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Penis Enlargement at Home... Jelqing Testimonials

Here we feature just a few of our Jelqing testimonials sent to us by our members, proving that penis enlargement at home is more than possible. Every testimonial received below is 100% real and unedited.

Since launching our program we've received countless testimonials from men around the world, thanking us for our program and their impressive gains.


Hi guys, I decided to write you this email so that you can hopefully publish it on your website as inspiration to others! I've been researching the various methods on the internet for the last year or so before joining your program.

Stretching your penis manually appears to of garnered the most respect, and has legions of loyal followers. It struck me initially as a rather strange and unorthodox approach for enlarging the penis, but the more I read, the more it made sense.

I noticed a lot of sites talking about how you add size in only 6 minutes daily, which I found a bit hard to believe. I read your site from beginning to end and couldn't see you making the same incredible claims, which was why I joined.

Belonged to a free forum before that, but didn't see any good gains! From what I understand, you should do these exercises for at least 20-30 minutes daily, and good results can take a few months to see, so kudos for speaking the truth!

Ok, back to the present, and I'm pleased to say that after using your guide for nearly 7 months I've gained a whisker over 1 1/4" length and 1.1" girth.

Has it changed my life? No, has it made me more sexually confident in bed? YES, was it worth doing my work outs 5 days a week for 7 months? TOTALLY. I've cemented my gains and now do about 10 minutes of exercise a few times a week."



Well it's been 7 months now since I began doing these exercises, so thought i'd email you guys my latest progress report! When I last made contact 3 months ago I was 7 1/2, I've now made it past the 8 inch mark, 8 1/4 to be precise.

I changed around my routine slightly as per your instructions and also added some of the new Jelqing exercises which were posted on your forum, which I believe helped to get me past my sticking point of 7 1/2". From the outset 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth was my goal.

After discussing this with my wife, she agreed that to go any bigger than this may result in problems accommodating me. The good news is there's no problems with her taking my whole length in the right positions, and she's still able to swallow me, something we both find a huge turn on!

I figure that if I do exercises at least for another 3-4 months I can make it to the 9 inch mark, which would be a gain of just over 2 1/2 inches in total. My wife's made it perfectly clear to me that the bigger my penis gets the more turned on she gets.

This really gives me the motivation I need to continue exercising daily, knowing just how much its enhanced our sex life at home in the bedroom and on our walks in the countryside. Another point I'd like to make is how hard my erections get most nights!

I find if I don't relieve myself inside my wife each night then its damn near impossible to get a good nights sleep.

My wife's told me that I can wake her up any time of the night to mount her, something which made me feel a bit guilty at first, but she loves the idea of being woken up with me inside her, so.... Anyway keep up the good work, and i'll send another email soon! Cheers, Tony"



I think it must be most men's dream to increase their organ size. Well that's my dream anyway, and ive lost count of all the different techniques ive tried over the years, not to mention the money ive spent pursuing this goal of mine.

To some people this may sound an unhealthy obsession, but i actually enjoy hanging weights and using my vacuum pumps most nights when im home.

I guess over the last 3 years of hanging ive added about an inch to the length of my erect penis, sounds good but that's a lot of "hang time" for very little growth. A friend of mine who shares this "hobby" joined your site about 6 month back, adding over 2 inches so far.

Ive dabbled with these exercises in the past but didn't get very far, but decided to give it another go.

The members area is neatly organized and well presented with precise instructions, helping you to understand exactly what you're doing.

For an experienced veteran like myself, I'm pretty damn amazed with my results after following your course. Ive gained 1.3 inches in 5 months and almost 1 inch girth. Just one word... Thank You."

Owen Connors



Hey guys, thanks for getting back to me the other day! here's my testimonial as promised. I joined because i was fed up with having a small penis, none of my partners ever complained (too polite) but it just got me down.

I enquired about surgery but it was too expensive and i didn't have that sort of money hanging around. Found your site in a penis health directory I went through a while back and bookmarked it. Compared your site with a few others and you seemed more trustworthy so joined, pleased i did!

What really motivated me was a gain of almost an inch within the first 2 months. Like a lot of the men here on the forum I was also skeptical about whether this stuff really works or not because of everything ive heard, but I had the proof and that was all I needed!

I was hanging flaccid much thicker and longer. Even though weeks went by with no measurable gains, I stayed motivated because I'd made that gain of nearly an inch. I approached each day with the idea that I would gain more, sooner or later. I also did a lot of visualization, focusing on what my penis would look like when it grew bigger, I was hooked!

During the third month, the increments kicked in again. I gained a quarter inch almost fortnightly. What a feeling of power that was! My penis was getting much harder than it had done for years, in fact painfully hard sometimes.

The veins became a lot more prominent too. My previously sagging erections were now approaching 9 o'clock. I was elated. I also started doing all the different Kegel exercises, using all the combinations described in the members area.

I perform them throughout each P.E session, and whenever I am in the car. At the end of the fourth month, I had gained almost two inches in length and three quarters of an inch in girth. My orgasms were twice as powerful with a scary increase in ejaculation fluid. Looks like a waterfall.

During the sixth month, the gains slowed, but I still managed another three quarters of an inch in length, mainly from a combination of some of the specially advanced exercises. For a total of 2 and three quarter inches in length, and an inch and a quarter in girth, at the base, at mid shaft, and at the head.

So my penis grew in length as well as girth proportionately. I had some noticeable increase in loose skin near my scar (I'm cut) and at the base, but I had extra skin in both places to begin with.

I continue to do 20 minutes of my usual routine (mainly advanced stretches), twice a week to maintain, and just this past week, (after eight months of P.E), I discovered I had gained another quarter inch in girth.

I rarely took breaks, at least for the first three months or so. I did take an occasional day off, never two when I got into my fourth month.

Anyway sorry for rambling on, but I just wanted to let other guys know that Penis enlargement does work! If you don't believe it will work for you then you ain't got much to lose.

Thanks to everyone in the forums and to all the team for your help and support. p. s. please find pic attachment with email, cheers. Mike."

Starting Measurements: BPEL: 5 1/4 inches, EG: 4.3 inches Current Measurements: BPEL: 8 inches , EG: 5.5 inches Total Gains: BPEL: 2 3/4 inches EG: 1 1/4 inches

Mike Howlizter - Forum Member



Seems funny to think nearly a year ago I was reading lots of these testimonials, and now I'm writing my very own! I shall keep this short.

Basically I Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I discovered your site a year ago after searching for a genuine way to get a bigger member without surgery.

I've gained almost 2 inches in length and 1.3 inches girth in about a year, which I'm sooo pleased about. I told my dad about your site a few months back, and he's joined and made gains too!

For any fellas reading this, you must be patient and stick with the exercises every day, because it'll be worth it in the end."

J.P - Forum Member



I joined because my erections were getting weaker and I was tired of taking viagra all the time, it's not cheap here in the UK! I decided to send you this e-mail, to say thank you for your excellent online program, it's really worked wonders!!

Since starting the course 4 months ago I actually get woken up now with painful erections!! My wife's given me strict instructions to make love to her anytime of the night!

I really feel like a young man again My penis has grown too, although not sure how much because I never measured, but the wife says it feels bigger! I ejaculate a hell of a lot more, which turns my wife on! thank you"




I've always been a skeptic when it comes to enlargement down below. My doctor once told me that you've got what the lord gave you and it isn't going to get any bigger son.

I feel like going back there and showing him proof that it does work and telling him to learn more about it so he can help other guys in the future.

Ive added just over 1 inch since I started 2 months ago, sounds strange saying this, but its my biggest achievement in life. Used to be 5 inches, now I'm 6!

I wear an ads for as long as I can stand it, i know it wont make it bigger, but it will help to keep the tissues stretched out after my workouts each day.

Cant wait to see how big it gets in the next few months ahead"

Craig P



Hey guys, Just wanted to tell you my story, if you want to put it on your website you can. Me and my girlfriend have been dating for nearly 3 years now and sex has always been fairly good.

I'm 33 and not as fit as i used to be, used to jog and lift weights a lot, but with the stress of everyday living started to drink and smoke and slowly gave up my daily exercise regime.

For 2 years of our relationship I secretly took cialis to help with my erections, my partner was none the wiser and always commented on how nice and hard my penis was. Earlier this year she found my tablets by accident and all hell broke loose.

My girlfriend was upset that I'd been concealing the truth from her and demanded an explanation, in a desperate bid to prevent the situation from spiraling out of control i confided in her.

She found it difficult to understand at first, because I'd never mentioned how I felt before. I explained that I'd been using drugs for my erectile dysfunction to help conceal my problems, and that I was too embarrassed to talk about it with her.

I went on to explain the reasons behind my e.d as being partly a combination of my unhealthy lifestyle, and more importantly my insecurities and self-consciousness over the size of my penis.

It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders now. She knows that I've joined your site and feels It'll benefit me and our relationship. I feel proud that I'm finally taking control towards doing something constructive about how I look and feel."

Spidermike - Forum Member



I've used other guides, pills, weights, stretchers and made minimal gains in the last year. Like a lot of people here I too didn't really believe in this stuff. I'd decided I'd had enough of wasting my time!

Saw a link to your website and thought I'd check it out. Kept reading and thought, hang on just one minute, you people don't sound like all the other cowboys!

That was 4 months ago! Looking back now, I'd of gladly parted with 10x the membership fee! Anyway, since that time, I've added well over an inch in length, and about 2cm to the circumference!

I've now got the well endowed penis I've always wanted and dreamed about, even though I was never really small to start with. Anyway guys if you want to add my picture to the Jelqing testimonials page I'd appreciate it, thanks for your help and take care."

Charlie Bronson09
Members forum

Starting Measurements:
BPEL: 7.2 inches, EG: 6 inches

Current Measurements:
BPEL: 8.7 inches , EG: 6 3/4 inches

Total Gains:
BPEL: 1.5 inches
EG: 2 cm


Charlie Bronson09 - Forum Member



Dear Team, I'm not the kind of person who would usually write a testimonial, certainly not one publicly concerning my penis, which I feel is rather personal. However, after joining your site a while back and having a good deal of success in my endeavours, I decided I'd give something back by posting my thoughts.

Like a lot of men probably reading this, I too was deeply cynical about this enhancement business,and the claims that websites like yours make.

After weighing up the pros and cons I chose to join, but didn't expect much in return for my money. I carefully read your site from start to finish several times, then launched myself into my modified routine.

Armed with patience, faith and a realistic attitude, it actually didn't take too long to start seeing results. After the third to fourth workouts I noticed my penis changing in appearance. It looked puffier and more veined, not so shrivelled up like before.

By the end of the second week my erections were more frequent, and lasted longer. I took a quick measurement, but no growth.

However, after measuring my penis on the 6th week, and much to my surprise and shock, my penis had grown nearly half an inch. I took several more measurements to be sure I'd not miscalculated & yes it was true.

Now it does mention on your site, that often the biggest gains are realized at the beginning, but with both a positive attitude and consistency with workouts, further gains can be enjoyed. I've mastered all the Jelqing and stretching exercises.

I also took my time and watched out for the negative and positive pi's like you suggested.

Well, what can I say..? Yes, I'm a believer now, and to all those men out there, who like me, were skeptical and struggling through life with a below average penis, take the leap of faith like I did. Thanks for reading my story, I hope it helps at least someone."




If you're serious about seeing big gains, do these exercises for 6 months. Don't measure every day or even every week, try not to skip your workouts and don't over do it (common mistake) the more you workout the bigger your penis will get, it doesn't work that way!!

Measure each month or at the end of the 6 month period, and see the results for yourself. I used to be 5.3/4" (erect length) now I'm above average with 7.1/4".

Takes a bit of effort like anything worthwhile in life does, but if you have a "can-do" attitude and stick with it, then the results are most definitely worth it as i found out. Cheers, Barry. S"



"Just like this site says; NO pills pumps or surgery! Why pay thousands to the medical health industry for a risky operation to enlarge the penis, when you can make it bigger at home. This was my mindset when I joined.

Unlike some of the guys out there, im just a beginner who only found out about natural exercises a few months ago. 1 1/2 inches later and now im a believer!"




Hi, just wanted to tell you that I've been using your program now for 5 months and im extremely pleased with the results so far to date. I'm 37 years old, 5.11 and 190 lbs and in pretty good shape.

My starting size was 5 1/4 inches length and 4 3/4 girth, after 5 months of penis exercising my new stats are 6 3/4 length and almost 5 1/2 girth.

This may not sound as impressive as some of the big gainers but i couldn't be any happier!! This increase in size, and my newfound ability to delay my orgasms, has definitely improved my love life!! Thank you"

J. Walker

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