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The Birth Of Penis Enlargement: Man’s Journey to Grow His Penis Bigger

Man’s conquest to enlarge his penis knows no bounds. His enthusiasm and determination to achieve his goal of being longer, thicker and larger rivals that of the most intrepid explorers of our time.

Enlarging the penis so that erections become permanently bigger is fast becoming the number one male improvement goal of choice for thousands of men worldwide. From the United Kingdom to the United States of America, from India to Ireland, men are going to great lengths to get that ‘bigger penis’ they’ve always longed for and dreamed about.

penis enlargement through the years

These size obsessed men populate all corners of the globe, from young to old, from black to white, these men all share one common bond; the desire to possess a larger penis by whatever means possible.

Welcome to the world of Male Enhancement. But, this is nothing new. For hundreds of years there have existed various tribes from some of the most remote corners of the world who have practiced their own forms of penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement knowledge and equipment may of changed and become better adapted to suit the needs of modern man, but we’re still following in the footsteps of a time honored tradition passed down from those long forgotten tribes.

Many believe that some of the first methods of penis enlargement involved the hanging of heavy rocks from the penis. These weights were carefully secured to the end of the glans with lengths of twine, and would be left to freely hang throughout the day as the men went out hunting and foraging for food.

The flaccid penis would be kept stretched out for many hours each day, which would often result in impressive length being added to the penis. The downside would be that the penis would become dysfunctional due to extended hanging periods and subsequent nerve damage.

Although hundreds of years have passed, perhaps even thousands, since man first attempted to enlarge his penis through using different methods, the core principle of enlargement still remains the same today.

Elongation of the penis, as with other body parts, such as arms and legs, is quite possible through continuous traction, which causes microscopic tears to appear, which then heal and grow bigger.

This process of cell division and enlargement with bones and skin, has been scientifically tested and demonstrated to work by doctors and surgeons for many years. When a constant stretch is applied to any given body part for a period of weeks, sometimes months, cellular division begins to occur, and the body part stretches and expands beyond its original dimensions.

Men no longer have to risk the health of their manhood by tying heavy rocks to the end of the penis. The male enhancement industry has grown to the point, where it now offers a bountiful selection of products designed to add those sought after inches to any discerning man’s pride and joy.

While some of these time tested enlargement methods may bear fruit, many on the other hand fall short of the mark. The range of options available for the casual beginner can easily be over-whelming, and include such things as pills, pumps, extenders and weights.

However, natural penis enlargement exercises (N.P.E.E) have gradually risen in popularity over the last five years, as a safe method of enlargement that uses only your hands. It’s often been rumored that penis enlargement exercises were first discovered by a small underground movement of men in the UK back in the 1960’s. Whether this is true or not we’re unsure, but there’s no denying how effective these exercises can be when performed correctly.

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