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What You Need To Know About Men’s Prostate Health

Although there is much talk about the prostate and how it can affect men’s health, few people actually know where it is or what it does.  Prostate diseases can cause problems for men, especially for those over the age of 40, but when caught early, they are usually quite treatable and non-life-threatening.

The prostate is a small gland, located in the pelvic area.  It is technically a part of your reproductive organs and is responsible for the production of as much as three-quarters of the fluids that make up your semen.  As a boy enters puberty, the gland will start to grow quickly and then, once he reaches adulthood, it will all but stop.

Once a man reaches the age of forty, though, his prostate will start to grow again and likely never stop expanding.  Although about 50% of men will never have a problem with their larger prostate, the other half will develop some form of prostate disease.  The prostate can be felt during a rectal exam, meaning that a routine prostate exam ranks pretty low on most men’s list of things to do.  When measured against the pain and risk of death from advanced prostate disease, however, the prospect of a brief medical exam should start to look at least a little bit less horrifying.

One of the most common diseases of the prostate is benign prostatic hyperplasia, also known as BPH or an enlarged prostate.  This is a condition that can make it difficult or uncomfortable to urinate and create a frequent and urgent need to go to the bathroom.  It’s not a cancerous condition and is usually more of a source of discomfort than anything else, but in severe cases it can lead to incontinence or bladder stones.

The most common cancer in men is of the prostate, but due to its slow growth prostate cancer is far less often a killer of the men that it affects.  Normally, this is a very treatable form of cancer when detected early.  Signs are similar to those of BPH but they may also include blood in the semen or urine and chronic pain in the thighs or midsection.

Finally, prostatitis is when the prostate becomes inflamed due to infection, muscle spasms, or unknown causes.  There is both bacterial and non-bacterial prostatitis and research is ongoing into how and why this gland becomes irritated, as well as ways to alleviate the problem.  While prostatitis can sometimes be difficult to diagnose, once it is, it is usually easily treatable.

Although the prostate is only a little larger than a walnut, this crucial little gland can create big problems if left unchecked. By staying vigilant with regular visits to your doctor and paying attention to the signs that your body sends you, you can mitigate the risk that prostate disease will impact you.

Masturbation: Improve Your Mood, Strengthen Your Immune System & Boost Vitality

Fortunately, many of us today live in a world where masturbation is no longer viewed as dirty or shameful.  In fact, modern research on the topic has uncovered a wide range of benefits that can be attributed to regular masturbation, from physical to psychological effects, leading experts to believe that our bodies are hard-wired to need orgasms in order to function at their optimum best.

Denying your body of a sexual release can actually inhibit your immune system, your reproductive vitality and your moods, leaving you open to dire results in some cases.  Respected sex experts acknowledge that for men who are single or who crave sex more often than their partner, the best alternative to a risky casual encounter with a stranger is a good session of self-pleasure.

For many men, the most obvious benefit of regular masturbation is the basic stress relief.  Men, particularly younger men who are experiencing higher levels of testosterone, are usually very aware of the association between ejaculation and tension release.

It hardly takes an extensive study to observe that men who masturbate more often can usually handle stress much better than those who abstain altogether, but science has shown that a climax actually releases oxytocin, an important hormone that regulates your feelings of happiness and well-being.

This indicates that not only can self-stimulation keep your daily stress levels down, it can also help to ward off anxiety and depression.

Many men don’t realize that masturbation can also help those who struggle with premature ejaculation in a couple of different ways.  First, it is literally a way to practice holding your climax without another person there to distract you.  As you develop the willpower to hold your orgasm for longer when you are alone, you will also naturally develop the ability to withhold it while with a partner.

Masturbation before the main event is also an effective way to eliminate some of the physical tension and sensitivity that can cause a premature climax.  Most men will last longer if they’ve had an orgasm within the last couple of hours, whether they are alone or with another person.

Finally, an Australian study from 2003 indicated that men who came more than five times per week were, on average, one-third less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who didn’t.   An orgasm not only flushes toxins and chemicals from your system, eliminating some cancer-causing elements that can build-up in the pelvic area, it also gets rid of older sperm in the semen and makes way for fresh, new reproductive juices to get flowing.

In this respect, masturbation can serve as an excellent method for improving the quality of your sperm and increasing your chances for reproduction.

While masturbation is still a topic considered taboo for social conversation, our understanding of its role in a healthy sex life has grown exponentially in recent years, allowing men to relax and enjoy the experience all the more.  By eliminating the needless guilt that’s associated with masturbation, you can finally have a better and more satisfying sex life overall.

How Pheromones Can Influence and Boost Your Sexual Attraction

If a weekend watching reality television isn’t enough to convince you that human beings are nothing more than animals, it’s time to take a look at the link between pheromones and human interaction, particularly at those that can help to determine the level of sexual attraction between potential partners.

Science has long recognized that pheromones can play a large part in the mating ritual of many species, from moths to chimps to people, and over time research into the topic has even provided solutions for those with a naturally low supply of the stuff.

These simple chemicals are produced by the body and they play a significant role in virtually all social efforts.  While pheromones that are related to sex appeal are the ones most people are familiar with, bear in mind that this isn’t their only role.

There are a lot of different pheromones that are produced by the body and they can all have different effects on both how you come across to others and on the reactions of the people around you.  Pheromones are present and active in the bonding ritual between a mother and her child and there are others that can suggest a friendly nature to others, making daily conversations more comfortable and relaxed.

In the same way that pheromones can make you seem more approachable to a new platonic friend, they can also suggest a readiness for sexual relationships to a potential partner.  Male sex pheromones will usually indicate some level of dominance and protection toward their partner, while female sex pheromones indicate her body’s most fertile time.

Pheromones are normally most present in the regions of the body that produce hair, giving them the advantage of a medium that naturally retains odors for longer periods of time.  While they don’t have a distinct smell, scientific studies have shown that there is a unique region of our nasal cavity that is readily able to pick up on the presence of even small doses of pheromones.

The Vomeronasal Organ, or VMO, is a small but crucial organ of the nose that indicates to the brain which pheromones it is detecting from those you are interacting with. From there, your brain determines which responses are appropriate and begins to act on them.

Although pheromones can help let others know that you are available and interested, it’s also true that a lack of them can lead others to assume that you have no desire for them.  Fortunately, modern science has produced synthetic pheromones that can be applied in a cologne spray to help anyone with a deficiency come across as more vital and attractive.  With this and a better understanding of how pheromones can influence your attractiveness, it’s now easier than ever before to use the power of these bodily chemicals to your advantage.

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