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How a Bigger Flaccid Penis Can Increase Your Confidence

There’s no denying that confidence can often make all the difference in how you feel about yourself. This is certainly the case when you meet someone new and have sex for the first time.

the power of a large flaccid penisStripping off in front of someone new can often be a nerve wracking event for many men. What will she think? Will she be impressed?

For those men who start PE, their primary focus tends to revolve around lengthening their erect penis.

However, one of the great side effects of doing PE, is that your flaccid penis takes on a new lease of life. Instead of shriveling up like a shy turtle, you’ll find your flaccid penis increasing in size too.

For men who are growers instead of showers, this is good news. As it’s often that initial phase between the penis going from soft to hard that sometimes causes men the most embarrassment. The worry of standing there with a small shrunken penis saying “Hey, look at me”.

No, in an ideal world guys want to be stood there in front of this hot babe they’ve just met, sporting a large heavy flaccid penis that shouts “Baby, you’re in for one hell of a ride tonight! – Now come to daddy”.

Regardless of how you look, your personality, how much money you have, or the car you drive; when you’re standing there with a huge flaccid penis, the confidence will just ooze out from every pore in your body.

This isn’t the kind of confidence you have to fake or work on with positive affirmations or mantras every day. This is the kind of confidence that comes naturally. Whether you’re in front of your partner, or getting changed in the locker rooms around your mates, that bigger flaccid penis will give you that John Wayne swagger, the kind of confidence with a capital C that women love and men respect.

So, what are you waiting for? You can start increasing your flaccid penis size today with our natural enhancement program for men.

5 Responses to “ How a Bigger Flaccid Penis Can Increase Your Confidence ”

Phillip says:

I have to admit I’m more of a turn off the lights and slip between the sheets before I get a chance to get up kinda guy. It’s hard to be confident when you stand there feeling judged. Everything’s all right in the end, but flaccid I’m less than impressive. Great blog.

Paul S. says:

Confidence is well known as a universally attractive trait and I think it is true that many men feel insecure about their junk. It makes sense to me that a larger, flaccid penis would give these guys greater self-esteem. However, I’m not sure there are a lot of opportunities to show it off. Most guys don’t walk around in Speedos all the time. Does this apply mainly in the bedroom?

Ewt75 says:

Women check out the size of a man’s package all the time in clubs and everywhere. You put on some slim, tailored pants and you want that bulge showing them what you’ve got. Since you don’t walk around with a hardon all the time, getting bigger when soft sounds really helpful to me.

Gharlow says:

While some woman may check guys out like that, I think more go for the confident alpha male personality. Knowing you got what it takes to look good naked and satisfy in bed is sure a boost to your ego. I don’t see any way to lose here.

Rick says:

When it comes to penis size, I think that size is important for men as much as it is for women, even though many of them say it’s not, but even if you have a large penis, having confidence is essential. I’ve been doing some penis exercises and I’ve noticed some really good improvements in the last 3 months, but what really changed was my own confidence, I feel much better approaching girls now.


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