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Before and After Penis Enlargement... Customer Success Stories

On this page we feature just some of our before and after customer success stories, to prove that penis enlargement works. Every testimonial received below is real and unedited. Since launching our program we've received countless testimonials from men around the world, thanking us for our program. Like to share your story? contact us.


"Ok, well i'll start by saying that I've never written a review before, especially not about anything personal! But after the service ive received, and what ive accomplished in the last several months, I feel I would like to give something back. I found the dreampenisguide website when i was researching natural ways to treat erectile dysfunction a while back via Google search.

Long story short, ive been a long term sufferer of ED (impotence) and I cant take any medication for it because I have other health problems. Ive tried a whole bunch of ideas and techniques over the last few years, all with varying success, but nothing that works all the time. ED has messed my confidence up big time, even though I have an understanding partner I just don't feel like a man. Well I was introduced to the concept of penile exercise lol.

At first I just thought it was a lot of hogwash, and didn't really believe all the claims. After spending a few hours reading everything on their website I decided i didn't have much to lose so became a member. There are lots of other similar sites out there, but these guys sounded a cut above the rest in terms of honesty. Well, its been about 5 months, and its changed my life. I don't want to get too personal, but i wake up every morning hard, something ive not experienced for years, and I can now get an erection on cue, and best of all..Keep it!

Nothing much happened for the first few weeks, but after doing the exercises they suggested every day, things began to look and feel different. My partners over the moon and I seriously feel like a new man every day when i wake up. If i had the choice of being rich or having the use of my penis back in working order again, there would be no contest!! Its grown quite a bit too, but im not here to talk about that aspect, fantastic though it is. They have an active forum, and there all super friendly and happy to answer questions."
Sonny - Forum Member



"I've been a member now for 2 months and find your guide totally helped me. I didn't join to make my penis bigger, i joined as i had problems getting it up. Went to my doctor who made an appointment for me to see a urologist, she pretty much told me i needed to improve my diet and get more exercise and then gave me a prescription for these cialis tablets. There like viagra but work for longer. I used them every time I went on a date with a woman incase i got lucky that night, and yes they did a good job. Trouble was they gave me a bad tummy so I would be constantly going to the bathroom, so decided to look for an alternative method to help me with my erections. I should point out that I keep pretty fit, and eat fairly healthy, i admit that i smoke and drink at the weekends when im out with mates, apart from that i do look after myself.

Found your site when i was researching stuff to do with psychological impotence, because i started to think it was all in my head. I became a member just over 2 months ago and i pleased to say that i can get an erection anytime i want and keep it without getting embarrassed about it going to sleep. I've also gained nearly 1 inch in length, and my girth is now 5 3/4 inches. My confidence in myself has SERIOUSLY doubled!!. Thanks for making this guide available."



"I would just like to say a big thank you, to everyone who works at the dream penis guide. By making this great online guide available, your changing men's lives for the better. Just like you have changed mine.

I am still coming to terms with the fact that it does actually work! My penis was once 7.5" (not small I know) and is now almost 9" and this took under 6 Months. I experience orgasms like I have never experienced before, with a huge increase in semen volume, my sex drive has become insatiable, and my partner simply adores the new me! I cannot thank you enough. It's funny because my partner could never understand why I wanted to make my penis bigger in the first place.

I can't say that its every caused me any worries in previous relationships, and I've always been happy with it. I guess looking back, the reason I decided to join and make it bigger was because I knew I could! And lets face it most guys wouldn't say no to an extra inch or two. I've been given strict instructions by my wife to be that she doesn't want me to make it any longer because its almost causing her discomfort, however she's happy for me to make it thicker! So game on!! Sam"

Magic Sammy
Members forum

Starting Measurements:
BPEL: 7.5 inches, EG: 5.1 inches

Current Measurements:
BPEL: 9 inches , EG: 6.2 inches

Total Gains:
BPEL: 1 1/2 inches
EG: 1.1 inches

Magic Sammy - Forum Member



"Ok, I've been using this guide for 4 weeks now and I have to admit I'm pretty impressed so far. For me personally I'm not that interested in adding more size, I just want to maintain better erections and ejaculate more. So far I'm pleased to say it's working. There has been a huge improvement in the amount of fizz I ejaculate. I purchased some of those volume enhancing pills before I joined (3 month supply) apart from being terribly expensive, they didn't do very much at all, apart from give me a chronic case of "blue balls" so was disappointed. I looked around for alternative methods and found this place, good site and good info, thanks. A.L Carlson"
A.L Carlson



"Hey guys, thanks for getting back to me the other day about my problem. I did take some before and after penis enlargement pics but still couldn't figure out how to upload them, i'll try again soon. ive never joined a site like this before so didn't quite know what to expect. ive wanted to make my penis bigger for a long time, and found a site a while back that showed you how to create a home made penis stretcher and penis pump.

Unfortunately they didn't turn out to be very comfortable to use so i gave up on that idea. I only became 5 weeks ago so have been doing 5 workouts a week. My penis definately looks larger now, and I have decided not to measure until the 2 month mark to avoid any disappointments. thanks, Marc Frampton"
Marc Frampton



"I joined up about 6 months ago now, I do my best to fit my penis exercise routine in around my busy lifestyle, sometimes it can be difficult training with regularity, so I have had to make a couple of sacrifices, which as I see it is more than worthwhile in helping me to reach my goal.

My partner and I travelled abroad for 2 weeks and I was reluctant to stop exercising, so I reduced my workout time and got up earlier, problem solved! The way I look at it is like this, if you can not find or make the time or you constantly find excuses not to do the workouts, then doing these exercises is obviously not that important to you.

For me however, it is my number one priority and nothing stands in my way. I want to do another 6 months of workouts until I hopefully reach my goal. Unfortunately I'm not a fast gainer like other fellas, and I have worked hard to add 1.35 inches so far, and about 1/2 inch in girth. This may not sound like much to some men, but the difference really shows, and is a real confidence booster in the bedroom. It feels nice not being below average anymore too. I'll keep you posted about future gains! Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this program. hope you like my pic!"

Members forum

Starting Measurements:
BPEL: 5.7 inches, EG: 4.9 inches

Current Measurements:
BPEL: 7 inches , EG: 5.3 inches

Total Gains:
BPEL: 1.35 inches
EG: 0.4 inches

Rover75fan - Forum Member



"Been using the program for nearly 2 months, and so far I'm pleased with the results. Me and the wife have seen a big difference. We always had quite an active sex life, but we've definitely turned a new corner, and even become more adventurous! My wife prefers girth over length, so I have had to assure her that I won't get any longer, Just thicker instead! Plus she enjoys the increased load I give her every night! She jokes about needing an umbrella for when I orgasm! Cheers BAZ."

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