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How to Make your Penis Grow Thicker and Longer

So you want to add more size to your penis? Well, you can find comfort knowing you're not alone. If you're unhappy with the size of your penis, then you'll be pleased to know you can make your penis bigger without surgery!

Surgical procedures are costly, and can often pose risks to your penile health. Surgery also requires you to keep your penis in traction for many months, to help avoid shrinkage and scar formation.

Non-surgical exercise methods can be used to expand the penis tissues, without the risk of harmful side-effects. By using your hands to apply force to the ligaments, you can gradually grow the penis tissues in thickness and in length.

These special lengthening and thickening techniques, apply tension and compression to all parts of the penis. A lasting increase in circumference occurs, when the Corpora Cavernosa is repeatedly forced to expand under pressure to accommodate more blood.

Making Your Penis Bigger Naturally

The ligaments take time to be stretched longer, so patience is required to see good gains. The tunica consists of multiple layers of tough rubber-like collagen. In fact, it's the strongest fascia in the human body, and just like your ligaments, it also take time to enlarge.

By using the right type of exercise techniques like those found in our VIP members area, you'll soon see how it's more than possible to make your penis larger with only minimal effort. However, care must be taken to perform your exercises correctly, as this not only helps you to avoid injury, it also helps to speed up growth.

Jelqing, and it's many variants, are often the ideal exercises for beginners. Not only are they fairly low intensity enlargement methods, but they're also easy to learn, and often produce the fastest initial gains in the shortest time.

The main danger with Jelqing, is one of over-enthusiasm. This "train for as long as I can" attitude, often accounts for most failings. Over-training the penis will do nothing to help it grow. Instead it will just slow your gains down.

Jelqing can be an effective exercise that produces good results when performed correctly. However, Jelqing by itself, is sometimes unable to create sufficient pressure to expand the resilient internal structures of the penis. For this reason, it would be wise to use other more intense exercises in combination with the Jelq.

The Power of Girth

Penis clamping is an advanced girth workout technique. The clamp method should only be used once your penis is fully accustomed to your training routine, as it has the power to create a large amount of pressure on all parts of the penis. When used together with edging, this technique can often cause your penis to swell up and inflate like a balloon by at least one or more inches in circumference.

The clamping method of girth enhancement, along with others, can often result in lasting gains of possibly one inch or more over time. When you consider just how important girth is for giving women pleasure, you'll see the enormous potential that these methods have to offer those men who are serious.

The DreamPenisGuide online program features some of the best tutorials available, on how to clamp and exercise your penis safely for lasting gains.

Jelqing Exercises to Make Your Penis Bigger

Jelqing, particularly the "wet" jelq, is one of the key exercises for natural penis enlargement. Unless it's a very specific routine, the majority of all PE routines will involve some form of the jelq. Despite its apparent simplicity, there are many subtleties and techniques to the jelq that newer PE trainees will be learning and refining well into the first few months.

Like other PE techniques, the jelq should start off at a low intensity, to allow the penile tissues, nerves and blood vessels to get accustomed to the exercise. When starting, the veins of the penis often enlarge and become more prominent as a result of the increased blood flow. For this reason, its important not to stress the penis too much with extended workouts.

The way the jelq exercise works is by pushing more blood from the penis base into the glans. At the same time, the pressure of this action stretches the erectile bodies of the penis (corpora cavernosa).

By repeating this process throughout many sessions, the erectile tissues adapt to the stress by increasing the blood capacity, thereby lengthening and thickening the penis. While Jelqing alone can offer good gains, its typically incorporated as a part of a routine with other exercises to yield bigger results.

After the first few days of regular jelqing, the cells in the penis are stretched larger to accomodate the pronounced influx of blood forced into it by the exercise. Much like after a workout at the gym, the erectile bodies of the penis recover and rebuild as you sleep at night. The sheer simplicity of the jelq and the subsequent healing process are what make this exercise super-effective at growing the penis and enhancing erection quality.

Rest is vital to the penis enlargement process, and is an important part of any regimen. Skipping rest will diminish and delay your potential gains.

How to Jelq

1. Start the jelq by applying lubrication to your penis. Next, gently massage your penis until you become 50-70% erect.

2. Use your left or right hand to form the "OK" sign around the base of your penis, using your thumb and index finger. The grip should be comfortable but firm.

3. Starting from the base of the penis, slowly milk the blood towards the penis head. Each stroke should last between 1-3 seconds.

4. When you reach the head of the penis, use your free hand to form the same grip and then start milking again.

5. Continue alternating between both hands in a smooth rhythmic milking motion.

6. If your penis become too erect or you feel the urge to ejaculate, simply pause jelqing for a few moments and then start again.

Important Notes on Jelqing

1. Just as rest is important for recovery, a proper warmup is essential to any PE regimen and should be completed before jelqing. A "cooldown" or a warm-up at the very end of your session helps to relax the tissues, prevent injury and promote healing.

2. Jelqing should be performed with lubrication. While intermediate and advanced jelq exercises may forego lubricant, beginners are advised to use lubricant, preferably one that does not evaporate quickly. Baby oil, Vaseline and silicone lubricants are recommended for this reason.

3. Do not attempt to perform a jelq with a full erection. Doing so may result in injury.

4. Only use a grip of moderate intensity. If your grip is too tight, bruising may result along with damaged blood vessels.

5. The "OK" grip should extend around the circumference of the penis to ensure the blood stays in the erectile bodies for the purposes of the exercise.

6. If you must ejaculate during the exercise, this is a sign of weak PC muscles which are responsible for ejaculation control. When performing the exercise, pay careful attention to the sensations just before climax. When you notice them, stop to wait for the pre-climax feelings to dissipate. While the PC muscles need to be strengthened, practicing restriction in this manner will help you to learn ejaculation control.

7. For every week of your PE regimen, be certain to rest for 1 or 2 days. Rest is crucial, but too much rest will only hamper your results. You must be persistent as the penis will not grow an entire inch in just a few weeks. Diligence is key to ensuring that you get maximum gains in minimal time.

8. It is not recommended to jelq during a shower as most men do not spend enough time there to have a proper session. Nonetheless, a hot bath is great for a post-jelq cooldown and if one is available you should take advantage of the opportunity. If one is not available, a warm wrap will work.

9. To further promote gains in length, you may want to end every stroke during the jelq with a gentle stretch.

10. Having a foreskin or not has no difference on the efficacy of the jelq. If one is uncircumcised, performing the jelq is easier when the foreskin is retracted over the glans. This may be done manually, or with a small cloth or piece of tissue to hold the foreskin in place without interfering with the jelq.

11. Similar to the previous note, one may want to use some a small amount of silicone tubing or an elastic band around the scrotum and testicles to prevent pulling up the scrotum during the jelq.

A full jelq session lasting between 15-30 minutes, will leave the penis looking heavy and engorged with blood. You'll need to jelq for a minimum of 10 minutes for this exercise to have any real effect on growth.

Initially, a beginner will have bumps or red dots on the glans, or slight bruising in the affected areas. These symptoms are not cause for alarm and will disappear during your first week of PE exercise. They are a result of the pressure exerted during the jelq and the expansion of the blood vessels in the penis.

A Sample Jelq PE Regimen

Week 1 - Begin with 300 jelqs per day, ending with a 5+ minute warm cloth. Each jelq should last up to two seconds, and each movement should reach the full length of the shaft. Perform 100 Kegels to promote penile circulation and improve erection quality.

Week 2 - Perform jelqs continuously for 10 minutes, followed by 200 Kegels. Finish with warm wrap. While unlikely, in the event that you feel any pain, remain at Week 1 intensity.

Week 3 - Extend jelqing sessions to 20 or 30 minutes, followed by 300 Kegels. End with warm wrap.

Note: The intensity of the Week 3 regimen requires more patience and dedication. Don't be discouraged by the time. You may want to keep a clock or watch nearby to track your session length. Always warm up and cool down with a warm cloth before and after each session.

After your first couple of months on the jelq routine, you will have discovered what works best for you. If you would like to learn how to perform the advanced penis exercises for fast, safe and impressive gains, become a member today and get complete access to all of our high quality stretching and jelqing videos and tutorials.

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