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I Want a Big Penis

Few men would argue, that at some point in their lives, they haven't found themselves thinking "I want a big penis". More often than not, this thought begins to occur as young men are going through puberty. This is a time when boys find themselves becoming more aware of their penis size in relation to their peers. Changing rooms can often become a battle ground for boys egos, and consequently a breeding ground for men's insecurities.

The burning question in most men's minds is, "How can I get a big penis?" Is it really possible to make it bigger you ask? The answer is YES, and it can all be done using your hands and natural penis exercises.

Unfortunately, there's nothing much your doctor can do or say to help you, besides arranging a consultation with a plastic surgeon who will perform penile enlargement surgery. And in case you've been living on a desert island, this stuff doesn't come cheap, or without risks.

In all likelihood, your doctor would probably try to soothe over any concerns or objections you may have with your penile measurements. Many doctors have a very comforting bedside manner, which can easily help to alleviate even the most troubled of minds.

The problem is, "inadequacy talk therapy", tends to only work well in the short term. The next pretty girl who makes an insensitive or cruel remark, will likely see a return to your previous troubled state of mind. What You need is something lasting and sustainable, something that can ease your feelings of worry and despair whenever they raise their ugly heads.

The idea that you could possibly grow your penis bigger without surgery, is a concept that many men struggle with. After all, if the medical experts tell you its not possible, why should you challenge their knowledge? When man first decided that bigger muscles were better, it didn't take long for that thought to progress to "I want a bigger penis too".

The penis is composed of erectile tissue, millions of cells which become engorged with blood when you become aroused and get an erection. By forcing more blood into the erectile tissue, you gradually expand the blood holding capacity of these cells and stimulate new tissue growth, resulting in a larger penis.

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