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The Male Identity - Penis Posture and Power

Masculine identity is intertwined with the penis. Masculinity represents drive, direction, force, especially penetrative force. Think about what phallic-shaped objects like obelisks and skyscrapers represent: masculine energy. The buildings thrust up into the air, essentially penetrating the sky in defiance of gravity. Building those structures is an expression of masculine energy.

Penis and Power

The drive to push upward, move forward and expand outward could easily be interpreted in a sexual manner, and these ideas definitely describe male sexuality very well as they reflect the penis' role in sex. It is no wonder that a man's relationship with his penis has a lot to do with his attitude toward how he views himself as a man, and consequently, how the world views him as a man.

Masculinity Today

In this sort of world, men who suffer from low self-esteem and self-image are viewed as feeble, effete, unmasculine and asexual. Unsurprisingly, if you do have low self-esteem you likely view yourself the same way too, and this may be reflected in your body and your posture, which are two of the easiest things to change.

A virile, masculine man stands tall, chest out, eyes forward on the horizon, evoking with the body the phallic power shape we see in our buildings and monuments. It is well known that posture affects your immediate mood, worldview and how others interact with you. You aren't your posture; your posture makes you. If you aren't a man, stand like one and you'll soon be one.

The same goes for the penis. A larger penis channels this same masculine energy as the towering obelisks and skyscrapers. This isn't New Age moonbeam speak: having a penis that you feel and others feel is large, masculine and sexual affects your image and the world's image of you as a man. Unlike posture however, the penis is only slightly less malleable and is not instantaneous.

The Penis and Power

When it comes to having a sizeable penis, most men are below the average, just shy of 6 inches length and 5 inches girth. These are the average men, living average lives, feeling powerless. Above-average men seem to be the ones who have everything going for them and who make their own way in life. They command power inside and outside of the bedroom, and this goes right back to the phallus and posture theory.

As explained before about posture and the phallic symbols, it is important to know that a man is his own source of masculine energy. Likewise, he can tap into this male drive in order to make his penis larger as an outward reflection of this inner growth of his own masculinity. Enlarging your penis does not happen overnight, rather it is a regular exercise and an affirmation of one's growing status as a man. Nonetheless, the end result is more effective than just changing your posture and leaving it at that. The effects are more profound and life-changing than that.

Try watching your posture for a week, correcting it as you catch yourself slouching. Natural penis enlargement may be a viable option for increasing your masculine vitality as well.

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