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How to Ejaculate More Semen Without Pills

By increasing your semen production, you can increase the duration and intensity of your orgasms. Knowing how to do this without buying costly pills, is more than possible with access to the right information. In this world where "bigger has become better" it's no surprise that a growing number of men are interested in how to increase their ejaculate amount.

The more orgasmic contractions a man experiences, the longer and more powerful his orgasms will be. Peter North is well known for his impressive ejaculate quantity, as well as his explosive ejaculation power.

The market is now flooded with semen enhancement pills and guides, all claiming to show you how to ejaculate more semen without pills.

Caveat emptor: Many herbal supplements or aphrodisiacs, contain potentially dangerous herbs like Yohimbe (the bark from the west African Yohimbe tree). Plus, they're extremely expensive to use on a regular basis. So, a healthier, safer and more cost effective approach should be used to sustain increased volume.

It's no secret that many women get turned on, and even feel flattered by men who shoot "Bigger loads". Why is this you may be wondering? Because they view the increased semen amount, to be a sign of how sexually turned on and virile their partner is.

How Can You Ejaculate More?

To put it a different way, it makes women feel good about themselves. They feel they've given their partner more satisfaction, by seeing them ejaculate more semen.

How do you ejaculate more? PC exercises can help you to produce more semen. These exercises also make your orgasms more explosive, so you can shoot your load much further. Eating a healthy diet containing lots of fruit and vegetables can help too. So can getting plenty of regular exercise.

Hydration Affects Semen Volume

Volume size can be affected by hydration, so drinking plenty of water will help to increase semen production. When you consider that 95% of semen is made from water, it becomes no surprise that dehydration can affect your load size. Semen comes from three glands: The bulbourethral glands (Cowper’s glands) Prostate gland, and the Seminal vesicle which delivers the biggest quantity of semen volume to your load.

Increase Load Size with Supplements

Herbal supplements and foods such as saw palmetto and pumpkin seed, can help to support good prostate health and fertility. While zinc has been shown to improve the amount and quality of sperm you ejaculate. L-Arginine supplementation is another good method for helping the bodies reproductive organs to produce more sperm and semen.

L-Arginine also has the added bonus of enhancing erections. This important amino acid is utilized by your body to make nitric oxide which helps the smooth muscles in the penis to relax, the blood vessels dilate and the blood flow increases.

Ejaculation Frequency

Another important factor which determines how much semen you produce each time you ejaculate, is the frequency of your ejaculations. If you orgasm 2-3 times a day, then the amount will be much less compared to once a day. Waiting longer than 3 days generally doesn't result in bigger loads, as your bodies already built up its maximum supply.

Edging techniques for Bigger Orgasms

Edging techniques after a short period of abstinence, will further contribute to increasing your semen volume. How do you edge? Well, edging is the practice of reaching the point of orgasm and then stopping. By stimulating your penis and testicles to the point of climax repeatedly, either during sex or masturbation, you'll be capable of producing much bigger loads and experiencing more powerful orgasms.

Edging, when combined with testicle enlargement massages, deep breathing exercises and kegels, can all greatly intensify your orgasms and volume size. Our program contains easy to follow guides, showing you how to ejaculate more semen and get more intense and powerful orgasms.

The average amount of ejaculate is 1.5-4ml, but its more than possible to increase this amount to an impressive 10+ ml on a consistent basis. Our members area contains all the information you need for ejaculating BIG loads, saving you hundreds on costly and ineffective pills.

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