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Intermediate and Advanced Penis Exercises

The exercises for intermediate and advanced-level penis enlargement workout routines, are purely designed for those who are experienced with the beginner exercises.

For reasons of health and safety, you should perform the beginners exercises first for at least 1-2 months before moving up to the more Advanced exercises.

Exercise Program

Safety First

Although the penis was designed to be durable and robust, it can become sensitive and develop temporary erectile problems if mishandled.

Its for this reason, that we advise beginners to avoid performing the following exercises without first completing the beginners routine, and only then using correct instructions.

While intermediate and advanced exercises for penis enlargement may be more complex than those intended for beginners, worry not.

Our members area contains all the instructional videos and tutorials needed to perform the exercises with technique and precision to maximize your results.

Patience is Your Best Friend

It's important to remember that aside from using correct form and technique, its time and effort that ultimately yield the best results.

And although penis exercises still reign as the most effective method of enlargement known, don't expect big results in just days or weeks.

It can sometimes take many months to reach your goals, and no magical elixir exists which can speed this process up. Patience is your best friend. Patience WILL give you a Bigger Penis.

Some of the intermediate exercises are variations of earlier exercises and are intended to create more tension or to stretch the tissues of the penis in a way that the beginner exercises do not.

Because of the variation in intensity and the style of stretching, they discourage the body from adapting and hindering further increases in penis size, thus enabling you to reach your maximum potential for growth.

Intermediate Exercises

• Double Handed Power Stretch – A variation of the beginners Power Stretch utilizing both hands to further increase the intensity of the stretch on the suspensory ligaments.

• Jelq, Hold and Kegel – Designed for maximizing jelq results in conjunction with increasing the size of the glans, and strengthening the PC muscle for improved erection power.

• Sit Down Stretch – An effective but passive stretching exercise, that merely requires sitting on the stretched out penis between the legs and beneath the butt.

• Dry Jelq – A lube-free jelq that uses the skin of the penis shaft to work the blood through the erectile tissues.

• Long Schlong Heli – A moving and rotating stretch variant of the power stretch, that works all of the tissues and ligaments evenly, but with often more force.

Advanced Exercises

• Stretching Blood flow – An erect form of penis stretching which may also be used as a warm-up in certain routines.

• The Pressured Schlong – A stretch-based exercise which involves forcing blood through the erectile tissues.

• The V-Stretch – A stretch manipulating the penis shaft angle on the dorsal side, to focus tension on the corpus cavernosum.

• The A-Stretch – A stretch variation using angle manipulation to affect the dorsal side of the upper corpora cavernosa.

• The Double Hand – An advanced milking technique using one hand to restrict blood flow of the penis.

• The Advanced Power Jelq – An intense jelq variation designed to expand the tunica surrounding the major erectile bodies.

• Plumped/Erect Bends – Intense exercises specifically designed to encourage maximum engorgement and girth gains.

• Dry Milking – A milking variant sans lubrication to encourage greater expansion of the erectile bodies for both length and girth.

• Horse Squeeze Uli – An exercise designed to improve erection thickness by forcing the blood to expand under pressure.

• Tunica Stretch – An exercise specifically targeting the tough fibrous tunica albuginea.

• Clamping Exercise – A hardcore girth enlargement method, utilizing cable clamps to ramp up the internal pressure.

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