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How to Increase Semen Volume
With Our Healthy Food and Lifestyle Tips

Ever wished you could ejaculate a larger load? Well, if your interested in learning about the best ways to increase your semen amount, you've come to the right place!

This article will focus only on natural and effective ways for you to improve semen production. There are many supplement options currently available on the market which have the potential of helping you to reach your goals. Naturally occurring products like : Amino Acids, Horny Goat Weed, Zinc, Maca, Celery and Rhodiola Rosea, have all been reported in a good light as useful and safe herbs for improving the strength and volume of the male orgasm.

Being able to produce more ejaculate can provide an increased amount of sexual pleasure for a man and his partner. For this reason, many are interested in finding out how to make more semen and experience male multiple orgasms. Here, we're going to talk about some easy ways to make this happen naturally without buying expensive pills.

The Benefits of Making More Semen

Ejaculation is the height of sexual satisfaction for a man. The more semen that can be produced during this time, the longer this blissful sensation will last. Partners may also benefit from this, because many are turned on by the reaction to this process and the presence of semen. More semen will only heighten the situation, and make the man's partner feel they've done a good job at providing maximum relief.

Stay Hydrated to Produce More Semen: Drink Plenty Of Fresh Water

One of the easiest ways to make more semen is to keep yourself hydrated. Water plays a major role in semen composition as well as fructose, or the sugar from fruit. So, you should see major improvements from drinking more water and fresh fruit juices. Doing this can also provide additional benefits for your partner, because it can improve the smell and taste of semen.

The composition of semen is about 98% water, so drinking more water will naturally make it possible to produce more ejaculate. Your body as a whole is up to 70% water, and drinking enough daily will help it function better as a whole. Make it a priority to drink at least 3-4 1/2 pint cups of water daily. However, depending on your body weight, you may need to drink even more to really amp up your seminal production.

While its true that not all women enjoy eating and swallowing their partners semen, for those who do, there's no finer treat than a delicious tasting snack of your man's love juice. It's also been reported that semen contains all sorts of good nutrients which can be beneficial to a woman's sexual health and well being.

How Make More Semen with Protein

The other major components of semen are amino acids. These are what make up proteins, so taking in more of this can help you produce more semen as well. While meat is a major source of this, eating too much of it can also have some negative effects on your health. That's why it's important to mix it up and gain protein from healthier sources too, like: lentils, legumes, nuts, milk, cheese, and green vegetables.

Increasing Semen with Intermittent Abstinence: Ejaculate Less Frequently

Abstinence is simply refraining from sexual activity or masturbation for extended periods of time. If you hold off ejaculation or any type of sexual contact for a couple days, the next time you have sex you will release a much larger load during ejaculation. This is probably the most simple and straight forward way to increase semen. Another thing to try is masturbating to the point that you're nearly ready to ejaculate, then stop. Doing this frequently will also cause much more semen to be released the next time you have sex.

Doing this for even a few days in between intercourse can build up semen production, and makes it possible to ejaculate heavier and more forceful loads. Not only that, but the anticipation or desire after abstaining for a short amount of time can increase your sexual pleasure as well.

Increase Semen with Amino Acids

Amino acids are what make up proteins, and this is the primary ingredient in sperm. While taking in more will not increase your sperm count itself, it can increase the amount of ejaculate released at one time. Some of the best ways for adding more amino acids to your diet is through what you eat. Foods like nuts, beans, meat, chocolate and eggs are all good foods for increasing your semen production.

There are also herbal volume pills available if you aren't looking to make changes to your eating habits. However, many of these so-called wonder pills can often prove to be costly and offer little value, in terms of giving men long term benefits to their ejaculation size.

Make More Semen with Horny Goat Weed

Horny goats weed is a Chinese herb that's been used for centuries, and has clearly shown many benefits to one's sexual performance. The best known benefit is it's ability to increase blood flow to the penis, creating stronger and longer lasting erections. However, it can also increase libido, stamina, semen production, and even helps bodybuilders increase muscle gains. For this reason, you can find many low-cost pills on the market that won't break the bank and do work.

Using Zinc for Semen Production

Getting more zinc can also increase semen production. If you do this in conjunction with upping your amino acid consumption and using some of the products listed above, you can actually double your results as these work hand in hand. Zinc can be found in meats and most vegetables, and its also in your standard multi vitamins or can be found in pill form on its own. If you take it as a supplement, just make sure you only use them as directed. Having too much zinc in you body can lower the immune system.

Learning how to produce more ejaculate is a frequent concern for men. This may be a major topic of interest for men having trouble becoming fathers, or simply those wanting to gain longer, stronger orgasms for more sexual pleasure. Continue reading our top tips below for more ideas on ejaculating more.

Simple Tips to Produce More Semen:

• Adjustments to Your Diet

• Lots of Fresh Water

• Vitamin C and E supplements

• L-Arginine pills

• Kegel Exercise Workout Plan

Get Your Diet Right

Before reaching for a bottle of pills, your diet should be the first thing to consider when trying to increase your semen production. Your body requires amino acids and zinc to create semen, so make sure you are eating enough meats, nuts, beans, and vegetables to get the amount you need. If you feel your diet is already good enough, or you don't want to make any extreme changes to your eating habits, consider taking supplements to meet these goals. You can also benefit from removing caffeine from your diet, like coffee and most carbonated or energy drinks.

Chill Your Testicles Out

Applying cold water or ice to your scrotum is another simple way to encourage more semen production. This sudden change in temperature can increase the circulation of blood to this area of your body. This has a positive effect on the amount of sperm generated. Just do this a few times a week.

Try Natural Supplements like L-Arginine and Vitamin C

Research has shown that Vitamin C and E can improve sperm count. So increasing the amount of fruit you eat or taking supplements can also assist in semen production. There are also a few natural supplements that can provide lots of boosts to sexual health including creating more semen. These are L-lysine, Selenium, and L-Arginine. You should be able to find these in pill form, but be sure to follow the directions carefully.

Lose Some Excess Weight

Are you overweight or obese? Consider dropping the excess fat. This extra weight can actually be converted into estrogen and inhibit testosterone production. As these hormones become imbalanced, it can have a lot of negative effects on your sexual health. It can lower libido, cause symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and significantly lower sperm count.

Cut Down On Booze and Cigarettes

Stopping bad habits can help with making more semen too. Though the negative effects of smoking, alcohol abuse, and drug addiction are already high, you can add sexual complications to the list as well. All of these can lead to damage of the heart and arteries. Since producing semen and becoming erect are dependent on your body's ability to pump blood to your penis, this can be very detrimental to your sexual health.

Exercise Regularly

Doing a daily exercise routine can also increase the amount of sperm you release during ejaculation. Vigorous activity like this is very good for your heart health, improving your body's ability to distribute blood all over the body more efficiently. Resistance training actually stimulates testosterone production as well. This has a positive effect on much of your sexual and overall health.

Most men have some interest in increasing their semen production. Whether it's too aid you in having children or simply to improve sexual pleasure, producing more semen is actually possible with a few simple changes. You can see improvements from changing your diet, taking supplements, or even getting in shape. Hopefully this article has provided you with some information you can use on your quest.

Semen production can be increased in several different ways, and these are only a few. Just be sure to educate yourself on all of them, and be aware of the risks involved if you don't follow each one properly. If you have any adverse reactions, stop your course of supplements and see a doctor. Our members guide has an all natural semen enhancement tutorial to help you get bigger loads without expensive pills.

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