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How Can I Make My Penis Bigger? From Rocks To Exercises Story

Making the penis bigger, both in thickness and in length, has now become the male improvement goal of choice for many thousands of inch hungry men worldwide.

These penis size obsessed men populate all corners of the globe, from young to old, from black to white, these men all share one special common bond; the desire to develop and own a thicker, longer penis by whatever means possible. Nothing can possibly stand in the way of their magnificent quest.

For some men though, this pursuit of adding size to their penis and being much bigger than before, has turned into nothing less than a military operation. A special assignment that can take many painstaking years of time, effort and money, to allow them to finally reach their much sought after goals.

Man’s Journey to Make His Penis Larger

This is the new age of Male Enhancement. Modern man is now following in the footsteps of long forgotten tribes, from some of the most remote corners of the world. A time when young men would practice the sacred ritual of penis enlargement from the age of puberty right through to adulthood.

This long held custom involved the use of heavy stones and rocks, which were carefully wrapped and secured to the end of the young boys penis with lengths of twine. These heavy objects would help to keep the flaccid penis stretched out longer for many hours each day.

light bulb moment

Although hundreds of years have passed, perhaps even thousands, since man first attempted to enlarge his penis through using different methods, the core principle of enlargement still remains the same today.

Elongation of the penis, as with other body parts, such as arms and legs, is quite possible through continuous traction, which causes microscopic tears to appear, which then heal and grow bigger.

This process of cell division and enlargement with bones and skin, has been scientifically tested and demonstrated to work by doctors and surgeons for many years.

When a constant stretch is applied to any given body part for a period of weeks, sometimes months, cellular division begins to occur, and the body part stretches and expands beyond its original dimensions.

Men no longer have to risk the health of their manhood by tying heavy rocks to the end of the penis. The male enhancement industry has grown to the point, where it now offers a bountiful selection of products designed to add those sought after inches to any discerning man’s pride and joy.

While some of these time tested enlargement methods may bear fruit, many on the other hand fall short of the mark. The range of options available for the casual beginner can easily be over-whelming, and include such things as pills, pumps, extenders and weights.

For those determined men who continue to seek the holy grail answer to that all elusive question of “how can I make my penis bigger?” then natural penis enlargement exercises (N.P.E.E) may be the answer. These ligament stretching exercises have gradually risen in popularity over the last several years, as a safe and reliable method of enlargement, that uses only your hands.

Exploring Ancient Practices: From Prehistoric Penile Rituals to Modern Sex Tech

In the twilight of human antiquity, amidst the rugged landscapes of hunter-gatherer societies, primal instincts mingled with rituals, shaping early sexual practices. Millennia before the advent of the written word, our ancestors etched their desires and understandings onto the canvas of existence.

From the prehistoric caves of the Bolling-Allerod Epipaleolithic era to the modern era of robotic companions, the evolution of human sexuality is as rich and diverse as the cultures that have shaped it. So, let’s explore some of the history, ideas and exercises to make your penis bigger.

Kegel Exercises and Ancient Erotica:


In the annals of human history, the Natufian cultures stand as testament to early sexual expression. Dorothy Garrod’s discovery of the Natufian peoples in 1928 unveiled a glimpse into their world, adorned with the intricate “Ain Sakhri” figurine, a relic of eroticism sculpted in calcite around 9,000 BCE.

This ancient artifact, depicting a couple in coitus, resonates with the primal energy of human intimacy, offering a window into the sexual practices of our forebears.

Jelqing, Stretching, and the Pursuit of Perfection:

Across time and cultures, the quest for penile enhancement and exercises to make penis bigger has taken many forms. From the woven devices of Polynesian tribes to the Arabic jelqing method, techniques aimed at increasing penile size have been woven into the fabric of human history.

Despite the lack of scientific consensus on their efficacy, these practices speak to humanity’s enduring fascination with the physical manifestation of virility and prowess.

Penis Pumps and the Modern Era:

As civilization advanced, so too did our methods of sexual augmentation. The advent of penis pumps heralded a new era of temporary enlargement, offering a glimpse into the possibilities of modern technology. While the effects may be transient, the allure of enhancement remains a potent force in the human psyche.

Robotics and the Future of Intimacy:

In the age of artificial intelligence and biomechanical engineering, humanity stands on the precipice of a new frontier in sexual expression.

From teledildonics to lifelike sex dolls, the boundaries of human intimacy are being redefined. As we navigate the complexities of this brave new world, ethical considerations loom large, challenging us to confront the implications of our creations.

Ancient Sexual Rituals and Beliefs:

Cave man painting

Before the dawn of recorded history, our ancestors navigated a world imbued with mysticism and reverence for the primal forces of nature. Sexual rituals played a central role in early societies, serving as rites of passage, fertility rites, and expressions of spiritual connection.

From the sacred temples of ancient Mesopotamia to the mysterious rites of the Egyptian pharaohs, sexuality was intertwined with religious belief and societal structure.

Artifacts and Artworks as Testaments to Early Sexuality:

The discovery of ancient artifacts and artworks offers invaluable insights into the sexual practices and beliefs of bygone civilizations. From the intricate carvings of prehistoric fertility symbols to the erotic sculptures of ancient India, these artifacts serve as tangible remnants of human sexuality throughout the ages.

Through careful analysis and interpretation, archaeologists and historians can reconstruct the sexual mores and taboos of ancient cultures, shedding light on the complexities of human behavior and desire.

Sacred Texts and Mythologies:

Across diverse cultures and civilizations, sacred texts and mythologies abound with tales of love, desire, and divine intervention. From the sensuous poetry of the Kama Sutra to the passionate myths of Greek and Roman gods, these narratives offer profound insights into the human experience of sexuality.

Through the lens of mythology, we glimpse the intricate tapestry of human emotions, from ecstasy to heartache, and the enduring quest for connection and transcendence.

Medical and Therapeutic Approaches in Ancient Times:


In addition to religious and cultural practices, ancient societies developed medical and therapeutic approaches to address sexual health and dysfunction.

From the healing temples of ancient Greece to the holistic traditions of traditional Chinese medicine, these ancient healing modalities encompassed a wide range of treatments, including herbal remedies, massage techniques, and spiritual rituals.

While their efficacy may vary by modern standards, these ancient practices reflect humanity’s enduring quest for physical and emotional well-being.

The Intersection of Sexuality and Power:

Throughout history, sexuality has been intertwined with power dynamics, social hierarchies, and notions of identity. From the extravagant displays of royal virility in ancient courts to the clandestine liaisons of forbidden lovers, the pursuit of sexual gratification often intersected with broader societal forces.

Exploring the nexus of sexuality and power offers valuable insights into the dynamics of gender, class, and authority in human societies, illuminating the complexities of human relationships and social structures.

Contemporary Perspectives and Challenges:

As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, our understanding of sexuality continues to evolve, shaped by scientific advancements, cultural shifts, and social movements. From the emergence of LGBTQ+ rights to the proliferation of online pornography, contemporary society grapples with a myriad of issues related to sexual identity, expression, and ethics.

By engaging in open dialogue and critical reflection, we strive to create a more inclusive and equitable world where all individuals can express their sexuality freely and authentically.


From the ancient caves of our ancestors to the virtual landscapes of tomorrow, the evolution of human sexuality is a tapestry woven with threads of desire, curiosity, and innovation. As we peer into the depths of our past and gaze towards the horizons of our future, may we continue to explore, understand, and celebrate the myriad expressions of human intimacy that unite us across time and space.

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