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Penis Enlargement Exercise - The Natural Solution

The penis is roughly 50 percent smooth muscle and shares similar properties to skeletal muscle. It features three main sections containing a spongy erectile tissue composed of smooth muscle and blood vessels. The top section has two large chambers called the corpora cavernosa, and the bottom chamber is called the corpus spongiosum.

When you get an erection, the erectile tissues become engorged with blood. The cavernosa is the main blood holding chamber which is where about 90% of the blood goes when you become erect. The remaining blood flows into the spongiosum, which is where your urethra passes urine and ejaculate.

Your current penile size is limited by the cavernosa, which is only able to expand to a maximum size relative to how much blood it can hold. Other limiting factors include the tunica, a tough fibrous sheath of tissue that surrounds these chambers. Lastly, the suspensory ligaments which run the length of the penis and secure it to the pubic bone.


penis diagram

The secret to increasing your size and improving your erectile health, is to exercise the corpora cavernosa and stretch the ligaments and tunica.

Our program features a range of basic and advanced exercises and techniques, which gradually lengthen and thicken the penis and improve blood circulation over time.


How Do These Exercises Work?

Research has demonstrated that exercising your penis on a regular basis using the correct techniques, produces PERMANENT RESULTS. This means that once you stop your workouts, your penis will not return back to its original size. Unlike your muscles, the cells in your penis don't have the ability to return back to their original size once they've increased in size.


Our techniques gradually lengthen the suspensory ligaments and coax some of the hidden inner penis out to produce noticeable gains that last a lifetime. Your hands are more effective than weights and other gadgets, because they're able to apply more controlled force to fatigue and stretch the ligaments, encouraging growth more quickly.

To thicken your penis, you need to use specific exercises which target the Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum. By continually forcing more blood in to the erectile tissues of these chambers, you expand the blood holding capacity of the penis, resulting in a permanent increase in the circumference of your erect and flaccid penis.

FACT: Penis enlargement is possible. Our members who regularly perform these exercises see permanent gains.

With repeated exercise the cells are stretched larger each time. Each night when you sleep the body repairs itself and the cells in your penis gradually grow back bigger and stronger. Over the course of several months the penis is able to accommodate more blood, resulting in bigger and harder erections.

It's not uncommon for some men to gain 2 or more inches in a year. Remember, the penises main function is to enlarge. So by repeatedly stretching the tissues, all parts of the penis will naturally become longer and thicker.


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