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Penis Extender Stretcher And Extension Devices

Let's take a look at the popular penile extender device. These gadgets are often said to be the #1 penis enlargement product for men. They may come beautifully packaged, but they also come with a very high price tag. The website will probably feature a penis size calculator, that will tease your imagination into how much size you can gain.

Two Reasons Why These Devices Don't Work Well


For a traction device to stand any chance of working, it needs to be comfortable, or it won't be worn. These products generally use a loop or something similar, which is then attached behind the glans. The coronal ridge and glans have a high concentration of delicate nerve endings. Any type of extended pressure in this region can often result in discomfort.

It's recommended 12 hours daily usage, is said to produce optimal results. The truth is however, you're much more likely to be taking it off after just one or two hours. Guys often report pain, numbness, penis turning purple, and reduced blood circulation, as reasons behind shelving this product.

To see positive results of one inch or more, you would need to wear this stretching device for thousands of hours. Unfortunately, many guys won't be able to maintain this long term commitment to all day stretching.

Traction Force

The traction force is the next problem faced with these devices. Said to exert 1000-1,200 grams of tensile force, to help aid in the gradual lengthening of the ligaments. While this may sound like a lot on paper, in reality, it's not. The idea behind penile traction, is to keep the penis stretched out long enough to allow the cells to divide, multiply and grow.

Now, unless you're immune to pain, discomfort, concealment, and the inconvenience of keeping your penis stretched out for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the next year, to maybe gain one inch, you're just not going to last.

For your penis to grow, you have to stretch several decidedly tough ligaments which anchor themselves to the pubic bone. You also have the tough 'hard rubber' like tunica to stretch, as well as the corpora cavernosa. The sad fact is, these extenders don't apply sufficient force to promote noticeable growth in a manageable time frame.

It's worth remembering that sites which make comparisons between traction devices and tribal people who enlarge their ears, lips, necks are wrong. The latter is dealing with soft pliable tissue that can be easily manipulated. The giraffe women who wear neck rings, are not lengthening their necks with traction, they're simply pressing the clavicle down into the rib cage giving the appearance of a longer neck.

In summary, extenders serve little purpose in adding size by themselves. However, as an ADS (All day stretcher) they can help to keep the penis tissues extended after your workout, but only if the device is comfortable to wear.

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