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Welcome to the DreamPenisGuide™

Permanent Results

DreamPenisGuide is a 100% All Natural Penile Exercise Program, that can help improve your size and sexual performance.

Forget pills, pumps and risky surgery. Our online program shows you the natural way to safely increase your penis length and girth, experience stronger erections, end premature ejaculation, and get bigger and more powerful ejaculations.

Done in the comfort and privacy of the home using only your hands, these natural exercises and techniques will give lasting results in just a few short months. We offer exclusive access to the latest video instructional tutorials, and penis workout routines. If you've tried other methods without seeing results... Try us.


A Bigger Penis Naturally!

Starting with the beginners workout routine, you'll learn about the basic exercises which help to promote penile growth. This stage conditions the smooth muscle, ligaments, skin, blood vessels and other parts of your penis for the more advanced workouts.

female on top

Our methods gradually stretch the ligaments longer, and pull forward some of the hidden inner penis. These small increments in size add up to visible gains in the erect and flaccid state, and will last a lifetime.

Our program also features methods which focus on expanding your girth. By gradually developing the blood holding capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa and stretching the Tunica, the penis can accommodate more blood. This results in a permanent expansion of your penile circumference.

We remove all the guesswork, by providing you with clear instructions, videos, pictures and tutorials. There are many products which claim to add size to your penis, but few compare to our natural penis enlargement program. Unlike other sites, we don't make silly promises about how you can gain several inches in just a few weeks. Just like any part of your body, the penis needs time to grow.

So, whether you're looking to add more length or girth, or just improve your sexual health and performance, the DreamPenisGuide™ can help. Just follow the program and see each of your personalized goals met in only a few short months. With thousands of satisfied men worldwide, you can be sure the DreamPenisGuide™ delivers results.


5 Reasons To Choose Us

bullet 99.6% Customer Success Rate
Our customer success rate (sales vs. returns) means you can be sure our program delivers results.

Risk free

bullet Six Month Money Back Guarantee
Our program comes with a money back guarantee if you don't see results. This means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

bullet 24/7 Customer Support
Day or night, if you need help there is always someone ready to answer any questions you may have.

bullet Unlimited Lifetime Membership
One low payment gives you lifetime access to our members area. No monthly charges and No hidden extras.

bullet Natural, Safe and Permanent Results
There are many different factors which can affect gains: Over-training, under-training, training intensity, technique and so on. Our program contains everything you need to grow naturally and safely.


A Permanent Lengthening Of Your Penis
Our program shows you the safe, natural and correct way to lengthen your penis by 1-3 inches, using the most effective stretching techniques available.

A Permanent Thickening Of Your Penis
A thicker penis complements a longer penis, and offers more pleasure due to the larger surface area in contact with the vaginal walls and nerve endings. Our natural enlargement program thickens your penis permanently.

Longer lasting and more powerful orgasms
Our program enhances your orgasms. By strengthening your pubococcygeus muscle, your orgasmic contractions become more intense & explosive. Your ejaculations grow bigger & more forceful, making sex more enjoyable.

Improved Sexual Stamina And Sex Drive
Premature ejaculation can be a thing of the past with our unique training program. Our natural techniques offer you complete ejaculation control, helping you to last longer in bed and experience greater sexual satisfaction.

Stronger And Harder Erections
It makes no difference how big or small your penis is, if you cannot "get it up" and maintain a strong healthy erection. Impaired blood flow to the penis accounts for most erectile problems in men. Our program helps you to turn those weak erections into hard erections that last.

Lifetime access to our exclusive members area.

The latest instructional videos and images.

Beginners and advanced routines.

The most up to date training tutorials.

Detailed step-by-step instructions & diagrams.

Advanced methods and techniques.

Members forum and photo gallery.

Lifetime customer support.

Bonus features and regular updates.

Risk free 6 months "money-back" guarantee.

One low payment - No hidden costs.

Permanent gains in size.

Stronger orgasms.

Improved erection quality.

Penile curvature correction.


Penis Enlarging Methods to Avoid

Exercises For Your Penis!

As I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, red faced and humiliated from an embarrassing intimate moment with my girlfriend, I had a dream. A dream to be bigger, and in 1993 that dream came true.

make your penis bigger funny cartoon

Long before penis enlargement forums and websites existed, I discovered through experimentation and guidance from phalloplasty surgeons here in the UK, that the penis could be made bigger.

The process is called plastic deformation, or more simply put, lengthening the suspensory ligaments, but with exercises instead of weights or surgery to make the penis bigger.

The normal surgical procedure involves the fundiform suspensory ligament being detached from the pubic bone.

However, surgery itself only results in a very small increase in size, so surgeons get patients to typically hang weights from their penis after surgery for several months to assist with further growth and to prevent scar tissue.

Upon learning this, I skipped the risky and expensive surgical procedure and started stretching my penis with just my hands instead.

You've got what your born with, you can't change what you've got, just learn to live with it, is what we as men have always been told. Contrary to popular belief and what your uninformed doctor, family members and friends may tell you, this simply isn't true.

In 1991 I had a penis which measured below 5 inches in length and 4 inches in girth. I was small and I knew it, despite the many reassurances from female partners that I was fine. To make matters worse I had a friend who was well endowed and above the UK national average in size, and he wasn't shy about showing it off. Cue penis envy and humiliation for many years.

Voted number one by consumers

By 1993 I'd been practicing penile exercising religiously everyday except weekends for just over 12 months. With only my surgeon to guide me (no internet or forums back then), I learned there were many factors such as overtraining, undertraining, intensity, correct technique, penile tissue elasticity, good and bad exercises and physiological indicators (PI'S) which you must pay attention to in order to maximize growth in the fastest time.

All the above factors can influence your results, which is why we tell our clients "the more you know, the more you grow!" Our easy to follow step by step guide takes all the guesswork and confusion out of P.E, saving you potentially years of doing it wrong and getting nowhere, or just giving up. Sadly that's the story for so many men who don't have a clear path to follow, just wing it hoping for the best.

Anyway, during this time I gained 3 1/4 inches in length and 2 1/2 inches in girth, plus a much bigger flaccid penis.

The difference these penis stretching exercises, clamping, ballooning and jelqing made to my size, confidence, self esteem and once deflated ego, was truly night and day. But it took time, effort and a whole lot of commitment.

cartoon penis exercising

Starting out small unquestionably gave me the motivation I needed to fulfil the above criteria to accomplish my dream. Many times I wanted to give up, throw the towel in, but once the tip of my penis started creeping past the original markings of my old plastic ruler that I once used many years earlier at school, I was hooked. Once the gains start to explode, P.E (Penis Exercise) can get addictive, but in a positive and healthy way.

Seeing your most prized organ getting bigger every month with your own eyes through hard work and determination is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. You somehow can't believe it, its just too good to be true, but its true, the ruler never lies.

Dare I say its almost akin to having a paranormal encounter, a true OMG moment that we rarely get to experience in life. At least that's how it was for me, life changing without a doubt. The paranormal attracts controversy and elicits scepticism, just like penis enlargement. Seeing the laws of physics being turned upside down is something you need to witness with your own eyes, and P.E is no different.

small cartoon penis ruler

Fast forward to 2008 and with many years of collective hands on experience, myself and several colleagues knew we could make a real difference to men's lives, without all the BS & hype that unfortunately goes hand in hand with enlarging one's penis!

And thus our little website was created to help men of all ages around the world to improve their size and confidence naturally and safely. Our website was the first of its type to be proudly launched here in the UK in 2008. Our online roots however go back to the 90's, where I personally was one of the main contributors to some of the earliest enlargement forums started in the 90's.

man experiencing feelings of penile inadequacy

Despite our small online presence compared to the big companies that dominate the search results with their impressive budgets, our message has always been the same. If you're serious about making your penis bigger, do it the right way, safely.

Too many men fall foul to spurious advertising and end up hurting their penis and suffering the effects of long term impotence, either as a result of free bits of questionable information they found floating around online, hanging too much weight too soon, pumping excessively, the list goes on.

You get but one penis in this life, don't mess it up. There's a right way and a wrong way to exercise your penis, which explains why lots of men spend years making no gains or never moving past plateaus. Time is far more precious than your penis size, so use it wisely and enjoy the fruits of your labour sooner rather than later, or never at all.

For a small one-off fee, we give you lifetime access to our privileged members area, which we spent years building and putting together, and offers you full email support, a forum to hang out and make friends, plus all the information, beginners and advanced exercises and routines, videos and step by step tutorials you'll ever need to safely and permanently make your penis larger.


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