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Kegel Exercises For Men

Pelvic floor exercises, more commonly known as Kegels, have become very popular with men in recent years. Dr Arnold Kegel, a prominent doctor, discovered these exercises many years ago to help women give birth more easily.

Only during recent years have men started learning how to do kegels to improve their sexual health. These PC muscle exercises have garnered much respect in the world of natural penis enlargement. The pubococcygeus (PC) muscle is located beneath the pelvis in both sexes, and like other muscles, it can be strengthened in time with exercise.

Discovering the PC Muscle

To perform a kegel exercise properly, you have to know how to access the PC muscle. While we use this muscle constantly, we often aren't aware of it, so accessing it for exercising can be difficult for some. The PC muscle is responsible for controlling the urine flow, so the simplest way to work out how to flex this muscle is to imagine you are urinating and then try to stop the flow.

Women can insert a finger in the vagina to confirm that the right muscle is being exercised. In this case, the muscle will automatically rise and drop from here. Men can also confirm they're doing it right by getting an erection and watching it move with every clench of their PC muscle.

A standard routine will involve flexing and holding this muscle for about 10 seconds, and then a resting period that lasts for the same amount of time. You can also do the flex and release in rapid succession for a short time or do it very slowly. Pick whichever pattern you're most comfortable with and keep it up.

Advanced Kegels for Men

There are more effective exercises that include resistance. In men, this involves performing the same routine of the standard exercise, but doing it while standing and with a full erection. Your erection will move with the PC stretch and provide weight resistance. If you feel that more weight is necessary, then you can drape a dry or wet washcloth over the penis during your exercise routine. Just remember that you shouldn't use any actual weights here, not even the ones considered safe for penis stretching. These can still lead to damage in the muscle tissues.

Listed Below are some of the Best Kegel Exercises For Men

The benefits of doing pelvic floor exercises for men (also known as erection exercises) should not be under estimated, as they have the power to enhance a man's sex life immeasurably when used regularly. These exercises when performed regularly and correctly, will make your erections feel much stronger like a lead pipe, and help you put an end to premature ejaculation for life.

Some of the Benefits Include:

• Controlling Ejaculation
• Stronger Erections
• Explosive and Powerful Ejaculations

The Basic PC Clamp and Clench

You're going to be squeezing and releasing your PC muscle repeatedly with this exercise. You can begin with a set of 20-30 and double or even triple them over time, once your muscles have strengthened.

Your pubococcygeus muscles have the ability to heal quickly, so don't be surprised when you pull the covers back each morning and discover a much harder penis staring back at you than before. This is good news for those men who have been suffering previously from erectile problems.

The Long Slow Squeeze

For this exercise, you should first begin by warming up your pubococcygeus muscles with 20 PC clamps. After your warm up, flex and tighten your muscles as hard and for as long as you can hold it. Once you reach that point whereby you can't squeeze and harder, hold it for a count of 15-30 seconds. Then rest your PC muscle for one minute and begin again, until you've completed 5 sets.

Within just a few weeks of exercising your pelvic floor muscles, you may find you can do this squeeze and hold technique for minutes at a time.

The PC Stair Steps Workout

The idea behind this exercise is to tighten and loosen your muscles in small increments. So start by flexing and tightening your PC, pausing a moment and then tightening it some more, pause and then tighten fully and hold this clench for at least 20-30 seconds. At this point, you want to gradually loosen the muscle in stages until you reach the starting point. Aim on doing this exercise 4-5 times with no rest breaks.

How Often Should I Do Kegel Exercises?

The idea is to continue doing at least 200-300 PC clamps every day for life. Just like any form of exercise, the benefits soon end when you stop exercising. So by maintaining a daily kegel exercise routine as part of a healthy lifestyle, you'll be giving your sex life and sexual health the best service you possibly could. Our members area has more information on kegel exercises and workouts.

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