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Heavy Breathing and Other Signs of Female Arousal

Several signs exist for female arousal and you can use them to know exactly when your girl is turned on or reaching her climax. These green lights will essentially let you know exactly how you’re doing and give you the encouragement needed to keep going and successfully please your partner.

Read these signs of female arousal to improve your sex life today.

signsShe’s Breathing Heavily

Heavy breathing is probably one of the biggest clues to how aroused a woman is. Simply being aware of the speed of her breathing can tell you what she’s feeling before and during sex. It’s an easy thing to be aware of and something that is usually not faked. The heavier her breathing, the more she’s enjoying what you’re doing. It’s simply the most reliable way to know her level of arousal.

Her Hips Are Moving

Another way to tell her level of arousal is by observing her hip movements. It can start from the moment she meets you, up to the point of her climax during sex. Maybe you’ve noticed women doing this in clubs. They’ll turn to the side, bending their backs to give the impression of a smaller waist and wide hips. This is a “come hither” signal and this shape also represents fertility.

During sex, this movement will appear again, and when she’s reaching her climax it will speed up. It may even appear spasmodic in nature. Be sure to pay attention carefully though, because at some points it may be almost invisible and this movement has different variations in each woman.

She’s Showing Impatience

If your partner is highly aroused, you might notice her getting a little impatient with your actions. She may be motioning for you to thrust harder, or crying out for it. If this happens, you should just lean back and let her do the leading for a while. This type of impatience indicates a really high level of arousal. Remember that many times a woman will avoid being in control during sex, but when she’s impatient and begging you, you know you’ve been doing something right.

Arching Her Back or Neck

Many women will begin arching their backs and necks when they are extremely aroused. You’ll definitely see this happening if you’re penetrating her from behind or fingering, as this stimulates her g-spot. Just think about it. If you’ve tried to convince a girl to assume the doggy position and she wasn’t really into the idea, she probably hunched her back and buried her face in the mattress. On the other hand, a woman who is very aroused and into the moment, will arch her back so that her buttocks are in the air, and her head will tilt back as well. She’ll probably even want you to pull her hair to enhance her sensation of ecstasy.

Rolling Her Eyes

Most women will start rolling their eyes into the back of their heads when their really enjoying themselves. It definitely happens during sex, but women even do it while kissing too. Yes, most people are not going to have their eyes open during this time, but occasionally you’ll notice them slightly open. At this point you may only see the whites of her eye, but don’t panic. No, she hasn’t turned mad, she’s just really into what you’re doing and is probably ready for you to go a bit further. It can seem a bit creepy at first, but it’s a sign of amazing things to come.

She’s Dressing Up

Women tend to make their clothing choices very carefully. Nothing is on a whim. What this means is that the sexier her appearance is when she’s around you, the more aroused she is by you. She wants you to notice and do something about it. She might buy something new, keep looking in the mirror, continuously touching up her makeup, and toss or tease her hair just to get your attention. Don’t miss these hints of arousal, or you’ll be sorry.

Now that you have some knowledge of some female arousal signs, start taking note of them when you are with your partner. These signals will let you know when she’s ready to have sex, and they will teach you how to pace yourself to her needs, increasing pleasure for both of you. Simply becoming more attentive of these small things can greatly improve your sex life and relationship.

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