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The Penile Exercise Program That Improves Penis Health & Size

Since its launch in 2008, the DreamPenisGuide has steadily inched its way up the much maligned penis enlargement ladder, to become one of just a few trusted and reliable sources of natural male enhancement on the web. The proliferation of free information on how you can “gain inches easily”, continues to permeate every nook and cranny of the internet; all too often to the detriment and well-being of your penile health.

measuresPenis enlargement never has been and never will be a straight forward ‘one size fits all’ overnight process. You can be sure that your Success lies buried in the details: The more you know the more you grow. And it’s this attention to detail you need to focus on because it will determine how much you gain. If you’re not willing to invest the time to learn, then you may as well give up now on your idea of turning your 5 inch penis into a 7 or 8 inch penis.

So, whether your chosen path to a bigger penis is through hanging weights from your penis or performing penile exercises, your success of adding one or more inches solely depends on how much you know and your enthusiasm to succeed. Achieving your desired size through penile exercise doesn’t necessarily entail months of endless reading. But it does require you to flush your mind of all the misleading advertising and information you’ve seen of how you can gain “3-4 inches easily”, and instead beef up your knowledge banks on the fundamental basics.

The DreamPenisGuide is the all natural alternative to the risky $10,000+ penis enlargement surgery. Our enlargement guide contains all the videos, tutorials and workouts you’ll ever need to make permanent and impressive gains which easily surpass the meager 0.5-2cm achieved with surgery.  Our unique range of ligament stretching and corpora cavernosa expanding exercises can help strengthen and enlarge your penis by up to 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth. If you have trouble imagining how this increase in size would look, get a tape measure now and see the difference for yourself.

Our comprehensive guide walks you through every step of the penile enlarging process, leaving no stone unturned. By performing the exercises as instructed in our guide for no more than 20-30 minutes each day, you will gradually see your penis becoming longer, thicker, harder and healthier on a permanent basis (no shrinkage). Furthermore, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation will become issues of the past.

The DreamPenisGuide offers men a proven solution for penile inferiority and sexual inadequacy. All without the dangers and costly expenses of a surgeons knife. If you’re determined to rid yourself of the constant nagging worry of your size or sexual performance, and you’re prepared to invest at least 3-6 months into building a more confident you, then try DreamPenisGuide Today.

DreamPenisGuide Benefits

* Permanent Length and Girth Enlargement - Gain 1-3 inches with just a little time, effort and determination. For some men two or more inches may take longer than 6 months. However, armed with the right mindset and access to the right information, gains of 2+ inches can be easily achieved with our program as many of our clients have found out.

* End Sexual Dysfunction - The fear of ejaculating too quickly, losing an erection or problems with gaining one, will soon become worries of the past. Learn how to control your ejaculations and get much harder erections which last.

* Achieve Bigger and More Explosive Orgasms - Ever wondered how it would feel to ejaculate bigger loads to impress your partner just like the porn stars do? Well now you can find out without having to pay for over-priced semen enhancement pills that do little.

You can click here to become a member today. There are absolutely NO hidden or recurring fees, just a small one-off payment for lifetime access to our enlargement program. If you have any questions about our program or you experience any problems paying through Paypal, you can click here to contact us. Alternatively you can send an email to our free Hotmail account – or send us a private tweet on Twitter.

Does Penile Augmentation Surgery Work and is it Right For Me?

Life frequently presents us with situations that require decisions to be made, and its always our hope that we make the right ones. These everyday decisions which continually challenge us can be as basic as deciding what or where to eat, and watch to watch on the telly. These types of decisions are often the delightfully simple ones which can often be resolved on auto pilot with minimal time and effort on our parts.

But as we travel further up the sliding scale of decision making, the choices we make have a much larger impact on our lives, so they need to be considered more thoroughly. For many people, just the thought alone of buying a new home or car can often cause untold stress, worry and sleepless nights.

tape-measuresYet the implications of opting for any major cosmetic surgical procedure, can be just as life changing if not more so than buying a new home. As it can impact on you and your health more directly and significantly than any material purchase. The surgical procedure we’re going to discuss today is one of penile enhancement surgery.

The majority of men who have chosen to take the surgical route to a bigger penis, will likely have spent many many hours, possibly even months or years, deciding on this costly and potentially risky course of action. So, if you’re one of those men who are currently contemplating this path towards a bigger penis and a more confident you, then this article will hopefully make your journey go smoother.

Am I Too Small?

For the right candidates, penile augmentation can be more than a bespoke service pampering to the aesthetical whims of men’s vanity and low self esteem. Surgery may offer those men with real size issues improved sexual function and performance. Naturally, the question is what really constitutes a real issue in size? From an objective standpoint anything below 4 inches could start to hinder sexual performance and benefit from surgery. However, subjectively you could be any size and still feel you don’t measure up. As a guideline the average penis size is around 6 inches in length and 5 inches in girth.

The BIG Question Is: Is it Surgery or Therapy You Need?

If you’ve watched enough porn over the years and seen guys like John Holmes in action with his 9×7 inch penis, you may be forgiven for believing your small in comparison. However, the reality is quite different. Male porn actors are frequently picked because of their larger than average penis size. But the take home message here… is they’re large and you’re normal.

Naturally, lots of men would happily wave a magic wand to make themselves bigger. But sometimes in life learning to accept what you have and making the most of it, is the easier and happier path to travel.

Consider What Procedure You Want

The most common surgery for increasing penile length involves the suspensory ligament being cut. This is the ligament that’s responsible for holding the penis to the pelvic bone and angling the penis upwards. When the ligament is cut, it gives the appearance of a longer penis, often with up to 1-2 centimeters in extra length. However, the price, risk of complications and lowered erect penis angle need to be weighed against the benefit of this small increase in size.

For bigger gains beyond those achieved through surgery alone, you may need to hang weights after surgery. This practice also prevents scar tissue from building up and losing what you’ve gained through surgery. Whether the ends truly justify the means is something only you can decide.

Another surgical procedure involves injecting fat from the body into the penis to increase the width. Unfortunately with this procedure there are risks of the penis appearing lumpy and uneven. Also scarring which can impact the penis’ erectile function. Another problem is that the fat injection may not be permanent, with fat disappearing over time. This means repeat surgery and more money spent and time recovering.

Consider the Surgeon

Do some online research into the surgeon you’re interested in. More importantly, try and reach out to patients who have already undergone the procedure by the surgeon. Ask questions to find out how they feel and whether it was worth the risk and cost. Don’t just speak to one person, be bold and speak to as many people as you can. After all, its your penis on the chopping board and the health of your penis at stake.

Consider Alternatives

If you’re keen on the idea of surgery, but worried that the procedure may involve more costs than benefits, then it’s wise to consider some alternatives. Unfortunately, as many products aimed at men who want larger penises boast the ability to make astounding gains with a simple pill or cream, there’s little evidence to speak of.

As for penis enlargement exercises, there is plenty of evidence to show that these work very well, but only with time and effort. A man who is interested in getting a larger penis should consider all of the above and decide whether investing in a natural exercise program is worth it over surgery.

The Bearded Penis and Vagina – To Shave Or Not To Shave

Through the tall green grass he ambles on this bright autumnal day, lightly carving a trail for all those who dare follow in his footsteps this far from civilization. He casts his gaze upwards to the cloudless clear blue sky, allowing his face to bask in the warmth of the suns rays for just a few moments. He looks around and smiles as he hears only the sound of mother nature gently busying herself. A small stream lazily winding its way through the coppery leaved trees ahead, bees collecting their precious nectar from the last flowers of summer, and the birds cheerfully singing their songs.

Ahh peace, nothing to distract the mind, well nothing except for the pubic hair getting trapped under the seat of his pants and stuck inside his fly zipper. Enough is enough he thinks, when I get home I shall shave the whole lot off and rock the smooth shaven look. OK, now while the scene that serves as the catalyst for removal of one’s pubic hair will likely be far different to the one outlined here, many of you at some point in your lives will contemplate mowing your lawn for any number of reasons.
Up until the early 80’s, most female bodies were still proudly furnished with that most feminine crown of womanhood – the pubic bush. However, for the last 30 years or so, most women in the Western world have succumbed to the pressures of shaving their vagina to fit in to a body hair free obsessed society. Whether this pressure to shave comes from loved ones, peers or companies promoting the smooth look, more and more women and men are reaching for their razors and banishing their bush forever.

That prominent and seductive thatch of untamed womanly hair that once distinguished the young from the sexually mature, and offered sexual charm and character to an otherwise featureless landscape, has now for many years become unfashionable. It’s all about hygiene the advertising companies lamented, dizzy with dollar signs in their eyes. And those last vestiges of feminine wholesomeness in the 90’s were soon stripped away as people quickly conformed to a life of bare necessities below.

It wasn’t long before modern man followed down the same path, although for slightly different reasons to women. For those men who wanted to offer the illusion of having a larger penis, trimming the bush or even shaving it off completely could often achieve this look. Young or old, male or female, to shave or not to shave should be a matter of choice based ideally on how You feel, and not what others around you think or feel.

If you are thinking about shaving your bush, then there are many ways to do this without accidentally cutting yourself.

Electric trimmer - If you have one available, these can often prove a better solution for removing the long hair first. Although use with caution, as they can sometimes nick the skin and cause small cuts.

Electric shavers - Like the trimmers above, these do a near perfect job of removing all the left over stubble after trimming, leading to a nice smooth baby bum finish. The benefit of going the electric route is the time it saves you going to the bathroom and performing a wet soapy shave. This time quickly adds up if you’re shaving regularly to remove all the annoying itchy stubble everyday.

Hair removal cream - These creams have been a sure fire method for removing unwanted body hair for both men and women for many generations. Lots of women have probably already used different hair removal creams with varying success. Some of these creams can cause rashes and lead to skin becoming dry and sensitive, so they should be used with caution.

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