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Spice Up Your Masturbation With 5 New and Exciting Techniques

Many of us are creatures of habit. Whether its taking the same route to work everyday, eating the same meal or simply pleasuring ourselves in the same old way. It’s worked well this way for many years, so why should we change? As the old saying goes: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. This may be true to a point, however, if you don’t open the door to new experiences, you’ll never know what you may be missing out on.

Whether its trying tasty new recipes in the kitchen or experimenting with exciting new ways to make love or masturbate in the bedroom, it can all help to broaden your appreciation of what life has to offer. And experimenting with masturbation is no exception when it comes to seeing how green the grass is on the other side. Masturbation techniques are often learned from a young age and usually remain the same as the years roll by. Yet, there are many different methods that may help to add a bit more spice to an otherwise jaded jerking off routine.

As you’ll see below, there can be a little more variation when it comes to masturbation than the standard five knuckle shuffle, that probably most men have been practicing since the Stone Age. So why not switch things up now and then with these five new tail tickling techniques, to help keep things fun and fresh when you’re enjoying some alone time.

1. The Hand. This chilling yet thrilling masturbation technique is a real Halloween treat, that’s sure to get your tail in a spin and your heart racing. A method once only known to just a select few in hushed circles, has now grown in popularity as more men hear about it through the grapevine. When it comes to masturbation, the trick is to deceive your penis into believing your hand is a vagina, or a woman’s hand for that matter.

So, “The Hand” method draws neatly on this premise by offering your penis something it doesn’t feel is already a part of you. Here’s how its done: Sit on which ever hand you plan to use until it goes numb and loses sensation, then put it to work. At first it may be awkward masturbating when your hand is numb, but with a bit of practice it becomes easier and feels like the hand truly belongs to someone else.

2. The Eternal Vagina. A quirky spin on the basic five knuckle shuffle we all know and love. However, instead of keeping only one hand clamped to your penis in a rhythmic up and down motion, this method utilizes both hands. The way its performed is like this: Apply a little lubrication to both hands, and then slide the first hand down the penis using a loose or tight fisted grip. As soon as the glands pops into view, slide the other hand down the penis to the base of the shaft. Continue this action of alternating between both hands until the inevitable climatic finale.

3. Hot Dog. Who doesn’t love a nice frankfurter served hot on a bun? Well, this method that we’ve aptly named the “Hot Dog”, calls into play your belly and one lubed up hand which acts as the bun. Your penis then gets comfortably sandwiched between these two opposing forces to create the much needed heat and friction. It’s simple: Get an erection then lay it flat against your stomach, and then use the hand with lubrication to rhythmically rub your penis. You can start with just one finger, then ratchet up the sensation by adding more and rubbing in different directions. It’s delightfully simple yet highly effective.

4. The Lonely Hand. Whether you’re right or left handed, it’s quite possible that you’ve neglected the other weaker hand for many years when its come to ‘play time’. The idea behind this method of masturbation, is to bring your less dominant hand to the party to enjoy the fun. Aside from giving your main shuffle hand a break, it offers your penis a refreshing experience by shifting the sensation of pressure, angle and speed. Your penis has been used to being handled by the same hand for many years, so this will come as a welcome relief.

5. The Mattress Mistress. We’ve saved the best to last here, with our 5 fun and inventive ways to masturbate. Some of you may of already heard about this awesome ‘hands free’ technique before. Whatever you choose to call it, when it comes to masturbation, it really is about as close as you’ll ever get to feeling like its the real thing.

Here’s the basic setup: Find a soft towel or something similar and place it folded between the base of the bed and the mattress. Next, insert your erect penis between aforementioned and start thrusting. You can experiment with this method by lubing up the material, or placing weights on the bed for a snugger and tighter fit. The only limit here is your imagination, so enjoy!

The Basics of Penis Anatomy – How Your Penis Works

Over millions of years evolution has designed a masterpiece of anatomical engineering in the form of the male penis. Whether its duty is to expel waste liquids, bring new life into the world, or enjoy the carnal pleasures of copulation, the penis can do it all.

However, few men properly understand the mechanics of how their seemingly simple tool of pleasure works, so below we’ll delve a little deeper into the basics of penile anatomy.

Aside from the flesh, ligaments, nerves, smooth muscle and blood vessels etc, the main structures of the penis are as follows:

Penis Anatomy diagramCorpora cavernosa - These are the two main blood holding chambers which run parallel at the top of the penis. The Corpora cavernosa is filled with an intricate network of erectile tissue which becomes engorged with blood upon arousal, causing the penis to become erect.

Corpus spongiosum – This chamber runs the length of the penis beneath the Corpora cavernosa chambers and houses the urethra. Its primary function is to expel urine and semen out of the body. Attached to the end of these three chambers is the head of the penis called the glans. The distinctive mushroom shaped area is covered with nerves which aid in the sexual stimulation of the penis.

Tunica - The Corpora cavernosa and Corpus spongiosum are housed within the tunica, which acts as a tough but pliable protective sheath snugly encasing these three chambers. Through natural penis enlargement, the tunica is forced to repeatedly expand by pumping more blood into the Corpora cavernosa under pressure. This is a gradual process which ultimately leads to a wider and thicker penis.

How Erections Work

The penis is certainly one of the grooviest of body-parts, in that when it becomes excited it completely changes form. It goes from being a sullen shrunken piece of flesh cowering beneath the testicles, to a proud hard quivering pole signalling its excitement.

The stimulus to create an erection in a healthy male can be triggered fairly easily through any number of channels. A simple fleeting thought can be all it takes to cause sexual excitement, for the penis to stiffen with anticipation. Sound, touch, sight and smell can all have the same stimulatory effect.

Once the brain registers the signal, its swiftly dispatched down the spinal cord and into the pelvic nerves and the blood-supplying arteries which feed the corpora cavernosa. The large network of smooth muscle and spongy erectile fibers relax and fill with freshly oxygenated blood. This deceptively simple, yet highly intricate automated process can all happen in only seconds.

Once the Corpora cavernosa is filled to its maximum capacity, the tunica stretches and blocks off the outflow of blood. This process helps to increase the circulatory pressure, thereby keeping the freshly pumped blood locked in place to create a sufficiently hard and strong erection capable of penetration.

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Erections Healthier and Stronger

While a large penis may be on the top of many guys ‘wish list’, it’s essentially the power of the penis (erection strength) that conquers its quarry and wins the day! Combine the two;  size and strength, and it becomes the perfect marriage.

Now for many guys, especially the younger ones, strong healthy erections are commonplace and taken for granted. They’ll routinely experience erections throughout the day. However, once these men start to age and their life’s are plagued with episodes of impotence due to unhealthy lifestyles, they realize just how much they took their once strong youthful erections for granted. Impotence can ruin your confidence, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Aside from the many penile exercises for improving size and strength that our program offers, there are some positive steps that any man can take to improve the quality of their erections. It’s about making small sustainable changes to your lifestyle, changes which you can easily implement without feeling overwhelmed. In time, these small changes can add up and have a big impact on your sexual health, confidence and quality of life.

So let’s take a look at 4 easy ways for improving the strength of your erections…

Cut Down or Stop Smoking – You won’t hear the words “cut down” written in many male sexual health articles. For those men who have a blase attitude about giving up smoking, our experience has shown that cutting back at the very least, can pave the way to some fairly positive benefits in erectile health. Of course your body would be thankful if you gave up completely, but if it boils down to a choice between refusing to give up or reducing your intake for the benefit of your love life, it becomes a no brainer.

The American Heart Association says that smoking causes plaque to build-up in the arteries. The medical term for this condition is known as atherosclerosis, and will eventually slow down and block the blood flow, thus leading to inevitable circulatory issues which includes the dreaded erection killer, impotence!

Sleep, Sleep a Chance To Dream - Instead of opting for 4 or 5 hours a night of restless broken sleep, do it right! Get to bed earlier every now and then. Turn all the lights of. Use earplugs if you’re sleep is being disturbed. And avoid too much caffeine right before bedtime. Basically, the idea here is to treat your body to a luxurious 7 to 9 hours of deep restful sleep. The better quality of sleep you get, the better your body can repair itself. With the right conditions, your penis wakes up and repairs itself for several hours each night. The body pumps fresh oxygenated blood into your penis, restoring its vigor and vitality. That’s how important ‘good sleep’ is.

Exercise Daily (Or a Few Times a Week, at Least) – What’s good for your heart is good for your penis. Not only do you experience the feel good factor from the release of endorphins when you exercise, but research clearly shows that getting out for a walk in the clean fresh air for as little as 25 minutes a day, really can work wonders for your psychological and physical health. Regular exercise has a positive impact on your cardiovascular system, which in turn helps to produce stronger erections.

Lose Some Weight - Any doctor will tell you about how being overweight can have a detrimental effect on the quality of your erections. We believe baby steps are more important than massive leaps of faith which can often be doomed to disaster. So don’t focus on losing multiple stones/kilos, just relish instead in every pound you lose, and know that with each pound lost your health and your erections will improve. Being overweight can also lower testosterone levels, an essential male hormone required for powering up your erections.

So there you have it. Introduce these small changes into your life, and reap the rewards with a happy healthier you, and an improved sex life!

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