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Penis Enlargement Testimonials... Proof that Exercises Work

How much have you gained? If you would like to share your penis enlargement testimonial with others, so that other men can be inspired and motivated by your success, Contact us.


"After signing up for membership 9 months ago and recently posting my stats update on their forum, I was asked if I would like to write a short testimonial about my Natural P.E experiences for their website. Will try keeping this short so I don't bore anyone! OK, so I started by researching just about every method of penis enlargement I could find before making the decision to try these penis exercises.

In truth, after visiting lots of different sites and reading everything I could get my hands on, I was still no clearer on what approach would deliver the best results - if anything! Different sites would often say different things, and most people refused to believe anything works besides surgery."

"So, became a member and invested a bit of time in reading about all the different exercises and how they worked. Followed their guide and all their advice to the letter about not over training and watching my PI's (erection health etc). Started off training 5 days a week in the mornings before work for 20-30 minutes. Took 2 days off (weekends) for tissue repair and recovery. Recorded my starting stats and then only took measurements once a month."

"My starting size was 5.7 inches in length and 5.1 inches girth. The first month I saw no increase in size, but my erections became much harder and orgasms more powerful. By the end of my second month my bpel was 6.1"L and 5.3"G. If I thought it was bs before, I was now a believer! Happy is an under statement, I was over the moon. Fast forward eight months and I now measure 7.3"L and 5.8"G. Cemented my gains now just doing a maintenance routine."
John Taffy



"Joined a few months ago. Was looking for testimonials but couldn't find many for this site, so thought I would add my own review instead.

There's lots of choices out there when it comes to this type of thing and I spent a lot of time researching the different methods. I didn't want to spend too much money and get no where, so after reading through their website I decided to give it a go. The results have been slow and steady and I feel im on target for reaching my goal hopefully by the summer. im amazed more people don't know about exercising their penis to make it bigger. To any guys out there who are interested in P.E I suggest you give them a try you won't be sorry."



"Just over 3 months ago I took a woman I'd met previously out for a meal and drink, the evening went ok and we went back to my place for a coffee. One thing led to another, and we found ourselves kissing and fondling on the couch. We went through to the bedroom and got undressed and started foreplay. I got myself into position and entered her, she turned round and asked if I was inside her yet? I was like yes, can't you feel me? She apologized and felt bad, all I could do was to laugh it off. Her words stuck in my head and started to make me feel a bit insecure about my manhood, so I looked online to see if there was any way of making my penis bigger.

It was a choice between a penis vacuum pump, or these exercises you advertise on your web site. I've always assumed that penis enlargement was just a scam to sell pills, and never really gave it much thought until now. I've done these exercises for 4 months now, everyday after work when i get home. After measuring my penis last night, I was shocked to see the tip move past the 7.4 inch mark. I can tell just by holding it, that it looks bigger, I just can't believe my eyes! I spoke to a few people in the forums about whether it shrinks back to the original size, but was told that my gains will remain permanent. I just wanted to share my story for others to read, thanks for listening."
Thomas Kindred



"My first impressions were very positive when i joined DPG, all the information's been laid out very well and is easy to understand, the videos and pictures are cool too. As far as my gains are concerned im extremely excited with my progress so far! Back in October i was 5.4" 9 months later my penis measures 7.1" not that worried about girth just the length. I posted my before and after pictures on your forum so would be good to get feedback from some of the other users."



"... there's quite a few enhancement sites on the internet, but the dream penis guide calls a spade a spade which i like! Ive added an inch so far which im VERY HAPPY about as i didn't really have much faith that it would work. The exercise routines are easy to follow once you know what your doing, plus the pictures and videos are a big help. I need to add another inch before i can stop training and i know i can do it, thanks."
Bill Alexander



"Brilliant program, wish i had found it earlier! Become a member in Feb and have added 1.3" so far in length and 0.8" girth. My semen volume has increased significantly and i can now actually shoot much further than before! My new penis combined with the amount of ejaculate seems to be a BIG turn on for my wife who now wants to engage in sex more often. Let the good times roll"



"Hey fellas, just wanted to write a short success story for you to publish on your site. Well after looking into various ways on how to add more length naturally I came across your site on the net. It's been roughly 5 months now since finding your site and using the program. I'm thrilled and so is my partner! We both measured my penis before I started doing these exercises, and in the 5 months which have passed I've gone from 4 1/2" to 6 1/4" erect length and 4 3/4" to almost 5 1/4" in girth. I cannot describe the feeling of no longer having a below average sized penis. Even though my partner said it never bothered her, I know deep down it did. This program is a godsend, and now that I have the proof that it does work I shall continue to see how much more I can gain with these exercises.

The fact that my partner can feel the difference, and enjoys the increased size and friction helps to keep me motivated! If she's happy, I'm happy. I've purchased a large heavy metal penis ring too, which i wear most of the day especially after my workouts as it helps to maintain that pumped up look! Thanks Brian, Charles, Greg, Big9, Sodapop, Jake-heke, Thumper, Ray and everyone else, you've all been great, keep up the good work!"

Daniel R.
Members forum

Starting Measurements:
BPEL: 4 1/2 inches, EG: 4 3/4 inches

Current Measurements:
BPEL: 6 1/4 inches , EG: 5 1/4 inches

Total Gains:
BPEL: 1 3/4 inches
EG: 1/2 inch

Daniel R. - Forum Member



"My wife and I have had an ongoing debate whether penis size really matters, I'm around 6" long and 4 3/4 thick, after reading through your website I realize that I'm neither big nor small, but have what you call an average size penis. My wife's always claimed that she likes my size and that I don't need any more.

The problem is, I've always wanted a larger member, because deep down I believe it would give her more satisfaction, and make me feel more manly, masculine and confident. The other night in bed I put it to her that if she could have an exact clone of me, with the same looks, personality etc but with a slightly thicker, longer penis which would she choose? Well, after a lot of fidgeting around, she finally said the clone with a bigger penis! Bingo! I knew it.

Her honesty was liberating for the pair of us, because it's now given me the chance to accomplish my goal of doing these exercises to reach my goal. I did a lot of research and discovered many different types of sites out there, pretty much all saying the same thing. When I saw your site and read through everything, it felt real and honest with no bull so i signed up. It's only been 3 weeks so far and I feel very optimistic and positive and can't wait to start seeing results! I wanted to share my story with other people out there, to let other guys know they're not on their own."
Andrew Caroll



"Awesome guide gentlemen, several months in and doing extremely well. I started with a 4 3/4 inch penis, and now I'm measuring approximately 6 inches fully stretched out. Seeing is believing! I never really believed penis enlargement was possible, but now I know it really does work. I'd long since been aware of various exercises which can supposedly develop your size but i was sceptical! Then i figured I haven't got anything to lose, apart from my small penis so I'll give it a try. I've got a new best friend..my bigger penis : ) It's silly things like standing in front of the mirror, or taking a shower, and glancing down at my penis. Sometimes when I wake up I look under the covers to make sure I've not been dreaming!

I don't mind admitting that having a small penis measuring only 4 3/4 inch for 46 years has really affected my confidence in the bedroom. The worst time is when you meet someone new, one thing leads to another and you wind up in the bedroom having sex, she pulls your pants down to see a small penis. You can see the disappointment written all over their face, but most women are clever at hiding it, you just don't hear from them again! My aim is 8x6 inches, and I don't care how long it takes! Your male enhancement program has made me a very happy man. To all the other guys out there reading this and wondering if it works? YES, It really does!"

Russell Vanes
Members forum

Starting Measurements:
BPEL: 4 3/4 inches, EG: 4.3 inches

Current Measurements:
BPEL: 6 inches , EG: 5 inches

Total Gains:
BPEL: 1 1/4 inches
EG: 3/4 inch

Russell Vanes - Forum Member

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