed and actually makes sense! and of course the best part is that it really does work! I've gained over 2" in length and 1" in circumference, and have NO intention of stopping anytime soon. When I first heard about these exercises I laughed to myself because it sounded pretty daft. I'm just pleased I took it seriously. For other like minded men who want a bigger penis, give it a go and see for yourself!"

Tony179, USA


"Hi Guys, just wanted to give my advice to anyone thinking about buying a stretcher, don't bother just save your money! I personally wore mine for between 12-14 hours EVERY day for 5 months and 3 weeks, I took measurements every month and after 5 months I had gained 0.3". For that much time, discomfort and inconvenience it just doesn't make it worth your while.

Ive only been a member of this site for 5 weeks and I have already noticed my erections becoming bigger and stronger and more frequent. Brilliant guide, THANK YOU"

John Bart, Taylor, MI


"I just wanted to share my good news about how much your program has produced results for me. It's been about 3 months since I started using this program and I took my first measurement a few days ago. 1.3 inch in length gains, not sure about circumference because I didn't take any measurements. I could see the difference in size before I measured so I knew it was going to be bigger. After the first few weeks my penis was hanging lower and felt heavier too. Wish I'd started doing this caper ages ago! Just hope it doesn't shrink back to its original size! Thanks."

Limitbreaker, Temp AZ, USA


"I've already managed to add 2 inches to my penis and now im working on my girth. It's funny to think that a year ago i believed it was impossible to make your penis bigger without surgery. I've worked out with weights at home for about 3 years off and on, and sometimes get compliments from women about my body which feels good, and that's what made me decide to start doing these exercises.

There isn't words to describe just how good it feels when you measure your penis and see the tip move past the old measurement, its an incredible feeling that makes you want to continue doing these exercises forever!

Colin Black, Sydney, Australia


"I've been using your program for about 4 months now. I started with a penis measuring 5.75" x 4.8". I keep a diary and take measurements every 2 weeks. My last was 6.5" x 5.3". I still find it difficult to accept that I've made it bigger, but my ruler is proof I have! I shall remain dedicated until I reach my goal. Thanks guys for your support."

Next-Big-Thing, USA


"I joined your program last year and have gained 2.3" (length) and 1.4" (girth) I've cemented my gains and just do a few workouts each week for health and enjoyment. A good tip for beginners is DON'T over-train! I made this mistake myself the first month i started, thinking the more i trained the quicker i would see results. The second month i cut back and followed the program information correctly and that's when i started seeing results. Take it easy and keep motivated and you'll reach your goals like i did."

Damien Brice, Woking, UK


"Hi there! Just like to thank you guys for the awesome guide and hope you can add my testimonial to your page! Joined the guide a few months ago and pleased i did, because its improved my confidence. Ive added more than an inch to my penis so far! Every time i look at my penis i get a huge smile on my face"

Harold Jaynes, Washington DC


"Hi, Been a member now for 8 months after I joined sometime back in November. I've been keeping a weekly journal of my P.E gains so far, and since beginning your program I've gained close to 2 inches length and 1.6" to my thickness. I usually train for 5 days a week and take the weekend of, a regimen that's worked well so far.

Like a lot of the other members here, I also suffered from erectile problems. Pleased to say that's no longer an issue. I can now get rock hard erections and keep them till I'm done!"


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