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Porn Movies don’t make my Erections as Hard Anymore


I am writing you this email because I think I need some help, and I have no one else I can confide in. I am a 21 year old guy living in the UK. I developed a habit of watching porn movies when I was younger with my friends. We would spend nights at each other’s houses and watch DVDs. Naturally, we would masturbate. This started to become our daily routine, as all of us got quite obsessed with the habit.

Last year, my family and I moved to another neighborhood. I still remember those porn nights. Sometimes I stealthily bring DVDs into my room and watch them. But the problem is, I do not become as hard anymore, and sometimes I struggle just getting any type of erection period.

Initially, I used to get a very healthy and enviable erection, which continued in my new home also, but since the last two months, my erections have dwindled to the point of nothingness, causing much distress! I watch the porn movie and am fully aroused in my head, but that doesn’t show in my organ, which sometimes remains limp. Even otherwise, it takes a long time rising to the occasion.

I also remember I used to have morning erections. Earlier, I had them so bad, I needed to squeeze my organ on the bed with my thighs in order to get some relief. But lately, I see my organ remains limp when I get up.

I had a girlfriend that gave me oral sex last week. Surprisingly, I had a very good erection, just as before. But when I tried to penetrate her, the erection just fizzled out. It is strange because when I penetrate her, my organ is hard from her oral sex, but within a few seconds of remaining in her vagina, it goes limp and just slips out.

Another of my sexual exploits that I think I must mention to complete the picture is that I have used a vacuum pump to masturbate. When I used to do it with my friends watching porn, one of them brought in the pump one night. I went somewhat mad with it, and pumped all through the night. My slightly curved penis was a little uncomfortable in the pump, but the pain was worth the pleasure that night.

Now my basic problem is with my loss of erection. Could you tell me some products or a natural way I can use to have my erection back?

Our Answer

Hello and thank you for your question! First and foremost, let me tell you that I have found a twinge of guilt in your question. Are you guilty about all those nights with your friends? Well, if you are, let me tell you, you needn’t be. It is very normal to be sexually inquisitive when you’re younger, and every boy does something like that or the other. It is very important that you come out of your guilt, because the brain does play a very important role in all sexual functions in the human body.

Now, coming to your problem, I think you are suffering from a psycho-physiological disorder. Okay, sorry, no medical lingo! I am talking about your loss of erections. Your problem is not related just to your organ. The brain is also involved in a major way. There is high chance that the adventure of the nights out made the masturbation more fun to you. That explains why your male organ got more aroused when you would sneak out and watch porn with your friends and masturbate.

You have probably got hooked to that, and now doing it alone does not have the same adventure for you. It happens with all of us. We begin relating something with sex, and then we get aroused more when that happens. It’s as simple as, someone gets aroused with a particular scent, because that holds a relation for him with the sexual act. That said, watching too much porn can sometimes lead to desensitization, especially to the real thing. Often a break for a few weeks every now and then, can help you get your erections back to their former glory.

I also have a very small doubt – you have to analyze that, of course, without getting offended – that you have some latent homosexual tendencies. Perhaps that explains why doing it with your same friends made you harder. There is a chance you don’t like boys explicitly, but there could be some passive tendencies. That also would explain why you like the oral sex with your girlfriend, but lost the erection when you penetrated her. But you will have the better answer for that. Are you really turned on by women more than men?

And then, there could be a perfectly medical answer too. Your increased habit – you mentioned toying around violently with a pump – may have damaged your parasympathetic nerve endings. If that has happened, then the brain is not able to send the proper signals to make your penis erect. This is a very common case observed in people who have used vacuum pumps. And you have been very active with it, I suppose.

Now, you will need treatment on several counts. For starters, you have to improve your erection and increase your libido. Natural penis enlargement exercises can help in this situation. Also, some natural herbal supplements like Maca and Ashwagandha which is a herb that works for both these things. Ashwagandha is an Indian herb, the Withania somnifera, also popular as the Indian ginseng in the western market. Butea Superba is also very effective in these. Lastly, your problems are not too severe yet, but you have to take care. You can try masturbating when you are fully aroused. Especially after these remedies, there’s a good chance your sexual prowess will be back as before.

Penile Enlargement Training: The Pathway to Sexual Happiness and a Bigger Penis

So, do these exercises really work?

To answer that question we need to look at how the penis works and how the exercise causes the enlargement. The penis is an organ filled with a massive network of vessels and erectile tissues that fill up with blood when the penis is erect. Lots of different kinds of lifestyle and dietary factors can cause these tissues to become blocked or dysfunctional, thus leading to a smaller and weaker penis. The tissue system which houses the penises blood supply during the erection phase is called the Corpora Cavernosa. The healthier you are, the healthier and larger your erections will be.

Even if you are not in a sexual relationship your penis still needs the right kind of exercise to grow bigger, to not only keep the blood flowing freely, but to expand the capacity of the blood vessels and increase their size. When you increase the tissues capacity for blood holding, your whole penis will get gradually grow bigger and stronger. And when we say ‘exercise’, we’re not talking about masturbation. Healthy though masturbation is for males of any age, the simple rhythmic motion of masturbating your penis will not unfortunately enlarge your penis.

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises do work, but they won’t have your penis growing inches or even centimeters every day. The same as lifting weights at home or in the gym won’t add permanent and noticeable size to your muscles at the end of each workout. It’s the accumulative effects of training for weeks and months which gradually adds that ‘hard earned’ size you notice in the mirror. And this is exactly the same with Penile Enlargement Training. What we always suggest is to take accurate measurements of your erect penis when you start on day one, and then measure it on a monthly basis to see if you can see a difference.

You need to measure it from where the shaft protrudes from the body until the end of the tip to get an accurate measurement, and it may be a good idea to keep a note of your progress. Do not round up or down even a millimeter of the measurement, do it exactly as it says on the measuring tape, as the progress may only start in millimeters to begin with. Remember that there are 10 millimeters in a centimeter, and 2 ½ centimeters in an inch, meaning you are only 25 millimeters away from a penis that is one inch larger and noticeably harder.

If you maintain a healthy diet, full of the vitamins and minerals that are recommended to repair damaged tissues and promote growth like vitamin C and E, it can sometimes only be a matter of weeks before you see a change. Not only in how it looks and measures, but also in how your penis feels.

How do I get started with Natural Penis Enhancement Exercises?

Well, the best way really is a bit like any other exercise routine. Find a reputable guide that can recommend a workout plan tailored to your needs, and use that to learn what to do and stick with it. It’s imperative that you stick with the workouts for at least 6 months to give them a chance to work. If you grow impatient and throw the towel in too early, then you’ll deny yourself the chance of seeing real growth. If you get bored or find the exercises tedious, then switch up your workout or play some music to stave off tedium… It will be worth it in the end.

It is best to use a professional penis exercise program like the DreamPenisGuide, and take some time practicing the techniques on a daily basis until you are completely used to them. Start slowly, these exercises have the potential to grow your penis and increase your confidence, so there is no point in rushing them and ending up causing damage to your penis. Penis enlargement is a gradual process that takes time to make your penis bigger, so your patience will be rewarded.

If you plan to start on a 15 minute exercise routine a day, using gentle strokes and reduced numbers of repetitions until you are used to it and then work up slowly to about 30 minutes. You can do these exercises every day to keep your penis healthy and strong. When you do the exercises which are most commonly known as jelqing, it is a good idea to finish the routine off with an ejaculation. This helps to clean out your system and keeps your sperm fresh and active. It also gives you a feeling of relief and releases feel good chemicals that are vital for all the body’s systems.

Regular masturbation with emphasis on edging before eventual ejaculation can also help men who suffer with premature ejaculation. The process of continually drawing close to orgasm and then withdrawing before release, will retrain your ejaculatory system and program you mentally to take your time to orgasm. This will have a knock on effect in that you will feel more relaxed and comfortable in yourself about fulfilling your partners sexual needs as well as your own. As you can see, its not just about having a larger penis, its about being able to use what you have effectively.

So, you have decided to start with an exercise plan, but how can you be sure that you are doing it right? Make sure than when you invest in a program it comes with clear instructions with pictorial guidelines. The best courses have DVD presentations or video footage on their websites to help you learn the techniques. Do not be embarrassed or think there is anything pornographic about the exercises or the videos.

This is just another exercise plan for working out a crucial organ in your body. One that often gets taken for granted, but one that is of supreme importance in keeping your body and your psychological state happy and healthy. If you are in a relationship, talk about your concerns with your partner and enlist their help if possible with the exercises. This can help increase the intimacy in your relationship and will also help prevent problems if your partner comes in and finds you in the middle of your program.

This could easily be construed as masturbation if your partner finds you doing it without proper explanation about what you’re doing. Remember, The best relationships are ones where communication is a path to progress and harmony in all aspects of life. Get started today with your natural penis enlargement exercise workouts, and see the difference they can make to your sexual well being and confidence.

What You Need To Know About Men’s Prostate Health

Although there is much talk about the prostate and how it can affect men’s health, few people actually know where it is or what it does.  Prostate diseases can cause problems for men, especially for those over the age of 40, but when caught early, they are usually quite treatable and non-life-threatening.

The prostate is a small gland, located in the pelvic area.  It is technically a part of your reproductive organs and is responsible for the production of as much as three-quarters of the fluids that make up your semen.  As a boy enters puberty, the gland will start to grow quickly and then, once he reaches adulthood, it will all but stop.

Once a man reaches the age of forty, though, his prostate will start to grow again and likely never stop expanding.  Although about 50% of men will never have a problem with their larger prostate, the other half will develop some form of prostate disease.  The prostate can be felt during a rectal exam, meaning that a routine prostate exam ranks pretty low on most men’s list of things to do.  When measured against the pain and risk of death from advanced prostate disease, however, the prospect of a brief medical exam should start to look at least a little bit less horrifying.

One of the most common diseases of the prostate is benign prostatic hyperplasia, also known as BPH or an enlarged prostate.  This is a condition that can make it difficult or uncomfortable to urinate and create a frequent and urgent need to go to the bathroom.  It’s not a cancerous condition and is usually more of a source of discomfort than anything else, but in severe cases it can lead to incontinence or bladder stones.

The most common cancer in men is of the prostate, but due to its slow growth prostate cancer is far less often a killer of the men that it affects.  Normally, this is a very treatable form of cancer when detected early.  Signs are similar to those of BPH but they may also include blood in the semen or urine and chronic pain in the thighs or midsection.

Finally, prostatitis is when the prostate becomes inflamed due to infection, muscle spasms, or unknown causes.  There is both bacterial and non-bacterial prostatitis and research is ongoing into how and why this gland becomes irritated, as well as ways to alleviate the problem.  While prostatitis can sometimes be difficult to diagnose, once it is, it is usually easily treatable.

Although the prostate is only a little larger than a walnut, this crucial little gland can create big problems if left unchecked. By staying vigilant with regular visits to your doctor and paying attention to the signs that your body sends you, you can mitigate the risk that prostate disease will impact you.

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