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Does Jelqing Work to Increase Your Penis Size?

More men are now beginning to discover the amazing benefits of natural exercises. These methods not only help to add length but they also add thickness to your penis.

The question is "Does Jelqing Work?" and the answer is Yes! So, just what exactly is Jelqing? The Jelq is an exercise which helps to increase penis girth. Jelqing is one of the cornerstone enlargement techniques, which has grown in popularity, and garnered respect among many natural penis exercise enthusiasts. It's performed using both hands, with the primary focus being on engorging the corpora cavernosa with more blood.

The More Blood Your Penis Can Hold the Bigger it Gets

The size of your erection is determined by the amount of blood your penis can hold and by the length of your suspensory ligaments. When you increase the flow of blood entering the penis using the jelq, the cells gradually divide and multiply resulting in new tissue growth being formed.

Stretching exercises, when used in conjunction with Jelqing, can really help to thicken and lengthen the penis over the course of just a few months. It's been said that Jelqing originated from Eastern cultures and was used for many hundreds of years. It's believed that Arabic men taught their sons this practice whilst growing up, to make them better equipped to please their women. There's little evidence regarding this, but it works and that's all that matters

The Jelq Works but Beginners Should Keep Intensity Low

These girth exercises can put quite a bit of pressure on the penis when they're first used. For this reason, beginners should always start out using these exercises lightly. By distributing the force across the whole shaft, you're less likely to accidentally rupture the delicate blood vessels. If in any doubt about how to proceed correctly, then video tutorials can be watched to allow better a understanding.

The first month of exercising, intensity should be kept fairly low to avoid any problems with erectile health. One of the most commonly reported issues among men who first begin jelqing, is their erections are not as hard as they previously were. This is naturally of grave concern when sexual activities are commenced and the penis doesn't respond to stimuli as normal. This often temporary state of impotence is perfectly normal for many men to experience in the early days.

Rest Days Are Important For Growth and Repair

The good news is that the penis soon repairs any light damage which may have been caused within only a few days of rest. When we say rest, we mean no jelqing or exercise of any kind. Just like your muscles, when any part of the body is over trained, it becomes exhausted and requires time out to heal. The penis, although durable, can be especially sensitive in the early days to these kinds of demands placed on it through your workouts.

Train smart and stay safe, and you will soon reach your p.e goals in no time, and without compromising the health of your penis. If you're looking for the best jelqing results possible, then our step by step guide on how to jelq will teach you everything you need to know for all natural penis growth.

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