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Natural Ways to Increase Penis Length and Girth

One of the foremost topics in the minds of men today is penis enlargement. Many websites attempt to address the issues of penis size and the many different ways of making your penis bigger. Browsing the internet with the intention of finding relevant and useful information on this subject, will often leave you in a state of confusion.

Thousands of websites claim to show you the best natural ways to increase your penis length and girth, but you're still left wondering what really works and what doesn't? The fact you're reading this article places you in a very good position for discovering the truth.

In many of our earlier articles, we've talked about the seemingly infinite number of enhancement products and devices for sale. Most of these tissue restructuring gadgets work on the premise of applying traction, keeping it stretched out for countless hours each day.

These penis extender contraptions are sometimes over-hyped, dangerous and expensive, and may not always improve the size of your penis as much as you would like. At least not within a time frame that you could comfortably tolerate when issues of discomfort, concealment and inconvenience drive you to the point of distraction.

Natural ways

One of the golden rules when it comes to penis enlargement, is NEVER attach anything to your penis except your hands. So, for those of you wondering what the best way to naturally increase your penis length and girth is? The answer is penis enlargement exercise.

Believe it or not, your hands are the only tools you need for naturally and safely obtaining the penile size YOU want. It takes a bit of time, but the results are more than worth the wait and last a whole lifetime.

Be wary of websites with promises and guarantees about how you can gain 3-4 inches or more in just a few weeks. This rate of growth in this time frame just isn't possible, its just marketing hype. It's fair to say that the enhancement industry contains more hype than you can shake a stick at, which is why its so important for you to adopt a realistic attitude.

Increasing your penis size naturally

Knowing how to exercise your penis correctly is what stands between you gaining up to 2 inches or more (depending on your dedication and time) to gaining nothing at all. Growth can be affected by lots of different factors, so you owe it to yourself to find a reputable guide to lead you down the right path with the right information.

By gradually stretching the suspensory ligaments and tunica and increasing the amount of blood the penis can hold during the erection phase, you'll see that enlargement becomes very possible.

The action of continually forcing more blood into the penis stimulates the growth of new cells to occur. Providing you take accurate before and after measurements when you start, you'll begin to see some very positive results over the following weeks and months to inspire and motivate you.

For those men who may be considering surgery as a viable option for increasing their size, you'll find that its not only very costly, it can also be very dangerous. Repeat surgery is necessary, followed by many months of keeping your penis firmly in traction. The ends don't justify the means, especially when you consider all the risks of infection and impotence.

Our penile training program removes all the risks and guesswork, and shows you with simple step by step instructions and video tutorials exactly how to increase your penis length and thickness. For a low one-off fee, you get access to our exclusive members area which contains everything you need to start adding real size to your penis.

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