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Get A Bigger Penis The Natural Way

A quick search online will uncover many different methods which claim to help you to add size to your penis. The truth is, none of them offer results as safe, effective or permanent as simple exercise. These exercises have worked for thousands of our clients, many who tried the methods below and gained nothing.

Avoid the following methods:





Pills do absolutely nothing to help your penis grow. Some pills can act as vasodilator's, which cause dilation of the blood vessels allowing the penis to become more erect.

The only way pills can make the penis larger, is when you suffer with impotence or weak erections. For those men with erectile problems the penis just becomes temporarily harder. There are no pills available anywhere on the market which can add any additional size.

Only make erections harder.
Very expensive.
Some brands contain dangerous ingredients banned by the FDA.
No permanent results.
Allergic reactions.


Surgery (Phalloplasty)



Two types of procedures exist: Penile Lengthening - This procedure involves the fundiform suspensory ligament being detached from the pubic bone. Surgery only results in a very small increase in size, a medical device is worn for several months to assist with further growth and to prevent scar tissue. The erection angle is also affected, and will no longer be able to point directly upwards.

The second technique is: Pericavernosal Penile Widening. This involves dermal grafts being applied to the penis. Complications often arise, and repeated surgery is often necessary. Both procedures are expensive and carry risks.

Fibrosis of superficial veins.
Shortening of the penis
Serious tissue infections.
Bleeding and Bruising.
A decrease in penile sensation.
Erectile dysfunction
Penis can look lumpy after surgery.
The most costly and risky way to add size.





Penis pumps have been around for years, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The first thing you should know about pumps, is they don't produce permanent results. The idea behind pumping is the vacuum causes an increase in the blood flow to the penis, helping to stimulate growth. There is growth, but its only temporary, and while it may impress your new partner, your penis WILL return back to its original size.

Pumping does not have the same effect on the penis as natural exercise. It works on a more superficial level, and much of the temporary expansion is the result of lymphatic fluid buildup. Pumps can be expensive, and come associated with many risks.

Circulation problems.
Tissue scarring.
Possible impotence through excessive use.
Skin discolouration.
Ruptured blood capillaries.





Hanging weights from your penis is probably one of the oldest methods of penis enlargement. Some tribes around the world have practiced this technique for many years. Their penis may become longer, but it can also lose sensitivity due to nerve damage and suffer with erectile problems.

Hanging isn't something to be taken lightly! While some men may practice this method, the risk of injury to your penis can be high if you get it wrong. Many stories exist where men have experimented with weights, only to find they suffer nerve damage later on in life.

Although the penis is a tough organ, it can become dysfunctional when subjected to dangerous practices. Exercise is safer and more effective, as it allows you to use more controlled force to fatigue the ligaments for permanent and safe growth.

Risk of shrinkage
Damage to nerves and blood vessels.
Nerve damage.
Decreased penile sensitivity.
Loss of blood circulation to the penis while hanging.
Permanent impotence.
Deformation and scar tissue formation.





Two words sum these expensive gadgets up well: Uncomfortable and Impractical. These devices ideally need to be worn for at least 12 hours daily, and for a period of 12 or more months for you to have any chance of seeing worthwhile gains.

Issues with concealment require you to wear loose fitting trousers at all times. Not practical if your clothing is made to measure. If you're out in public and your penis becomes sore, then you need to find somewhere private to remove this device.


The DreamPenisGuide™ Natural Penis Enlargement Program


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