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Improve Jelqing Results by Using Pictures to Guide You

The Jelqing technique is a method primarily used to increase penile circumference. In time, your erections will gradually become thicker through repeated exercise, resulting in a lasting enlargement of the Corpora Cavernosa.


You can easily improve your Jelqing gains with videos, pictures and tutorials. This kind of detailed information, shows you the different techniques involved, giving you faster results and saving you months of trial and error.

The workout times can vary from 10 - 60 minutes, depending on your experience level. The warm-up should always be part of your workout session, and helps to minimize injury. The Jelq and other girth exercises should always be done with the penis in the semi-erect state.

Results can vary from person to person. There are no set times for how long it will take to see gains. The information you use, when combined with your unique physiology, will determine your success. Much of the information you can find online about Jelqing, lacks any real depth. And it's this depth, that can ultimately affect your gains. A good example would be to repeatedly over-train, without paying attention to physiological indicators.

The best way to jelq, is by first warming your penis up. Next, position your hand around the base of the penile shaft using your thumb and forefinger, this is known as the OK grip. The next step is to use a "milking" type method to Jelq the blood towards the head of the penis. A fairly tight grip is necessary to force as much blood as possible towards the glans. When your hand has completed the stroking technique, use your other hand to continue.

A good enlargement guide will help to improve your results, while helping you to avoid the common mistakes beginners often experience. The most basic rule of thumb when training is safety. You should learn to listen to your body. Your body will give you both obvious and subtle clues about your training style, and the impact it has on your potential growth. Erection quality and frequency are two big clues about how well you're doing. Our tutorials cover P.I. signs in full.

Red dots and bruising are normal and soon fade

A concern for many beginners when they first begin training, is what appears to be a rash. This is nothing to worry about, and usually only happens when your grip becomes too tight. The result is ruptured blood vessels (capillaries) in your penis. These small red dots are harmless and will soon disappear after a few days. Warm-ups will help speed recovery.

A good Jelqing guide with pictures can put your mind at rest, by describing some of the typical problems associated with exercising the penis. Most of these problems are normal, and have been experienced by other men. Beginners should remember that making the penis bigger is not a race, and that good results require the right information.

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