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How To Put a Condom on Without Losing Your Erection

Putting on a condom without losing your erection is actually easier than it would seem.  There are just a few things that it’s best to know ahead of time so you can stay hard while you’re getting covered.

First, don’t stress out.  Stressing out is going to make you nervous and getting nervous is a hard-on killer.  Younger men face this issue especially, due to simple inexperience.  Just relax and go a little slow.  That’s easier said than done, to be sure, but with time and practice you’ll find that sex in general is better when you occasionally slow down and focus on what you’re doing.  Let putting on the condom be one of those times.

Second, know where the rubbers are.  Have them as handy as possible so that you aren’t scrounging around at the last second looking for them.  The sheer time it saves is enough of a reason to do it, but when you factor in the unsexy fumbling about in the nude in front of a new partner, this advice becomes sage wisdom. Feeling humiliated is not generally conducive to maintaining an erection for most guys.

Third, get good and hard.  Use any foreplay that you two are into in order to get yourself as stiff as possible.  Trying to put a condom on a half-hard penis is an effort that is just going to put a damper on what you do having going on.  Instead of diving right into the main event, once again, slow down and take your time.  A side benefit to following this suggestion is that you may find that you can get to know your partner better during foreplay than you can during intercourse.

Fourth and final, ask for a hand, so to speak.  Let your partner give you some manual stimulation while you’re opening the package and ask if they’re down with helping you put it on.  Some women are very adept at this and you might learn a thing or two from her.  It’s totally counter to mission to pressure someone you’re about to have sex with, however.  If they get anxious, you’re probably going to get at least a little anxious as well.  Which takes us back to the first rule, don’t stress out.  But don’t stress your partner out either.

By following the suggestions here and becoming more sexually experienced, you’ll likely find that you soon have no problem maintaining an erection while putting on a condom.

I Found Blood in My Semen – What Does It Mean?

The most natural reaction for any man who has found blood in his semen is most assuredly sheer panic.  It’s actually not at all uncommon for men to experience this particular symptom however, known as hematospermia, at some point in their lives.  The good news is that it is most often benign and it does not necessarily need to be a cause for immediate alarm.

There are many health-related issues which can present themselves with symptoms like blood in the semen.  A lot of them can last for several weeks, but the more minor problems will normally clear themselves over time.  It is obviously best to consult with your doctor in order to rule out anything that will need to be treated, though hematospermia can sometimes occur without any known medical cause behind it.

A urinalysis would generally be the first step in finding a diagnosis, followed by blood work.  If more tests are necessary, it would be normal to look for answers with a cystoscopy, an ultrasound of the prostrate and bladder or a prostrate biopsy.  Once medical testing has eliminated the possibility of a serious illness, it is usually regarded as something to keep an eye on, but not an imminent threat.

Men over the age of 40 will want to be a little more vigilant about seeing their doctor, as will anyone with a family or personal history of cancer of the bladder, prostrate or reproductive organs.  Also, those who are finding a lot of blood in their semen, or who are experiencing it on a recurring basis should make an appointment to have some testing done.  Persistent hematospermia, lasting more than a couple of months, can also be a sign of something a more serious.

The most obvious cause of blood in semen to most men is trauma to the testicles or to the prostate.  If there has been a recent incident involving injury to the groin or prostrate, there is a very good chance that you will experience this symptom.

Urinary tract infections, prostatitis and benign prostrate hypertrophy are just a few of the illnesses that can cause hematospermia.  Also, STD’s like chlamydia and gonorrhea are common causes.  In these cases, treating the underlying issue should solve the issue.

The most uncommon diagnosis for men who find blood in their semen is  cancer of the prostrate, bladder or reproductive organs.  This is just not usually a sign of cancer, especially in men under 40.

While it’s obviously alarming to discover blood in your semen, it doesn’t have to mean that there is something terribly wrong.  A doctor’s visit will likely bring a good deal of relief to most men who are experiencing this symptom and for anyone to whom it doesn’t, bear in mind that detecting cancer and other treatable illnesses sooner is always better than later.

Ways to Increase Libido in Men – Get the Blood Pumping For Love Again!

There are so many ways to increase male libido, with everything from pills to creams available, that it can be overwhelming to try and decide on a safe, effective method.  But with the causes for a decrease in men’s sex drive varying wildly, there’s likely not a one-size-fits-all solution to this problem.

A low sex drive can indicate larger health problems, like depression, or it can be a frustrating side effect of many commonly prescribed medications, such as those used to treat blood pressure and depression.  It can also be a normal part of getting older, as testosterone levels begin to drop.  Whatever the cause of lowered libido, it can generally be treated and overcome in time.

The doctor’s office is a great place to start in a search for answers.  A general checkup can often help find the problem, though some testing may be necessary.  It’s best to consult with a doctor that you’re comfortable discussing your sex life with and to be as honest as you can with them.  After all, finding the source of a diminished sex drive is half the battle.

Consider herbal supplements and other natural methods for increasing your libido.  There are several herbs that have been used to treat ED for centuries, with gingko biloba and yohimbe leading the pack.  Definitely discuss this course of treatment with your doctor, though, as some can have nasty side effects or interactions with other medications.

There are also exercises that men can do to help promote a healthier sex drive.   Both the ballooning technique and edging have a devoted following of fans who claim that these practices not only increased their desire to have sex, it also made them have larger, longer-lasting erections.

There are also a number of prescription medications available to treat a diminished sex drive and male impotence.  Viagra and Cialis are two of the most commonly used pills on the market for this purpose, but there are several more as well.  A physician will have to give you a prescription for these medicines upon their determination that you are in good health.  These pills can have side effects that are dangerous to those with some health issues.

No matter what the cause of a lowered libido, it’s often just a matter of a little detective work to find a solution to the problem.  With the help of a good doctor, though, those who suffer can usually find at least one method to increase their sex drive quickly, safely and effectively.

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