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The Basics of Penis Anatomy – How Your Penis Works

Over millions of years evolution has designed a masterpiece of anatomical engineering in the form of the male penis. Whether its duty is to expel waste liquids, bring new life into the world, or enjoy the carnal pleasures of copulation, the penis can do it all.

However, few men properly understand the mechanics of how their seemingly simple tool of pleasure works, so below we’ll delve a little deeper into the basics of penile anatomy.

The Basics of Penis Anatomy – How Your Penis Works

Aside from the flesh, ligaments, nerves, smooth muscle and blood vessels etc, the main structures of the penis are as follows:

Corpora cavernosa – These are the two main blood holding chambers which run parallel at the top of the penis. The Corpora cavernosa is filled with an intricate network of erectile tissue which becomes engorged with blood upon arousal, causing the penis to become erect.

Corpus spongiosum – This chamber runs the length of the penis beneath the Corpora cavernosa chambers and houses the urethra. Its primary function is to expel urine and semen out of the body. Attached to the end of these three chambers is the head of the penis called the glans. The distinctive mushroom shaped area is covered with nerves which aid in the sexual stimulation of the penis.

Tunica – The Corpora cavernosa and Corpus spongiosum are housed within the tunica, which acts as a tough but pliable protective sheath snugly encasing these three chambers. Through natural penis enlargement, the tunica is forced to repeatedly expand by pumping more blood into the Corpora cavernosa under pressure. This is a gradual process which ultimately leads to a wider and thicker penis.

How Erections Work

The penis is certainly one of the grooviest of body-parts, in that when it becomes excited it completely changes form. It goes from being a sullen shrunken piece of flesh cowering beneath the testicles, to a proud hard quivering pole signalling its excitement.

The stimulus to create an erection in a healthy male can be triggered fairly easily through any number of channels. A simple fleeting thought can be all it takes to cause sexual excitement, for the penis to stiffen with anticipation. Sound, touch, sight and smell can all have the same stimulatory effect.

Once the brain registers the signal, its swiftly dispatched down the spinal cord and into the pelvic nerves and the blood-supplying arteries which feed the corpora cavernosa. The large network of smooth muscle and spongy erectile fibers relax and fill with freshly oxygenated blood. This deceptively simple, yet highly intricate automated process can all happen in only seconds.

Once the Corpora cavernosa is filled to its maximum capacity, the tunica stretches and blocks off the outflow of blood. This process helps to increase the circulatory pressure, thereby keeping the freshly pumped blood locked in place to create a sufficiently hard and strong erection capable of penetration.

What You Need To Know About Men’s Prostate Health

Although there is much talk about the prostate and how it can affect men’s health, few people actually know where it is or what it does.  Prostate diseases can cause problems for men, especially for those over the age of 40, but when caught early, they are usually quite treatable and non-life-threatening.

The prostate is a small gland, located in the pelvic area.  It is technically a part of your reproductive organs and is responsible for the production of as much as three-quarters of the fluids that make up your semen.  As a boy enters puberty, the gland will start to grow quickly and then, once he reaches adulthood, it will all but stop.

Men's Prostate Health

Once a man reaches the age of forty, though, his prostate will start to grow again and likely never stop expanding.  Although about 50% of men will never have a problem with their larger prostate, the other half will develop some form of prostate disease.  The prostate can be felt during a rectal exam, meaning that a routine prostate exam ranks pretty low on most men’s list of things to do.  When measured against the pain and risk of death from advanced prostate disease, however, the prospect of a brief medical exam should start to look at least a little bit less horrifying.

One of the most common diseases of the prostate is benign prostatic hyperplasia, also known as BPH or an enlarged prostate.  This is a condition that can make it difficult or uncomfortable to urinate and create a frequent and urgent need to go to the bathroom.  It’s not a cancerous condition and is usually more of a source of discomfort than anything else, but in severe cases it can lead to incontinence or bladder stones.

The most common cancer in men is of the prostate, but due to its slow growth prostate cancer is far less often a killer of the men that it affects.  Normally, this is a very treatable form of cancer when detected early.  Signs are similar to those of BPH but they may also include blood in the semen or urine and chronic pain in the thighs or midsection.

Finally, prostatitis is when the prostate becomes inflamed due to infection, muscle spasms, or unknown causes.  There is both bacterial and non-bacterial prostatitis and research is ongoing into how and why this gland becomes irritated, as well as ways to alleviate the problem.  While prostatitis can sometimes be difficult to diagnose, once it is, it is usually easily treatable.

Although the prostate is only a little larger than a walnut, this crucial little gland can create big problems if left unchecked. By staying vigilant with regular visits to your doctor and paying attention to the signs that your body sends you, you can mitigate the risk that prostate disease will impact you.

How Edging Works For Building Sexual Stamina and Explosive Orgasms

For any man looking for a natural way to have stronger orgasms and more control with his partner, the edging technique is one of the easiest and most reliable methods available.

This process has been used for years by millions of men in order to increase stamina and even gain length in their penis, without running up costly bills or facing invasive and painful surgical procedures.

Edging is a simple concept that men can utilize in the privacy of their homes, without a visit to a specialist and with no special equipment required.  The fundamental idea behind it is for the participant to manually stimulate the penis to an erection and then bring himself to the edge of an orgasm before stopping himself from ejaculating.

How Edging Works For Explosive Orgasms

Repeating this exercise on a daily basis for periods of up to a half an hour results in an increased store of testosterone and other sex hormones that are expelled every time a man ejaculates.

At the same time, this practice helps to develop the man’s mental ability to control his own orgasm, ultimately giving him the power to achieve a longer-lasting, stronger climax when he wants it.

Most who advise this technique suggest that when practicing the edging method, men should only allow themselves to ejaculate every 5-7 days, giving the sex hormones a chance to build up in their system.

All this repeated stretching, bulging and self-denial of release can eventually also lead to a bigger penis, a nice side benefit that will surely help any man’s sex life. While the only real commitment to this process is time and self-control, both of these factors are crucial to the success of the edging method.

Practicing these exercises on an inconsistent basis or allowing oneself to orgasm regularly will likely yield nothing more than a small improvement, if that.  Meanwhile, with just a few weeks of dedication to this process, many men see marked increases in their libido, stamina and size.

Every man is different and it’s difficult to quantify how much of an improvement anyone can expect to see by putting the edging method to use. Results can vary based on a wide spectrum of factors, from poor nutrition to a chronically low production of sex hormones.  But with patience and the understanding that this technique is as much of a mental exercise as a physical one, it’s possible for almost anyone to have orgasms that are stronger and more powerful.

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